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I May Have Opened a Pandora's Box
I have been married for many years to my current wife.  This is the second marriage for the both of us and our kids from our previous marriages are all grown now and gone.  Our sex life has always been amazing and extremely open between us.  As of lately we have limited sexual partners we have allowed to come into our lives.  But often while we ar ehaving sex now, we enjoy rehashing some of the more memorable times we had together, and apart as well. 

My wife is a stunning redhead with gorgeous blue eyes.  She is a petite woman of 5'3", 120 pounds, 32c breasts and milky white skin that is to die for.  She refuses to sun because she wants to keep her skin as young as she can for as long as she can and she has been quite succesful in doing so.  Everyone that meets her always think she is much younger than she it.  Lisa has taken such good care of her body to the degree that she even has pretty feet.  And I normally hate how feet look.

Anyway, when I asked her to marry me so many years ago, she told me she wanted to say yes but wanted to have an open conversation with me before she did so.  I got a little nervous as to what she was thinking about as she told me she just wanted to be completely open with me.  She told me she didn't want any stories to come up after we were married which might surprise me or embarrass me in some way.  Lisa went on to tell me she had numerous lovers before me and many times she was in threesomes and even had a few foursomes.  She yold me that mostly they were just with guys but sometimes there were women as well.  The entire time she was telling me this, all I could think was Hot Damn!  I thought to myself that my wife to be, at least I was hoping she will be my wife, is bisexual and loves sex.  I told her as long as she was faithful to me I didn't care what happened in her past.  Shen then excitedly said yes to my proposal.

Anyway, continuing to be open in bed with each other as well as sharing our fantasies with each other kept our love life alive and spicy.  She not only shared her fantasies, I had her tell me about her sex life with the other partners she had been with.  When she told me about those times, she noticed rather quickly that when she told me about the times she had multiple men fucking her that I got extremely turned on and I also would not stop after cumming one time, while frequently going up to three times with her.  This gorgeus woman was fucking my brains out and I was one happy man.

Many years ago after coming home from a bar one night that we frequented, we quickly jumped into bed and started to fuck.  Lisa was already oozing creamy goodness when she told me that the guys at the bar tonight that said hello to us were some of the guys that fucked her one weekend years back.  After realizing who they were I made her tell me which of the three guys had the biggest cock.  Lisa told me they all were hung quite well but two of them were extremely large.  My cock is between 7 and 8 inches hard and I asked if they were bigger than me. She told me the guy with the smaller cock was bigger than me.  Lisa reached down, grabbed my hard cock and I quickly erupted.  She laughed so hard at me esploding so quickly and so easily.  

I immediatly went down on her and began eating her sweet pussy and she was obvious quite turned on as well because her pussy was dripping with creamy goo.  After several minutes had passed, I was hard again and we started fucking.  We were screwing like mad when Lisa told me they asked her if she could dump the old man and join them at their apartment.  I kept the chatting going with her and In no time I was exploding again.  Lisa held me close to her and whispered in my ear, "Honey, I almost think you want them to fuck your wifes hot pussy."  We continued to have hot wonderful sex for a while longer that night.

A couple of nights passed and we were once again fucking like a couple of rabbits.  Lisa brought up the idea again of them fucking her.  She was telling me how when they fucked her that she felt like such a fucking whore and it made her cum so hard.  So I threw it out there for her to tell me.  "Well baby, do you want them to fuck that hot pussy of yours again?  Tell me the truth baby because I already know the answer."  Lisa didn't hesitate.  She immediately blurted out "Oh God baby, please let me!"  She started cumming like crazy after saying that out loud for me to hear.  "Beg me to tell you I will let you fuck them Lisa.  Beg your husband to let those studs fuck my wifes hot cunt and make a whore out of you. And you fucking better make me beleive you want them honey."  

"Oh my God Danny, please, you know I would do anything if you would say yes.  Please baby.  Please let me open my pussy for them to tear into.  I want their cocks so bad!"  I didn't make it easy for her at all.  "You call that begging bitch?"  "Oh God Danny, please, I need to feel like that whore again.  Baby I need to be that whore again.  I am a fucking whore and I need to be who I am.  Please let me fuck them Danny, Please let me have those big fucking cocks!  I will forever do anything you ask of me.  Just let me have them again honey!"  So I stopped everything cold.

I laid on top of her, slowed my rythm of fucking her to a crawl.  "Honey, I love you so much.  Will you come home to me?  Will you still love me like you do now?  Do I have to worry about losing my wife at all?  Lisa kissed me so deeply, so softly and so passionately.  She held me inside her body and she paused from kissing me.  Lisa then said, "My husband, there is no man alive that could compare to you in my eyes.  I will never leave the best thing that has ever happened to me." 

I picked the pace up again.  Started slamming my cock in her.  "Do you love my cock baby?  Do you want my cum? Tell me."  "Oh God Yes I want your cum in me Danny.  Please give it to me. Please baby." she yelled out.  You want my cum before I say yes to your fucking those studs or after.  She exploded so quickly, realizing she was about to have three huge cocks fucking her pussy.  Making her the whore she needs to be for herself, and for me.

Okay honey, find them and fuck them then.  Show them who the best piece of pussy is that they will ever have.  Let them see what they are missing out on.  Lisa began fucking me again as soon as she got me hard agin.  After a short time she was exploding like I had never witnessed before. Her pussy was so wet and so creamy.  She pulled me into her as I shot my load into her.  After I came, she held me and asked me if I was serious.  I told her I was and to make it happen.  But I also told her I was not going to leave her alone and that I had to be there.  She told me that I was in charge and could have what ever I wanted.

A few days later, Lisa came home a little later than normal.  I thought somene was chasing her the way she exloded into the house.   She ran to me and kissed me so passionately.  She was so excited that she could barely get the words out of her mouth.  "Baby, I saw the boys at the bar this afternoon.  I sat with them and we talked for a while.  Lisa grabbed my hand and guided it under her skirt.  She didn't have any panties on and she rubbed my fingers across her pussy. She was already so creamy.  She was so creamy it felt like she had already been fucked.  She told me that Doug slid her panties off her and the three of them took turns playing with my pussy.  When David slid his fingers inside me I began cumming immedialty.  They told me that would love for you to see them fucking your wife.

Lisa began to cry.  And I mean she was sobbing.  I asked her what was wrong and she told me she had never been so happy.  She told me sitting in the bar, those guys were fondling my body and people could see them.  It was obvious they were playing with me and I felt like suck a slut.  All I could think about was how my husband is the best thing I could ever dream of having in my life.  

Lisa and I quickly hit the couch and started fucking.  It didn't take any time at all for me to shoot my load into her.  I mean I am talking like 30 seconds could not have passed by when I began giving her my cum.  That's when she really surprised me. I mean she shocked the living hell out of me.  She grabbed my head and forced me down on her and made me eat her cum filled pussy.  My wife was making me eat my own cum from her cunt, and I was loving it.  Obviously she loved it more because she started squrting all over my face.  When she decided I had licked enough, she pulled me back to her, kissed me deeply and told me she expected me to eat their cum from her pussy after they are finsished with her.  I didn't know what to think.  I just kept my thoughts to myself.

Two days alter it was the day they told her to come to Doug's apartment.  We both went and as soon as we got inside, the "boys" grabbed me and quickly undressed me.  Quite forcefully they did this to me I have to say.  They started telling me how they were going to give my wife what I couldnt provide her.  They told me they were going to show me how they satisfy a whores needs.  I was then tied into a chair and carried into a bedroom.  My cock was bouncing around I was so fucking hard.  All three of them werelaughing at me.  You call that a cock you fucking pussy?  You really think that satisfies your slut of a wife?  You really need a lesson little man.

Lisa went to them and began kissing them, one by one she was giving them hot sexual attention.  Their hands were groping her like mad and her pussy was already soaking wet.  Doug began finger fucking her as she stood in front of me.  She was looking into my eyes as she started exploding with a huge squirt as Doug fingered fucked her pussy.  Rick was sucking her tits and pulling her nipples so hard and Tony was kissing her lips and her neck and pretty much wherever else he wanted to.  Doug picked her up and threw her onto the bed.  The three amigos joined her and then started in on her gorgoues body.  

All I could see were three men absuing my wife.  It amazed me how rough they were with her.  One guy slapped her tits and she let out a yelp.  That only caused him to slap her tit again.  Lisa let out another loud yelp.  One of them pulled her legs open and began lapping up her pussy.  Lisa had already begun to squirt and they were slurping her juices up like mad.  Then I saw one of them crawl between her legs and pulled them back over her head.  He slid his cock into her and he shoved it into her all the way.  He obviously hurt her because she yelled out.  "Oh my GOD you cock is so fucking big.  Oh fuck it hurts.  Fuck me, please fuck me harder."  

I was learning their names as Lisa fucked them.  They never even introduced themselves to me.  They just took my wife.  It was obvious that Doug had the biggest cock, though none of them were small.  I felt like a miniature man seeing their bodies.  Fuck they were all such hot young verile men.  Terry had a thick cock but not quite as long as Ricks. But Dougs cock was thicker and longer than all of them,  especially bigger than me.  I sat in that chair and listened to my wife plead with those studs to fuck her and she was kissing them and sucking their cocks and doing whatever they told her to do.  She was their whore at this moment in time.  I could only hope I could still please my wife after this night.

I watched as these men fucked my wife and filled her over and over again with load after load of hot cum.  Lisa would not refuse them in any way.  I never saw my wife fuck like this.  It is like they brought her emotions and her body back to life as she wanted and needed it to be.

For over two hours those three studs fucked my wife as I watched in amazement and awe.  When they finally finished, Lisa laid on the bed in exhaustion.  She couldn't move as the three of them got up and Doug came and untied me.  "God that fucking whore can fuck like no woman I have ever fucked before.  She truly is a fucking cock slut dude" he said to me.  I was sitting looking at Dougs cock dangling down between his legs.  "You want to taste it pussy?"  Lisa heard Doug ask me and she looked over at me.  I saw her mouth the words to me, "Please".  That's all she said.  I said yes sir to Doug.  He moved closer to me and his cock was in front of my mouth.  I held his manhood, the first time I held any cock other than my own, and I guided his soft cock into my mouth.  

I sucked him.  I couldn't believe I had a cock in my mouth and my wife was watching.  I eagerly sucked his cock and Doug told me, "Calm down little man, slow down, take it easy.  Make love to my cock pussy man."  I thought of how Lisa sucked my cock and I tried to duplicate what she did to me.  I sucked his massive cock.  "MMmmmm that feels good little man. Yes, just like that.  Fuck you act like you know what you are doing."  In no time Doug's cock had grown rock hard in my mouth.  it was so fucking big I began gagging.  "Hell yes, when your wife isn't available I'll just come by your house and fuck your face little man."  Oh fuck it was so fucking big.  Doug called out to me, "Shit boy, you have a lot to learn."


Doug went back to Lisa and she quickly opened her legs for him.  He crawled in between her legs and she guided his massvie rod back into her. She pulled him tight to her and their lips met as they fucked once more.  The other guys were in the other room by now and Lisa was enjoying how Doug was making love to her.  For about 10 minutes Lisa had her pussy fucked once more.  "I'm going to cum again baby.  Here it comes.  Yes Yes Yes, I'm cumming bitch!!!" Doug unloaded a seemingly large 4th load into my wife.  He then got up and looking at me said, "Well dude, we are done with her for today.  She's all yours again."

I quickly went to my wife and held her.  She kissed me so deeply and told me she hoped she didn't make a msitake by being with them tonight.  I told her I loved her more than ever just then and we kissed deeeply again.  She told me to please lick her pussy.  I went down on her and started licking her pussy and all the cum that was in her. Damn she was full of cum.  Salty sweet cum was oozing from her and I was slurping it up.  I finally went back to her and we kissed again deeply.  Lisa held me in her arms and told me to take her home.

I helped her get dressed because she was very sore.  Her ass and tits were so pink and red from being slapped.  Her arms were reddened from being man handled and tossed around.  Once I got her dressed we headed out of the bedroom. The boys were drinking a beer and talking about how good her pussy is still after these years.  we went to the car and I drove her home.  Lisa laid back in the seat with her eyes closed. She was smiling and telling me how much she loved me for letting her be what she needed so badly to be this evening.  She kept telling me how much she loved me.

I got her home and helped her into the shower where I washed her body tenderly. Then I dried her and took her to bed.  I laid there with her cuddled in my arms.  My dick got hard and she was rubbing me.  Then she surprised me.  "Honey, can you jack off for me tonight please?  My pussy is so sore and swollen.  I know it would hurt me so badly if you fucked me."  I said that I would and as I jacked on my swollen oozing cock, I asked her if she wanted to do it again with those guys.  She said she wanted to more than anything.  But she said she needed time to recover from this night and then to fuck my brains out before we do it again.  

I was jacking my cock and I asked her what she loved best about tonight.  She told me she loved how Doug rammed his cock into her over and over and over and when he shot his load the first time she could feel his massive explosion into the back of her pussy.  She said he was pounding her hard and it hurt so bad.  But you could see in her face, her eyes and her smile that she loved it so much.  "I was such a fucking whore tonight Danny.  And I loved the different tastes of all of the cum from three different men.  I immediately started shooting my load.

Just before we went to sleep the phone rang.  I answered it and I heard, "Hey little man, let me seak to the cock whore."  I handed her the phone.  All I heard was Lisa replying to Doug.  "When?  Next weekend?  Okay.  Yes. Yes.  Absolutely.  I can not wait, that should be a lot of fun.  Goodnight."  Lisa hung up the phone and looked at me.  She said I knew you would agree so I told him we would.  "Agree to what?"  I asked.  

Lisa explained.  "Doug wants to take us to his cabin next weekend.  Just the three of us.  It seems that Doug likes you a lot and he wants to make you his whore as well.  It seems he doesn't want to share us with the other two any more.  Just us three."

Well, it seemed I opened up a door that I may have to get used to have open.


cuckold wife


Poster: Danny Dillon