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My Cheating Girlfriend
So I had this girlfriend a while back, and everyone told me she was no good and to ditch her, but I didn't listen for a long time. Long story short, I liked her and I moved in with her and her child. I actually had quite a bond with her child, and would often stay home on weekend nights - sometimes even weekday nights - and watch him while she went out and partied.

Kelly was a stunn..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

thought I was a cuck, but I just turned into a bull
for years I wanted to watch my wife get fucked hard by another man. She's hot as hell and even hotter when we have sex. When I deployed to Iraq back in 2009 (im in the Army) I would push her give a guy a blowjob when she would tell me how horny she was getting. Turns out she did, and she fucked the guy the next time the got together.

She told me about it the next day and we got on ..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

seeing my wife
I've been turned on by my wifefor a peroid of time. First I watched her for two years seduce a employee. He eat her and fucked her for two years. Then she took a year and a half of to have a baby and nuse it. When she was done with that she started to suck his cock for two more years. Then she started to eat his sperm for two years.Then she started to suck and fuck young guys cock. he started suck..
Poster: aace | Full Story»

Her Dad's Army Buddy
Her Dad’s Army Buddy

Things had settled down with Liz and me during the last six months with no adventures since she went down on Vince in the alley.

That weekend she was her dad’s date to his old Army buddy’s wedding in her hometown a few hours up north. She came back and said it was fun connecting with a lot of people she hadn’t seen since she was a little g..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

It Wasn't Planned !
My coworker friend Tommy & I would always talk sex at work when we got bored. (his idea) A fantasy of his was anal, which he said that he never had done before. I had told him that my wife (D) & I would sometimes do anal & that she would ask for it when in the mood. He would visit the tittie bars with his brother in law, but other than that, just fantasized a lot. I had told him that my wife & I ..
Poster: D and John | Full Story»

WIfe admits
I have been with my wife since high school, and married for 20 years. I have been with 5 other women, all before I was married and my wife never knew. She is extremely sexy, and very good in bed. She sucks me off often, and looks great at 45 yrs old. I have often wondered if she ever strayed because she enjoys sex so much, but I couldn't imagine this ever happening. Recently, we went out to a..
Poster: JB | Full Story»

A cuckold's mixed emotions
Despite my inability to stimulate and satisfy her sexually with my small penis and the fact she is a beautiful woman standing a half foot taller than me in regular high heels, Marilyn wed me because we got along so well outside the bedroom and she did love me. However, I could only keep her happy for so long with the sexual toys, such as the hollow strap-ons and dildos I purchased to supplement ou..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

My Wife Is Changing
Well I need to ramble about recent stuff........

My wife is changing over the past 2 years but more recently over the past 7 months. We have been married for 5 years and things were great the first 3 years. I mean we were both in great shape, went to the gym 4 times a week, we did stuff together, had tons of fun and best of all we fucked like rabbits. But I guess as with most relati..
Poster: Chad | Full Story»

Cuckold point of view
Would it be fair to say that a cuckold is motivated by one or maybe ALL of the 3 following:
1 Voyeurism ie wanting to watch a couple making love, & in a cuckold situation, naturally wanting to watch his wife being taken
2 Humiliation ie wanting to be humiliated by either his wife's lover, or by his adulterous wife, or indeed by them BOTH
3 Homosexual urges ie wanting to ..
Poster: I'm all three! | Full Story»

Consoling Him in the Alley
Liz and I had been dating for nearly a year. Summer had gone and the fall semester of my senior year of college was almost over since she last cuckolded me with Manny.

Facebook had just rolled out and we both signed on not knowing what to expect. It didn’t take long after for Vince, a mutual friend from the dorms, to add Liz on there.

Liz let me know that she and he..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

Grad-School GF was loose for a reason
Three years ago I first started dating my, now, ex girlfriend. The sex was pretty hot and passionate, but never lasted very long and she always went on and on about how I was her best and biggest, although I noticed she was really loose when we started dating. One day I logged onto my computer and her Facebook page was still logged in and a conversation was up she had with one of her girl friends...
Poster: Brad | Full Story»

My wife was the town whore!
When my wife and I first married, we both decided to make it an 'open' marriage. However, in a very short time, only she ended up with the 'open' idea of it. She already was fucking around with several other guys before and after we wed. I knew, accepted and loved, the fact that she was basically an insatiable nymphomaniac. Actually, I encouraged her to have as much sex as humanly possible. I put ..
Poster: hhfet | Full Story»

Wife "in love" with ex boyfriend, any experiences?
My wife Jen is a very religious lady and always has been.
We have been together for 23 years now, during that time there have been occasions where Jen has had crushes on other guys, as any happens to any normal woman.
While we were engaged her family convinced her to see the world, during that trip she met another guy and he became a boyfriend with whom she became very intimate (leav..
Poster: scoty | Full Story»

cuckoldress mom & her policeman stud-lover
naughtyboy, but u did not mention your dad's reaction in all this, 'cos after all it was HE who was being cuckolded!
BET the poilceman satisfied your mom better than your dad ever could, & now the policeman is your mom's regular stud-friend, is he not?
Policeman normally wear large & heavy boots on duty; was your mom asked to get on her knees to lck those boots?
Poster: interested | Full Story»

Xmas photo!
At Christmas tim, you often recieve Xmas cards, with the sending couple enclosing a photo or two of their kids, specially if you've not seen them for awhile, as for example they live abroad etc.
Well, only today, got a photo of a young baby boy----his parents? The father is Indian, the mother a white brunette---& the little boy whose photo it was? Blond n blue eyed!
Draw your own con..
Poster: Festive man! | Full Story»

Mom and the policeman
Thanks to those who asked what happened.

I haven't had a chance to get the full account together yet, but I'll tell a few things for you.

He took her in a private room there, and lectured her about my behaviour and that she shouldn't have let me get in with such a gang and get in trouble etc. She agreed with him. She was in her forties then, and despite having retaine..
Poster: naughtyboy | Full Story»

I had spent the prior week being denied any relief from my wife and having my ass whipped each night while she reminded me of the events to come. It is now Sunday and I'm tied to our Tetruss, my ass is plugged, my nipples clamped, a Kali cage is on my cock and a harness with spikes is hanging from my balls. My wife has come out of the bathroom dressed in a very tight short dress that shows off he..
Poster: FRED | Full Story»

Policeman cuckolded naughtyboy's mom
Hello naughtyboy, ofcourse we'd like to know more. What exactly did the cop do to your mom? Tell us in as much detail as you can. But did your mom go back for more, even though you were released?
What about your dad---did he know? If so, what did he say etc.
Sorry, but as many questions as there are answers! Don't forget, many women find men in uniform irresistable, specially if they..
Poster: Interested to know | Full Story»

How it began
I am getting older and have been thinking a lot about how it is that I ended up as a cuckold. It really started 30 years ago when I was still a teenager.

I had already lost my virginity to a horny little girl that I dated for about a year. She liked to fuck and I got used to having my way with her pretty much whenever I pleased. Looking back on it now, I think that made me more t..
Poster: Rob | Full Story»

My Mom cuckolded Dad with a policeman
Ten years ago when I was 19, I was arrested for petty vandalism. I was released with a caution.

I recently discovered Mom had prostituted herself to the officer while I was in the cell. To get me released. He did some rude and dirty things to her.

I feel weird about it, shocked and sickened but very aroused. I don't know whether I should go into it here or not.
Poster: naughtyboy | Full Story»

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