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We started Late - Big Willys Wife here PT1
We started late Big Willy’s wife here pt 1

My husband left his computer on one night before he went to work and I just happened to get curious about what he had been writing about and found his list of stories.

I want to set the beginning straight about how this got started. I had intercepted a letter for a woman after he came back from Key West, FL after some training that the dive team went on.

When I questioned him about what was going on and if he had slept with her he said yes and I was some what shocked, hurt and did not know what to do.

So I kind of forgave him but still did not trust him for a while. I decided two could play the game and I decided to go back on birth control with out him knowing I had.

One of the girls I worked with at the bank by the name of Carol was always wearing very short skirts, almost half way between he knee and crotch, some revealing blouses showing cleavage and wedge heels.

She worked the drive thru so sometimes she would show some lucky GI some tit when she had to reach in the drawer to get a envelope. One day I asked her why she wore the outfits she did and she said her husband liked her to and she did not mind.

In fact she said it made her feel sexy and loved by her husband. She even told me about a private club she has a membership to that has all male strippers on Friday and Saturday nights.

This is because most of the women work and are off the next day. She told me it had few if any rules and that she would take me there on one of those nights. About three weeks before he left to go to Korea he came home and said he was scheduled for post staff duty on Saturday night and the guy that was to relieve him the next day would not be able to make it there on time and would he mind covering him for a few hours.

He said yes and let me know he would not be coming home till around 10 am. The next day at work I told Carol that hubby had staff duty on Saturday and was staying over till 10 to help a buddy out. Carol the told me this would be fantastic, her husband would watch the kids (mine and hers) and we could have a girls night out. Great I said and found out where I could meet her, she said I’ll pick you up at 8 and drop your k id off then off we go. Carol was there a 8 and picked us up took the kid to her house and off we went. While we were riding Carol told me there were two rules at this club.

One was leave you inhibitions at the door and two you can touch the dancers. When we arrived at the club Carol showed her pass and in we went. Before we started down the long hallway she looked at me and said that locker on the right is the inhibitions locker that’s where you leave them and then laughed.

As they walked in the door at the end of the hall and opened I realized why she said leave you inhibitions in the locker. All the waiters had on collars and bow ties and nothing else. There were white guys and black guys, all of them hung at least 8 inches. Carol said lets get a table for two.

They are the best and you will see why later. We sat down and a waiter came over to get our drinks. It was a little awkward for me since I really hadn’t seen that many nude men in my life.

I could see a good size flaccid cock in front of Carol and I so I figured to go with the flow. Our 1st waiter was blond haired and blue eyed well built with a 8 inch dick. We heard some music come over the air and out on the stage came a black cop in uniform and started doing a slow strip as each piece of clothing came off you could see he was well built with a lot of muscles, when he got down to his G string you could tell he had a big black cock. He danced a little longer before he tore the G string off and out flopped a flaccid 10” cock.

He danced a little more and then went into the crowd of girls dancing next to the tables, some girls were really bold and reached out taking hold of his cock and playing with it. I looked a Carol and she laughed and said take a drink and relax,watch, and let yourself get into the action. After he made it around to most of the tables a black waiter came up to take our order and he had to have had 10 inches or more.

Carol looked a me a rolled her eyes reached out and began to stroke it. My mouth dropped and OMG came out of my mouth but I started to laugh. I asked her did her husband know she did that, she said when I tell him he does and what great sex they have. I watched her stroke him a few more times and when she stopped he walked off. She told me maybe a few more drinks and I would be ready to do that. I said maybe maybe not we’ll see.

They had another stripper come on stage and when he was finished he went into the crowd and stopped by our table, I hesitated a little bit and Carol said go ahead and do it you know you want to. I went on ahead and started stroking it. I felt awkward but I guess the drinks were kicking in and I started enjoying the feeling of his cock in my hand. After a few more I stopped and he walked off. Carol said I knew you would get into it.

Another waiter came over noting the drinks were gone and took our order, while he was taking Carol’s order I got bold and started rubbing his butt cheeks. They were definitely tight and I started wondering what it would be with him on top of me and me grabbing them. The drinks started working on me and I knew before long my inhibitions would be gone. I was becoming more relaxed and my groping was less awkward and it became more fun.

Carol leaned over and said it will get wilder in about one more drink and the stage will be the attraction. When a black waiter came to get our order I had started rubbing his dick as soon as I could and he started to grow in my hands. I could not believe how much it started to grown. Carol said let him get my order, when he went to her side she grabbed a hold of his erection and slipped it in her mouth and proceeded to go down on him.

I was astonished at what she was doing, I kind of looked around wondering if we were being watched an no one was doing it. But I saw more women giving head to a lot of waiters and dancers.

The DJ announced final call and the club would close in one hour with the grand finale starting in 10 minutes. A man came out of the side curtain with twp chairs and the ladies began to holler. The DJ asked for any wild ladies want to volunteer to sit in the chairs. Carol leaned over and said just watch and don’t volunteer tonight maybe the next time if you want to just watch.

My blond waiter came over to take our drinks and I immediately grabbed his big cock and started going down on him while playing with his ass. Since he was already hard from another lady I had no problem sucking him all the way down. Carol look at him and asked him his name and he told her Jock she said are you taken for the rest of the night and he said no.

She then said now you are and we will be waiting for you. I looked at her with a whats up look and she said with this drink and one more will you be able to drive home I know I won’t will you? I said no but what are we going to do? She said it is already taken care of. Jock has gotten a room in that motel across the street and he and some one I want will help us over to it.

I looked at her and she said I knew from the start you were attracted to him so enjoy the rest of the evening, watch the show. The one black waiter that she had played with and gave a blow job to came over and asked her if she wanted another drink before the show.

She said yes and was he also free? He said you know I am for you, when I saw you come in I knew we would be going to the room. The DJ asked again was there any volunteers and two women raised their hands and walked up to the stage. When they sat down in the chairs their skirts were so short that I could see they had no underwear on.

The music began and out came two black men that were nice looking and well built. They started dancing one in front of each girl. When they removed one piece of clothing they reached over and took one piece of the girls clothing. I was so plowed I was clapping and hollering with the rest of the women. As they continued the finally were naked and the women were true.

I really could not believe what I was seeing. Next as the guys danced around the women they would reach out and hold there cocks and suck on their cocks. Then the dancers put out their hands and the women took them and stood up, the male dancers sat down on the chair.

The women dropped to their knees and began sucking on their dick until they were hard then the women stood up and straddled the dancers and proceeded to sink down on their cocks. By this time the crowd went crazy and I wondered what all of this was doing to me.

I realized that I had become aroused. The women kept bouncing up and down until the reached orgasm and continued to until the men came in them. When they got off of them you could see the cum dripping out of their pussies. The DJ then said that’s the end of the show, hoped you enjoyed it and hope to see y’all again.

Carol said lets get out of here with our guys and go to he hotel room. I knew that I was so turned on that I was going to let Jock fuck me that night. So off we went.

The next part will be what happened in the motel room.


cuckold wife


Poster: Bigwilly