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Asian Cuckold Couple - The Italian
This is about enzo, one of our regulars and we met him at a swing party in KL.

Good looking italian, mid 40's, solid big body (not muscular), great personality and a thick cock.

There were some 12 couples at the party( too many actually), at a bungalow in kenny hills; pool, bar, snooker table etc etc. he had fucked my wife twice during the party (she told me later, and she enjoyed him very much). I was too busy looking for pussy to lick. esp pussy that had just been fucked. by this time my cuck tendencies had already emerged with our regular partner, karl.

At about 4am, things began to wind down and enzo found me just lazing by the pool drinking. i saw him screwing all and sundry but nvr spoke to him.

We began talking and he asked me who i came with. i described my wife, 'Bee' and somehow he knew who it was!

I was determined to make him a partner too so before we left, we exch numbers. in the car ride home we both asked each other what we did. i told he about the pussies i licked, among others and i asked who was most memorable. she said his name was enzo!! 'gentlemen and boy could he fuck!!' lets meet him again i said but she said she did not have his contact. i showed her his number!!!!

It turns out enzo was from from Singapore and visits JB and KL for work and pleasure.

when he comes down he stays at the mandarin in kl. King-sized bed with additional bed for more space. i too travel to singapore regularly on business so i had the chance to meet him a couple of times before anything happened. enzo is a real stud. he has women he services in singapore so meeting him was a real boon and KL was relatively new to him so he was looking to build contacts (i say this because i benefited greatly from this relationship).
after a few meets and clarifying all and sundry, we clicked and we became friends. then i asked Bee about him and she agreed with having him again (by this time we had agreed to stop attending swing parties as we thought it was rather impersonal, although i will say i enjoyed the pussy tasting).

we also had a couple of regulars at this point and my wife, has a preference for whites.
i asked bee if she could allow creampies with enzo and she said she'd need to plan the dates. i was in heaven.

all that done, i called and gave him dates and it worked out well.

we met him at the Mandarin on a sat nite at 8pm. i saw him sitting at a quiet corner in the lounge and he motioned us over. he gave Bee a peck on the cheek and we sat and ordered some liquor.
after the pre-lims, i asked him to tell us about some of the better swing parties he has attended. that was to help get us all in the mood. it did!.

i told him about the creampies and bj's and that really got him excited. The lounge was filling up with people and here I was telling him I want him to cum in her mouth first. it was really very erotic. but i love doing this. talking about fucking my wife to someone else in public IS VERY VERY STIMULATING. by this time, my cock was bursting thro' the seams, Bee's pussy was soaking and enzo was sweating in the cold lounge.
really, give this a try if you have not done it. it sets the mood and it get everyone so horny.

Enzo could not take the talking anymore and he went up. We hung back for 10 minutes and then went up to his room. The lift ride up took ages!!!!!! Hahahahaha.

He left the room door ajar and we went in. He prepped champagne, finger food, the big screen TV was playing one of his porn movies. yes you read right. HIS MOVIE!!!! in it he was fucking a chinese MILF from singapore. his laptop was playing another. my wife was fascinated with the movie as the MILF was screaming orgasms!!!!!

We helped ourselves to drinks and enjoyed the view from the balcony. the missus was glued to the big screen TV.
Then reminded my wife that I want her to suck his cock first. No need to undress. Just kneel down in front of him. He was changing blue movies on the tv and I led her to him and told him that i want my wife to suck him off. She knelt down and undid his belt and pants. But struggled. I helped her. I got it off .

I reached into his briefs and pulled out his cock. semi-hard and leaking semen. he said this was from all the erotic talk in the lounge. I rubbed my finger on the semen and then put it on Bee's lips. Then I placed his cock on her tongue and slowly masturbated him. She used her tongue to lap up the flowing semen.

I pulled off his briefs. His cock and balls was nice and cleanly shaved. we like that. I pulled a small 2ft table close and he rested his leg on it giving me more space to manoeuvre. My wife was sucking him well and his cock glistened with her saliva. With one leg raised I knelt behind him and began licking his balls while my hands caressed his legs. After a while his hard cock glistened with her saliva and his balls glistened from mine. Nice.....

his cock was thick enough to fill her mouth and after a bit of that, my wife told him to cum and in a short while I could sense that he was about to as i was licking his balls and i could feel the beginnings of a spasm.
I wanted to see this up close and went to the front. i took his cock in my hand and slowly masturbated him....i told my wife to stick her tongue out.....

And then it happened....he grabbed my wifes head and held it tight and began shooting his cum into her mouth....she began gagging but he held her tight. I was in ecstasy watching this up close and masturbating him. Cum began seeping out from her mouth and trickled down her neck.

This went on and it was just fucking great.....watching this cock cumming in my wifes mouth. And then he slowly loosened his grip and let go. She fell back against the sofa and I went to her and gently kissed her. She snoballed some cum into my mouth and l licked the remaining trickle from her neck and face. this was nice and he was really turned on.

He brought her a glass of bubbly and she gulped it down.
so we took a break and had some finger food and more drinks on the sofa, all still naked. we sat on the sofa with him in the center. i was waiting to watch him fuck Bee and creampie her. i thought this would be just fantastic.

instead the both of them were drinking and kissing in between. my wife loves french kissing and this makes her very very wet. i figured that the only way to begin that, was to make him hard again. it was semi hard at this point. and still glistening with her saliva and his sperm.
not wanting to wait anymore, i took his cock in my hand and began masturbating him, while he french-kissed Bee. this was obviously turning him on as his semen began to flow.
i knelt down in front began to lick his glistening cock. slowly he got hard, and then i asked my wife to ride him.

but she was too busy french kissing him to notice me, so i continued sucking him. he had a nice thick cock, shaven. it was very enjoyable. hubby sucking the italians guys hard cock, Bee french kissing him deeply.

Bee loves to suck cock too. especially white men, as they are bigger and thicker. i think thats where i picked it up from. she enjoys it and she really can go on for a long time.

we moved to the bed and he asked my wife to sit on him, cowgirl. after fucking a bit, he stood up, carried her with his cock still in her, and walked over to a large single seat wing chair and sat down. he asked me to help turn her around as he slouched over the wing chair. i walked over to my wife lifted her gently as he said, 'slowly' he said,....'leave my cock in her', and turned her around in a reverse cow-girl.
then he put both his legs over the wings and my wifes legs were spread out over his.....and he began thrusting, in and out. i tell you this was one of the most erotic things i have seen in front of me. it was fucking hot....

and he continued and out. i was on a small chaise-lounge next to the bed, masturbating to this wonderful sight before me. my wife was in ecstasy, legs wide open and hips receiving his thrusts. and she looked at me with a smile on her face......this was so stimulating and i was truly in heaven, watching this spectacle before me.

then enzo waved me over.......!!

i walked over, my cock still in my hand and he pointed to the action. he wanted me to lick them both......!!!! i did not need to be asked a second time. my mouth went straight for my wifes clitty. i covered it and began sucking.......she was loving it.

he began thrusting harder, and she's looking at me (no where else to look I guess). And in the midst his cock pops out. My wife instinctively wanted to grab it and put it back in. But he whispered to her, 'ask hubby to help!!!!', he said.
Ohhhhhh!!!! She said, "darling, please........". Of course, I replied......
i am not a sub, neither do i like being dominated etc etc but i absolutely enjoy doing these things. guiding a nice big cock into my wife, applying lube, or saliva among others....

Then he said to her, "with his mouth!!!". "Darling, use your mouth". I ALMOST CAME!!!! you know, you cant make these things up!!!!

It was the most erotic thing I have done.

I grabbed his cock with my mouth and using my entire face and somehow threaded his cock back into her moistened pussy and he began thrusting again. i began licking his shaft as it was going in and out of my wife pussy. i pursed my lips together and applied it to his was so fucking smooth.
then i moved to his balls and gobbled it in my mouth........

i think that really set him off. that position licking and sucking everything. When he came I had his balls IN MY MOUTH and I could feel his shudder and jerking and be began shooting his sperm into my wifes pussy. and this was happening right before my very eyes.

his grip on her hips tightened as he pulled her closer and came in my wife. i was perhaps inches from this and loving it. after a while his convulsions began to subside and my wife gently slid down off his body onto the bed. she turned towards him and they began a long french kiss. as if to seal the deal. i crept closer towards her wet, juicy pussy which slowly began to leak sperm. as i did, i noticed his cock at half strength, but still thick and angry/red and covered in juice, a combination of my wifes juices, sperm and sweat. and there was a pearl necklace from the tip of his cock to her thigh.
the sight before me was just fucking exhilarating!!!!

her labia was open and red and tender. and leaking. the aroma wafting from it was making me crazy. i actually did not know what to do first. usually, my mouth would have covered her pussy at this time but i was keen on sloppy seconds as i have not had 'fresh' sloppy seconds. and Bee was surprised when i climbed on top of her as she knew i was was waiting hungrily waiting for her creampie. enzo was next to her, sitting up and gulping down a beer.

my cock, already at bursting point, slowly slid into her pussy. 'gently please' she said. and i began french kissing her. from the corner of my eye i saw enzos cock actually growing and it looked wonderful.
i grabbed his hand and pulled him closer. he got up, in a kneeling position and i pulled him in until his cock was almost touching our kissing lips. needing no further encouragement, he pushed his cock between our lips and began a slow movement.
i wanted this for a long time - me enjoying sloppy seconds while licking a nice hard cock with my wife......the pussy juices made me slide in effortlessly.

so there i was, enjoying my wifes sloppy pussy, and our lips locked and enzo's cock sliding between our lips. i pulled him in closer and told my wife to get his balls in her mouth while i sucked him. i really wanted him to cum again, between us. but her juicy pussy was already driving me bonkers and i was teetering on the edge. so i pulled out and lowered myself on her pussy and began the arduous task of licking her pussy.

it was just heaven.

when i felt better i climbed up and began fucking her again and joined her sucking his cock. i motioned him to cum again, between us. he said he'd try and began pumping furiously as i held his ass and helped. after a bit he said he's cumming. i wanted to share his cum with my wife and she knew it as i had fantasised this with her countless occasions.

and then he did.....
between our lips. i covered the tip so that whatever he shot out would remain between us and it was glorious. then he flopped down while i kissed my wife and shared his cum between us.

that was a wonderful night with alot more fucking.



cuckold wife


Poster: dan