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Sweet Cuckold


Sleeping with my Friend
My wife’s been sleeping with my friend for almost a week now, and this weekend was just magical. I did everything Ramona asked, including cleaning her creampied pussy, bringing them food and drinks.

It seemed like my wife was on her real honeymoon, only with my friend. I managed to watch them fuck, quite a lot over that weekend.

I heard so much over the phone that I planted in his room. The things I’ve heard were just unimaginable. No wonder my wife and Mr C don’t want me around when they fuck. My wife wouldn’t be able to speak about how much a worthless loser, a total turn off and spineless sissy I am.

Let’s not forget my good friend Mr C, who kept telling my wife how she needs to be with a real man like him, and not a beta bitch like me, how he would love to breed her over and over again, how openly they need to cuck me, and put me in my place.

I shoved my anal vibrator up my ass and jerked my little dick of the whole weekend. Our room smelt of cum. I had to make sure to clean all that up before my beloved wife got home from her weekend sex marathon with her new lover.

I’ve never seen my wife like that, ever. She was in a trance. All she could see, and feel was Mr C. It was like I never existed. Ramona used me as her bitch the whole weekend. She looked at me like I’m nothing but a doormat. I am a weak beta bitch that’ll do anything his wife says, and she knew that. It was extremely hot to see how she always clung onto Mr C’s chiseled body, how she had one of her holes stretched out by Mr C, at all times.

How she never looked me in the eyes while she was giving me a command, like I’m a trained dog. My sexy wife was mesmerized. She was in love with this new cock, a real man’s big, rock hard, veiny cock. My wife was such a greedy slut for his cock, his cum and his deep, hardcore thrusts. Her moans echoed in my ears the whole weekend. It was magical. Absolutely magical.

I practically lived with my vibrator inside my ass, the whole weekend. My sissy tendencies were popping out uncontrollably. I just wanted to dress up like a slut, wear my pretty make up and forget about my manhood. I did not stop myself. I did it.

Therefore, after dinner on Sunday, I dolled up like a girl, wore my yellow thong, stockings, along with a crop top that covered my nipples. I could easily pass for a girl and get picked up, if I had walked down the road that night. I was rubbing one out all over our place, listening to my wife’s sultry moans over the phone.

Mr C calling my wife, Ramona his sex toy as he thrusted his big brown cock deep inside get over and over again. My wife was either constantly begging him to cum inside her or begged him not to stop pounding her. I had the time of my life, being treated like the true cuck I am.

It was 11.30pm on Sunday, Ramona messages me asking to pick her up. I could barely get myself together after losing most of my energy to masturbate, and running my favorite cuck errands. I immediately wiped the make up off, cleaned the room and wore some pants and an overcoat to hide my sissy outfit. I got there as soon as I could, and found the main door locked.

I waited outside for 30 minutes after calling both of my multiple times. I wasn’t surprised as to what’s going. I loved it! I could faintly hear my wife’s loud moans through the door, and my dead little cock was twitching again. I was listening to it like it was music to my ears. Finally I heard their foot steps towards the door, and it opened. My wife looked like he was gang banged by a 100 men.

I love how she never took her wedding ring off. It made me feel so special. She was wearing Mr C’s shirt, and nothing on the inside. Her neck was covered with his hickeys. I could only imagine how my friend marked his territory all over my wife.

As I was standing out, my wife wrapped her arms around his shoulders and started making out sensually. The kiss was so hot, I ended up swooning over them. Mr C held Ramona’s arms and went at it like they were about to fuck again.

“You turn me on so much babe! I’m gonna miss you!” said Mr C.

“So will I, my darling. I can’t wait for Wednesday! I’ll never get enough of you. I need to recover from this wild weekend.” replied Ramona.

Ramona looked at me and said, “What are you looking at, loser? Aren’t you gonna thank your friend for giving me exactly what I want? Most importantly, what your pathetic porn riddled brain wanted? Don’t be rude.”

“OMG I’m so sorry baby! Thank you so much Mr C for giving us exactly what we wanted. I’m forever in your debt.” I said, gleefully thanking him.

“Yes, you are. That’s exactly why you’re not gonna stop me from seeing your wife. Do you understand?” asked Mr C.

“Yessss sirrrr” I replied.

“Good cuck. I never thought you were this much of a bitch. Now take my girl home, make sure she recovers and bring her to me on Wednesday. I have something planned for you.” said Mr C.

My wife laughed and said, “Oh you’re gonna love it, honey”. I was confused as to what’s about to come. I walked my wife to the car, opened the door for her and drove home. I asked her what Mr C was talking about and she said, “OH nothing much baby, we’re just gonna openly cuck you from now on. In front of our friends, random strangers, in public. The list goes on. I know you love it. Just don’t deny it. This is your life now. Why don’t you just sit tight and go with the flow?”

“Okay my love, I’ll wait for it. I honestly can’t wait baby” I replied.

“Isn’t this what you always wished for?” asked Ramona.

“Oh yessss! It is! More than I wished for but I love the sound of it.” I replied.

Ramona dropped the bomb saying, “Listen Nick, just so you know, I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this for myself. I need a real man in my life and you don’t come close. You’re so effeminate, and I’m not turned on by you the tiniest bit. You’ve never made me cum, ever. You can barely last 5 minutes. I feel nothing when I’m with you in bed. When I’m with him, I’m just reminded that he’s so much more of a man than you’ll ever be. You’re nothing but a weak, spineless little bitch who can’t sexually satisfy your wife, or stand up to a real man who’s pounding your wife. All you did was just watch and play with that useless excuse of a dick.

I need you to know that you’re my useless, showcase husband. You have no say in our marriage. I’ll do what I want, and who I want. You will just go with anything and everything I say. I love you but I’m not sexually attracted to you. I’ll be a good wife to you and do my wifely duties. In fact I don’t even respect you anymore, so please don’t expect any. I need other men in my life. You’re not enough. I’ll just keep getting fucked by whomever I please, and you will serve us for the rest of time. Did I make myself clear, cucky?”

I was over the moon when she said that. My wife, the love of my life literally put me in my place once again, and made me super excited for this journey. We finally got home, and I carried my wife all the way upto the bed. She asked me to sleep in the guest room as she needed the bed to herself tonight. I obliged, and jumped to the next room.

Guess who was up all night, fucking himself in the ass with his anal vibrator and dildo, until the sun came up?


cuckold wife


Poster: Excited Cuck