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Hubby Fantasy - Christian Wife
I have always considered myself a regular house wife, daily chores,Sunday church, Entertaining family and some friends for BBQ at home and going out for a nice dinner every ones in a while with my hubby, allowing both to get dressed nicely and enjoying a couples night after wine and relaxation.

We have been married for 7 years and we have a 2 year boy whom we don't mind leaving with a baby sitter allowing us to enjoy time with each other.

Don't miss understand me, we like everyone else have had our up and downs, and have tried things in the bed room that both have enjoyed, blind folding, tying me up to the bed, watching porn together, and I never objected to any of it thinking a Christian wife is and should be their to please and pleasure her hard working man who loves her unconditionally.

One night while having intercourse, and my husband pushing deep inside me in a missionary position, told me softly in my ears that he wished he was big to see me struggle and moan with a big cock, and even though I told him I was satisfied with him, he simply wasn't convinced and wanted to see me feeling both pain and pleasure at the same time, crying and laughing all in one. I realized that this was not just an idea, but rather a request of his. I knew that ultimately and knowing him, he was going to want this to happen, after all we both look at porn videos together, and I was brought up to please the man you love in every way he needs to make sure he is happy.

When we finished and had released each other, I asked him while laying down, if he still felt the same way about watching me struggle,squirming and moaning and feeling my body shake like a leaf under the mercy of a big man without me having an option for escape.I thought after relaxing he would say not really, but he said yes absolutely, to watch me in a maximum state of ecstasy, to the point of forgetting my self and becoming a total submitted women to this mans wishes. I realized that, that meant he wanted it and I was going to end up submitting to his wish and the wish of the future big man.

A week later we were in bed and my husband wanted to watch porn, so we started to look at large men with wives, and how wife reacted to being dominated by such big men, I asked him again, is this what you want for me baby, and he looked at me and said to me,you would make me feel extremely happy and frankly proud to see you handle a big man and show the women you really are.

He started to laugh like crazy, and I asked him what was so funny, he said the expression on my face with my mouth open and unable to answer. I realized that I was stunned and lost for words in that moment. but I also knew this was going forward and it was best for me to adapt to this possibility. I said well if he is nice and clean and he really has what you want for me, I guess you know me always will please you in every way you want, but promise me you will not regret it later and blame me, that would be unfair and cruel on your part, since you know that I would only accept for you wish. He said I understand and we will chose the stud together on friend finders.

A couple of days later my husband told me "it's done" I asked what is done, he said we are members of AFF and we can look for our friend tonight if I like. I decided I needed to consult with someone and certainly not our preacher, so I called a friend who I knew she was not a religious kind of lady and asked her to join me at home for a cup of coffee, which she agreed too and at 10:00 AM she rang the door bell.

I will not mention her name of course, and I really didn't know how to open or ask her about this subject, I started by saying I am having some doubts with my relationship and need advise, her answer was OK I hope I can be of help to you. I said that my husband and I have a good marriage but we have reached a fork on the road where I must decide to take with him or reconsider. she said go on, I said there is no way to soften this, but I need your solemn ought to not repeat this to anyone at all, she said I promise and it must be sexual, right? I was surprised and said yes, how did you guess,she said honey that's the norm with men these days, especially with the porn world available to them. They love these videos and have all kinds of fantasies about them.

That answer made me feel less inhibited and so I explained what we are planning, She smiled and said that is quite common, and you need to know three things, One - he wont stop asking you for it and there is a good chance you may end up repeating the experience. 2- If you accept, than relax on that night, take a couple of stiff drinks, and tell the big boy you need him to be slow, very slow and gentle, till you are begging for him to have you, you will know when you no longer are afraid of his size and you really want him to take you. 3- to go in slowly and when you tell him whispering in his ears, I'm all yours, is when he can take all the liberty he wants and needs.I said you sound like a pro, she said many of us are, we simply don't talk about is. You must make sure you enjoy the first time so you can be willing to please your husband in other times when he wants to play with you.

That night both hubby and I logged on to AFF and started to look at the offers there was, not only did they show their face and body but also their tools, and there were some real whoppers, I chose the lighter collars and my husband chose the size he wanted me to experience, finally we agree on someone who we would contact and invite, which we did.

That night my husband couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was going to be and how he would be there to protect me if needed, and how I should relax, and give my self, feel all the inside women I had in me and not to be nervous or worry about anything at all, he would be there for me. Than he asked me if I had any thoughts about how I wanted the man to Finnish with me,I said any way you want him too, I belong to you and you chose what will make you happy in that moment.

The next day we got an answer and we set up a meeting that week end, at a motel outside town, I also asked his mom to take care of the child, and I spent the rest of the week choosing clothing and sexy lingerie, I wanted to feel desirable, feminine,confident and yet non aggressive,sort of shy.

Finally Friday came around and we went to the motel, we got our room and my husband told the desk to let us know by phone when Mr. so and so come for his room. This was 5 PM and our phone rang about 5:30, so my husband went down and around 6 PM he came back and said we will have dinner at 7:30 at out back.

I took an nice long shower and decided to rest a while with my towel on me, my husband felt horny but I told him to be patient, that I was going to face a long night and needed to relax, we finally got dressed and I put my perfume and frankly looked very good, especially for someone who would have me for the first time. We went down to the lobby and there was a 6.3/ 200 pound handsome looking man waiting, my husband introduced us and the man took my hand and kissed it saying thank you for this lovely privilege, as a women that touched my heart, and had a very good impression of him from the start.

We went to out back had a lovely dinner and really nice wine, but I remembered my friends advise, I excused myself and discreetly went to the bar and ordered a double whiskey on the rocks without ice. That stated a furnace inside my stomach, By the time I got back to our table I felt happy, courage's,and slightly floating. we had dinner and the wine and than the moment of truth had arrived, My husband went to the men's room and it was my opportunity to tell MR. big that this was my first and I needed him to be extra slow and gentle, until I whispered to him that I am ready for him to enjoy me as he would like. He looked at me and said, but of course, I understand and respect you, I promise we will enjoy our time together, don't be nervous that your husband is watching us, he is enjoying this as much as you and I will, Trust me.

On our way to the motel, my husband stopped at a liquor store and bought a 1/5 of Jack Daniels and snakes. Than we agreed each goes to his room and the gentleman will discreetly join us, I gave him my key for him to show his way in, and hubby and I went to our room. I could tell hubby was nervous and I asked him if he was sure, yes came the answer, So I took off my nickers, and went to wash myself when I herd the door open and close, when I came out both men were sitting drinking a shot and they pored me one also, I laid on the bed and both were admiring my beauty and sexy looks, and than the big man said, I took a shower before coming, but I can take another if you prefer, I said no not really, than he said to my husband are you ready and can I approach your lovely wife, of which my husband said that's what we are here for to have some private fun, right? The big man stood up and came towards the bed, he looked like the Empire State building towering over me, and I really felt small and defenseless,and yet excitement was burning inside me, he laid next to me and touched softly my face with the back of his big hand and said softly remember I will make you happy and all you need to do is relax and trust me, than he covered me with his face and started to kiss me on my lips, neck, ears, and I felt his dominant hands go to the sensitive parts of me making me shiver, I started to feel his manhood grow, and even though I had seen him in a picture, feeling it grow is no the same, I started getting hot and could feel myself getting wet, when he pulled my dress up and I was without my nickers, he felt free to touch and stroke me I really felt wet, and I could feel his fingers big, long and thick insisting on opening my door, I knew this giant was going to have me and I was without choice going to submit to him and his wishes.

Finally he stood me up from the bed and started to undress me, after I stood completely naked in front of him, he slowly started to undress while not taking his eyes off of me, like a lion, or tiger looking at his weaker pray, when he got to his trousers, and than his jock, and the full size of his cock came out, it had nothing to do with any picture, it looked like at least 10.5" and 7.75 thick, I simply could not believe it and was very intimidated, I looked in his eyes with a worried look but he held me an told me to trust him, than he lifted me up and put me on the bed on my knees and brought his tool to my face,I took one look at him and knew what my role was, I kissed it and started to lick it and than I started to fit it in my mouth,
I was so tender with it and really wanted to pleasure it, the more pleasure the bigger and harder it got, and in my mind I was thinking that this is what is going inside of me slowly but completely, after some time of loving him with my mouth I was like a river in my cunt, he pulled out of me came down and kissed me in the mouth, and said I am ready to take you, lay on your back, so I did, Than I felt him coming slowly on me gently but unquestionable power, I knew I was had, than his big head started to rub my lips and glitter as if softly banging on my door to open not accepting a no for an answer, and me between wanting and fearing, my mind was going every ware and no ware, than I said to him I'm yours and felt his jab push his head inside me, slight pain but so much pleasure, that I started feeling his shaft, I could feel being stretched like no one before and I new he still was a long way from feeding me all of it, he was firmly and gently working it inside of me, and I could fee filled with him, my juices were pouring all over him and I could see in his eyes telling me I had to take all of him till the last inch. After all kind of noises and struggles and some tears of joy, he finally reach his top limit inside me,by than I was like a leave shivering in his arms while he kissed ans creased me with dipping more inside me, I must have exploded many times I did not count and than he said to me are you comfortable with me in you, I said o god you are so big and hard but I belong to you, so pleasure yourself in me the way you like, and I started to feel his strokes some small and some all the way out and than in, each time I felt incredible a women turned into a submissive whore, I could feel squirting for the first time, really beautiful sensations and that is when I felt his large middle finger penetrate my anal whole and he started to move it inside, I couldn't believe what was happening to me. This went on for such a long time and I had poured from every place, and feeling the slight pain and maximum pleasure with the passionate kissing feeling his tong in my mouth and swallowing his saliva, finally he asked me softly, where do you want me to cum, I said I want you inside me and I want to drink you, which is exactly what happened. I felt his worm loving cum shoot inside off me, and after that he let me drink him for all that was left.

Needless to say I satisfied my husband who was so horny and during the night I was ridden like a mare by my big friend while hubby sleep peacefully, and this experience was repeated several times, and I love my husband for allowing me feel what a women should fee. I was told by hubby that I screamed, cursed shook, shivered, begged, cried, moaned.


cuckold wife


Poster: Ashley