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It started out as a wife swap. We had known Pat and Linda for years. Linda was Lois? friend from high school and I?d met Pat in the Job Corp and we went to Upward Bound together. It was there we met Lois and Linda. I had always been interested in swapping. I even suggested to Pat, while we were still in school, that we get adjoining rooms at a motel some weekend and make it with the girls and then trade through the adjoining door. It never happened. But that was several years before that actual swap.

Actually, the swap was a year in the making. I?d managed to get Lois to admit that Pat was kind of a hunk and I know that he liked to flirt with her. I?d even seen him pat her butt, usually masked as a kind of ?discipline? thing. So when I talked up how much she might enjoy a romp with Pat to the point of thinking maybe she would like it if we all were in agreement, I set the stage.

We were going over to Pat and Linda?s to play cards. I had Lois wear her red knee length dress that showed a lot of cleave and no pantyhose. I tried to get her to leave off the panties, but that was a no go. Well, we went to their apartment, an upstairs in a duplex. After the usual preliminaries, we sat at their kitchen table for a game of Rummy. I maneuvered things so that Lois sat opposite Pat across the narrow side of the table, while Linda and I sat on the ends.

Pat immediately kicked off his shoes. I could see him eyeing Lois? cleavage. Then about two hands into the game, he took the bait. I don?t think he could tell that it was obvious to me, but he did a tentative little brush on Lois? foot and she just looked up at him, when he did it the second time, she glance at me an then Linda, who was oblivious to the whole thing. This time it wasn?t tentative, he blatantly played footsie. Then he even surprised me. He took off his socks and started in again, not being satisfied with the foot, but progressing up the calf. I got the details from Lois later.

He spent about three minutes stroking her calf with his bare foot and then escalated the process. It didn?t take long before it was up to her knee. I?ve got to give him this much, he was a good actor. He pretended not to even be paying attention to her. Leaning back, he began to tell stories and act as if he was really into the game. Even with the distraction of his foot on my wife?s bare leg, he played well. I couldn?t say the same for Lois. It was beginning to get to her. She began making dumb plays that she should have know better than to do.

She told me that he really got to her when his foot went up between her thighs under the skirt. He began swapping back and forth between legs without really loosing contact. This to spite the fact that she had spread her legs to accommodate his advances. I could see her chest rise and fall as her breathing became a little labored, though she struggled to keep it even. He scooted forward on his chair ever so slowly as he advanced further up her legs. She cooperated by scooting forward a bit herself. I saw her breath deep and her eyes rolled back a little as she fought to maintain at least a semblance of concentration on the game. The game lasted about fifteen minutes more. Lois tells me that most of that time his big toe had pushed aside the crotch of her panties and was stroking her clitoris and even penetrating her. Lois was getting hot, what?s more, so was I. Just thinking about what he was doing really got to me.

Not surprising, Linda won the game. After all, she was the only one giving it her full attention. ?I?ve got to use the potty,? she said by way of excusing herself.

I took the opportunity to broach the subject of a swap with Pat.

?Pat, Lois and I were wondering if you and Linda would like to swap partners with us. You know get a little strange??

Well, he was concerned about Linda?s reaction and said, ?I could go for it, but we can?t make Linda think we?ve been plotting behind her back. Wait until she comes back and bring it up again.?

I agreed and then said, ?You know, I don?t remember if I locked the car. I?d better go check it,? and left, having no intention of going out to the car. Instead, I went about four or five steps down and sat in the dark stair well. Since there was no door at the top of the stair well, I could easily hear every thing that went on in the kitchen just through the wall from me.

I heard a chair scoot back and Pat say, ?I wondered why you were so receptive to what I was doing. I expected you to object the second time I touched you and if not then, at least when I got above your knee.?

?Now you know,? Lois replied.

Then it was quite for a while and I thought I heard Lois moan, just a little. Then there was a sound I recognized. It was a large slurping, popping sound. It was the sound of someone sucking breast and coming loose with the suction in full force. Another chair moved and I heard them walk to the living room. I crept up the stairs and peaked around the corner. They were standing just inside the living room door. Lois grabbed him and planted a huge, wet, passionate kiss on him. I could tell there was tongue involved - hers in his mouth. He of course returned the gesture. When they came up for air, he blatantly lifted her dress and stuck his hand in her crotch. She sucked in her breath sharply and kissed him again.

Breaking again, he did something in front of him with his left hand and then, with his hands in her hips, he pulled them into his and ground himself against her. She ground back and hugged him tightly, her eyes rolling back as he moved his hands around to her butt and tried to pull her closer. She began to hump in little short strokes. Could he be big enough to actually penetrate her standing up? I thought. The answer, I learned later was yes, by at least three to four inches. God I was hot watching that.

All to soon, Lois pulled back and said, ?We shouldn?t be doing this.?

?I know,? he replied, ?but it feels so good.?

?What if Linda catches us?? You notice, she wasn?t worried about me catching them. Had she seen me peeking around the corner when he pulled her hips to his and then since I was only watching she just closed her eyes and enjoyed it?

He acquiesced and I heard his zipper. He then took her in his arms and began dancing to the music on the radio. Just then, I heard the bathroom door open. I slid back down the stairs and sat quietly, hoping that Linda hadn?t noticed me. I guess not, since she breezed right by the open stairwell without so much as a glance. I heard Pat say, ?We were just dancing,? sounding every bit as guilty as he was. I became aware of the throbbing in my groin. I was near creaming my jeans. It took several minutes get the thing to subside enough so I could walk into the room without advertising my arousal.

We tried our best to sell Linda on the idea of swapping but she became the holdout and when it became clear to Lois that Linda wasn?t interested, she gave up the idea. That night when we got home, I extracted a blow by blow from Lois and jumped her bones in greater passion then I had ever known.

I thought the whole idea was dead in the water, and didn?t bring it up again. But I often thought about what I had witnessed that night, especially when I was making it with Lois. The mental picture recalled of her grinding her hips into him, humping his well endowed member was enough to drive me to a frenzy.

A couple of months later, my father died and my mother needed someone home with her, so we packed up and moved to Illinois. We weren?t there more then six months when my wife informed me that she wasn?t going live there through another tornado season. So, mom back on her feet, we moved again, back to Portland.

A couple of months after reconnecting with Pat and Linda, he confided in me that just before we moved Linda had been considering taking us up on our swap offer. Well that rekindled my thoughts on the subject and I became obsessed with the idea. One night when they were over, we got to sexually joking around and I brought up the idea again. This time while they were both in the room. I had told Lois about what Pat said and warned that when I felt the time was right, I?d bring it up, so she wasn?t taken off guard by the suggestion. Pat suggested that he and I go somewhere while Lois and Linda talked about it and he?d go with whatever they decided when we came back. So we made a drink run to ?one stop shopping? store. While we were there, we looked at lingerie and I bought Lois a cute little nightie that would barely cover her buns and told Pat, ?I may just be buying this for you to enjoy.? He grinned lecherously

To my dismay, the girls informed us there?d be no swapping that night. Well, we tried. But there was no saying that we couldn?t still have some sexual fun. After giving the mood some time to relax, the sexual innuendoes began to flow and there was some talk of body parts. I don?t really remember all that led up to it, but some how Pat and I ended up stand in front of the wives being egged on to do a strip tease. Which we did both wives giggling wildly. When we finally were naked, we did a little dance that made our members flop up and down and even wobble in circles. Then we each sat down next to our wives and began necking. Of course they each began to stroke us gently. Then I heard Pat say something like, ?You?ve just seen him naked and you?re worried about him seeing your boobs?? Well, as soon as I could, I snuck a peek. Sure enough, her boobs were hanging out and he was massaging one, while suckling the other. I watched blatantly while feeling Lois up and nuzzling her neck.

When he broke loose to kisses her, I said, ?Switch!? He responded immediately. We were with the other?s wife in a second and Linda had bare boobs. Pat quickly planted a kiss on Lois and grabbed her tit. She didn?t resist, so I kissed Linda. She must have been a bit turned on because she didn?t object when I felt her bare chest nor even when I began sucking a nipple. I buried my hand in her crotch and got no resistance, in fact she took a hold of my hard on. That was it for me. I had to get her in bed before I made a mess all over her and the couch.

?Let?s go into the bedroom,? I said and she willing got off the couch and walked with me, even entering the bedroom first when I paused at the door to allow it. I wasted no time in getting her blouse and bra completely off and us onto the bed. She was responsive and made no resistance as I removed her panties and jeans. In a few minutes, I was between her legs.

I nearly had a heart attack when Pat showed up in the door dressed. He said, ?We?re going over to our place for a while. We?ll be back later.? With that he left, taking my wife with him. I can?t say for sure what they did, but I jumped Linda?s bones in a flash. She was more then willing. I wish I could say that it was a wild couple of hours of unbridled sex, but I was so hot, is only took about a dozen strokes to get me off. I don?t know if she got off or not.

I napped a little. When I awoke, Linda wasn?t in the bed. I found her on the couch dressed watching television. She eyed me as I retrieved my clothes and began to get dressed. I pulled on my jockeys only to find they had way too much room. It was then I realized I had mistakenly put on Pat?s.

?Opps,? I said, ?wrong shorts. Pat must be huge judging from the room in those.?

?Yes,? Linda replied.

Pat and Lois were gone so long that I finally called over there to see if everything was OK.

?Hello?? he answered.

?Pat? Did everything go OK??

?Better then OK,? he answered.

?Is Lois OK?? I asked.

?Here. Ask her yourself.?

?Bill?? Lois asked.

?Yeah. Are you OK??

?I?m fine,? she said dreamily, ?just fine.?

?You and, ah, Pat, ah, did everything work out.?

?Oh yes!? she said enthusiastically. ?Everything work out, and in and out and in and out and, oh well, you get the idea.?

I did indeed. I was beginning to get a little turned on again.

?When are you guys coming back??

?He wants to know when we?re coming back,? she said, away from the phone.

?Any time, I guess,? I heard Pat say.

?We?ll get dressed and be right there,? she said cheerily.

It was a long forty-five minutes before they came back. I had to wonder if the decided to get in a second round. I was hot again at the thought. But Linda?s mood wasn?t one to invite the suggestion that we get it on again.

Pat and Lois finally showed up, acting as if they were coming to visit us. We were all dressed, but I gave Pat back his underwear stating that he had forgotten it. He allowed as he was a little distracted when he got dressed and right there, in front of God and everybody, he took off his pants and put them on.

We sat down to play some cards and I was so hot thinking about the fact my wife had just be in the sack with another man that I couldn?t even tell you what suit the card I just played was. Soon the party degenerated into sex games and Pat and I were exposing ourselves and the girls went topless. There was a lot of touching and not wives touching their husbands or husbands touching their wives, but males touching females and females touching males without noticing who was who. At one point each of the girls had a different hard on in each hand. At another they had a different mouth suckling each nipple and then Pat and I got a different woman?s boob in each hand and even had our face buried between two different boobs. It was great.

Finally, Pat said to Lois, ?Let?s go in the living room.?

I took the occasion to kiss Linda and grab her boobs again. She responded by grabbing my exposed hard on and some serious petting ensued, which included her doing some oral on me. It was then I led the way to the bedroom. Well another round ensued before we broke up for the night.

We decided the Lois and I would go to their place next Saturday night and I?d bring Linda home instead of Lois and we?d trade back the next evening. I?ve got to tell you I thought of that nearly all week. Saturday rolled around and I was rearing to go. We showed up over there as we had done many a time. The only difference was Lois was wearing that red dress again. Nothing really unusual happened until about nine-thirty when Lois mentioned that she had been up early that day and couldn?t wait to get to bed.

Linda got her coat, and Pat and Lois walked us to the door. Pat gave Linda a quick kiss and said, ?Have fun.?

?I hope,? Linda replied.

I kissed Lois and said, ?You to.?

She smiled and said, ?I?m sure I will.?

I just knew that Pat and Lois we in the sack before we were two blocks down the street. It took a little over half an hour to get to our place and I could think of nothing else but Lois on her back and Pat pounding his meat into her with abandon. I was in a fevered pitch when I finally got Linda into the bedroom. I was in no mood to wait. She seemed ready to me, so I quickly let out my pent up lust. I was over the top; a real animal. I was sure she loved the passion. I know I did. We got it again in the morning. And then again right after lunch. And finally one more time just before a late dinner.

Pat and Lois showed up about nine-thirty. Lois was hanging on him like teenager, and had a really dreamy look in her eyes. Pat had to work in the morning, so he soon took Linda home.

I was hot again, looking at the way Lois looked and took her to bed, my mind filled with imaginings as to what they had been doing. She wasn?t horny, I wonder why? So she was just as happy with a quickie. In the morning she complained about being sore. Something she hadn?t done since collage when we were dating. Indeed her thighs were bruised and she did walk a bit gingerly.

The next weekend, we decided to ?double date? to a drive-in movie. We took our station wagon since it had more room. Linda and I in front and Lois and Pat in back. The idea was we?d go to the drive-in, do some heavy petting and then when we got back, Lois and Pat would go to their house and Linda and I would stay at ours. Well, heavy petting was right. Linda was a bit more reluctant then Lois. I mean Lois really got into it. The girls were both wearing skirts and blouses, with no hose, for easy access. Lois? buttoned down the front and the previews were hardly over before there wasn?t a button still buttoned. I think Pat had been feeling her up on the way to the drive-in. I know I caught them in a sloppy kiss in the mirror more then once on the way.

Anyway, I tried my best to follow suit with Linda and I did manage to undo her bra and get a hand on bare tit and my hand up to her crotch for some fun and games. But every time I bared a tit, she covered it again. I only got my mouth on it once. I knew that Lois had a hook in the front bra and a quick glance in the back seat reveled that she was completely bare chested and Pat was suckling her while his hand plumbed the depth under her skirt with many gyrations. I went to work on Linda. She got a little worked up, but never really responded the way Lois was. After a time, I was distracted by a movement in the back seat.

Pat was laying on his back, holding Lois? panties while she straddled him. I watched her reach between them and make some kind of adjustment before lowering herself on him. When she leaned forward, I could see Pat?s side. His buttox was half exposed and his pants were open. I watched as Lois humped up and down and Pat match her gyrations. My breath came short and I burned with lust watching it. It was better than any porn movie I?d ever seen. It made me throb and ache. Each stroke she made caused a pulse in my hard on. She lifted a little and Pat began sucking her boobs and he pulled her skirt up and began to kneed her lily white butt as she pounded into him. From the angle I was viewing all this, I could now see the actual penetration from behind. I knew from our sex games, that he was big, but at the top of her stroke, he had more exposed then I had all together and there was still plenty inside. This was more then we had agreed on, but I loved it. I couldn?t get a deep breath. I saw him close his eyes and shutter as he thrust up and quivered. Lois, by now, was oblivious to anything but her own rhythm. After a few moments, Pat recovered and again matched her thrust for thrust. It didn?t take long before Lois arched her back and grunted repeatedly and loudly with each stroke, Pat ground back helping her. There were about five such strokes then she leaned forward, slowed her pace for a minute or two and then began to build again. In less then a minute more she was grunting and moaning, throwing her head back. I thought sure that was the end of it, but with only slight rest she was at it again. Pat with a look of determination on his face was pumping back to meet her each time she plunged forward. The third time she wasn?t nearly as vocal and collapsed on him afterward.

He kissed the side of her head and stroked her hair with one hand and rubbed her bare back with the other. After a time she lifted her head, kissed him passionately and said, ?Thanks, that was great.? All the while she remained impaled on him. I expected a flaccid member when she got off him. Much to my surprise, it was still hard and a white stringy sinew stretched from her pubic region to the tip until she was a good foot away.

The whole time they a been at it, I had been absently fondling Linda?s breast. I looked at her and saw she had been watching as well. I took her hand and put it on my hard on and thought I was going to explode right there. I kissed her passionately and glanced toward the back seat again. Lois had made no attempt at back together and was sitting, legs akimbo while kissed her gently and alternated between caressing her breast and stroking her inner thigh while she stroked his still hard member.

I kissed Linda again and she began to rub me through my pants. I heard Lois whisper, ?You?re still in need aren?t you?? I turned my head and saw her gently push him to lay back against the door and she went down on him. It wasn?t tentative; it was with a purpose. She had her hand wrapped around the base and still couldn?t get the remainder completely in her mouth. She sat to work in a determined fashion. When I could persuade her to suck me, it was never like that. I watched, Linda rubbed and I looked Pat in the eye. He just shrugged and then looked down at what Lois was doing. She stopped, licked it all over like an ice cream cone and took it back in her mouth looking him in the eye as she sucked and began stroking. He touched the side of her head and closed his eyes. As if this was some kind of signal she took hold of it with both hands and began to bob her head furiously. It didn?t take long before he was bucking and grunting. I exploded at the same time, creaming my jeans. Lois pulled her head back, swallowed and went back to work on him again. He shuddered once more and she stopped to swallow again. She milked him and a white pearl appear on the end, which she licked off, swallowed and took him in her mouth for a few seconds and repeated the performance, licking another pearl. The third time the pearl was considerably smaller, but it got no less attention. The forth time there was none. She took him in her mouth for a few seconds and then sat back smiling.

?Better now?? she asked.

He nodded and kissed her.

I was so engrossed in watching the show I hadn?t noticed that Linda had sat back and refastened her bra and pull her top and skirt back down.

?You guys had better get yourself together back there. The credits are running and they?ll be turning on the lights pretty soon.?

Pat helped Lois fasten her bra and buttoned up her blouse, leaving one more button undone the she usually did. She pulled his shorts and pants up and putting him back in sided, then zipped him up and fastened his belt. They kissed again as the lights came on.

?I?m thirsty. Can you guys get something from the concession stand?? Lois asked.

Pat and I got out and joined the throng toward the concessions. We walked in silence about half way there. Then I said, ?That was some show you put on back there.?

?Sorry,? he said.

?Don?t be sorry. It was great. You know Lois is never like that with me.?

?Really?? he asked. ?She?s been like the from the first time. I thought she was a nymph the way she responded to me.?

?No, she always accommodates me, but I?ve never seen her be aggressive the way she was back there.?

?Look,? he said stopping, ?I sorry, I know we were supposed to just do some heavy petting an save the good stuff until we got home, but she was in need and like you said, aggressive. Things just got out of hand.?

?? And into pussy? That?s OK, I loved it. I was so turned on I creamed my jeans. I?m going have to stop by the men?s room and clean up a bit.?

?You want me to get the drinks while you do that?? he asked.

?Sure, why not.?

I met him as he came out, juggling four drinks. I took two from him and we headed for the car. Nearly there, he started to apologize again and I stopped him. ?Look,? I said, ?it?s OK. I loved it and as far as I?m concerned, you can nail her again during the second feature. You guys are better then a porn flick. I?d love to watch again.? I don?t know where that came from but it was true. I was looking forward to the second feature and I don?t mean what was on the movie screen.

As we got back to the car, they had rolled the windows down a little and Linda was saying, ?No that?s OK, you guys go ahead, I just can?t.?

We all sipped our drinks and tried to make small talk, waiting for the second movie to start. I noticed the Lois? panties were laying on the seat still. She hadn?t put them on again. Some how that made me hot.

We finished out drinks as the lights went down and dumped the ice out the windows. Pat didn?t disappoint me. He was on her like white on rice and it was evident that she was ready for him. After a preliminary passionate kiss, he unceremoniously unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her bra. She just smiles at him and kissed him again as he cupped her tit. She reached down and fondle him a minute and then pushed him back and opened his pants. Taking him out, she stroked him as they necked. Shortly, he plunged his hand up under her skirt and began working her. She moaned and kissed him again.

Linda and I sat and watched, doing nothing ourselves. This time, Pat was definitely in charge. The man must have the patience of Job. Any girl as ready as Lois was would have been on her back with her feet in the air long ago with me. But Pat seemed to enjoy teasing her. He worked her into a frenzy. He kept it up for what must have been twenty minutes, before he lay her back in the seat. This time they were facing the other way and I actually saw him put it in her. She was oblivious to anything around her. She just wanted that meat in the right place. He teased her with it, rubbing it around the outside a little while she squirmed. At last, he slid it home ever so slowly. She lifted her legs and locked her ankles behind the small of his back as if to ensure he didn?t go anywhere until she was done with him. He worked her for ten or fifteen minutes more before she began to really get rolling on a drive for the climax. She did multiples again and when she was though, he closed his eyes and pumped in earnest. She smiled a satisfied smile and matched his thrusts. It didn?t take long until he too shuddered in climax. It looked as if he had two back to back. The whole episode took over two hours, the movie was winding down, while they basked in post coital bliss. Linda still wouldn?t let me totally bare he boob the way Lois had for Pat, but I did manage to suck on for a while. Lois and Pat somehow managed to recover, in both senses of the word by the time the lights came up.

We got back to our place none too soon for me. Pat and Lois were necking hot and heavy in the back seat. I could hardly keep my eyes on the road.

?Let?s go straight to your place,? Lois told Pat as soon as we were out of the car. That was fine with me. I was going to be humping Linda before they were a mile down the road. Lois was in such a hurry that she didn?t even kiss me, she just got in his car and waved.

Linda on the other hand took Pat?s hand and kissed him lightly and said, ?Be good.?

?As good as I can be,? Pat grinned, picking up on the double entendre.

With that, he got in the car and sped off. At the rate he was driving, I?d have to be quick to be on time with my plan.

Looking back, I?d have to say that Linda was less then enthusiastic about my efforts that night, but she was cooperative and compliant. I have no complaint. All told, that night and the next day I some five different times.

As planned, Linda and I arrived at their place between 8:30 and 9:00 for the swap back and Linda let us in with her key. The entryway shared a wall with the bedroom. You could hear the action right through the wall.

You?d think that after all the action I?d seen that day, I wouldn?t be able to get it up, but not so. The little soldier stood right to attention. In the living room, Linda sat in the easy chair, so I sat on the couch. From there, we both could see the bedroom door was open. The sounds were plainer in the living room then in the entryway. They were really going at it. About ten minutes later, after a couple of noisy climaxes things went quite.

Then Linda did a strange thing. She went to the bedroom door and paused, pulling her blouse off over her head, shouted, ?Next,? disappeared in the door as she unhooked her bra. I wanted so badly go in there too, but she hadn?t invited me to join her. But I did go over near the door to see if I could hear what was going on.

I guess Pat accommodated her because she stayed in there. I heard Lois say, ?I?ll get him ready for you.?

What could she mean by that?

I wanted to peak in, but I was afraid I might stifle the proceedings if I did. Then I noticed that I could see the mirror on Linda?s dresser and it kind of gave me a view of the bed and by placing my left shoulder against the wall and getting as close to the door as I dared, I could see nearly all the bed.

Pat was feeling Linda up, getting her all hot and bothered ? something I really hadn?t been able to do. Lois was giving him head. God I was jealous, he was having two women at the same time. How many times have I dreaded of that? I?d seen it many times in the porn movies, but this was the first time to see it in real life. And one of those women was my wife. I was so hot I couldn?t believe it.

It wasn?t until he was ready to actually put into her that I realized I had been rubbing myself through my pants. The angle of the mirror was such that I had a porn camera view of the nitty-gritty. As he started to pump her, Lois reached around behind and cupped his balls, rolling them gently.

After a few minutes, I became aware that the mirror on their headboard let me see what was going on from that end. The look of concentration on Pat?s face was intense. It was the look of a master craftsman working his art. Linda on the other hand was lost in the moment. Her look mirrored that look that Lois had had in the back seat.

I couldn?t hold back any longer. I whipped it out and started flogging the dog. I was so for gone it was a miracle that I remembered to catch the spunk in my left hand to keep from making a mess all over their wall and carpet. After Linda got hers, Pat lay back between them and they cuddled up on either side.

After a while, Pat asked Linda, ?Where?s Bill??

?I left him sitting in the living room. I guess he?s still there. ? I guess we ought to get dressed and go out there. I?ve made a decision that I need to tell all of you about.?

They got up and started retrieving clothes from various places. I beat feet for the living room and found a box of Kleenex to clean up with. By the time they got there, I was sitting on the couch right where Linda left me.

?OK, what?s this big decision?? Pat wanted to know.

?Well,? she said sheepishly, ?this swapping experiment hasn?t really worked out for me and I don?t think I want to participate anymore.?

Lois looked at me accusingly. ?I can?t say I?m too surprised and I can appreciate your feelings.?

Pat moved to her side and held her tenderly. ?I?m sorry I made you do it,? he told her.

?You didn?t make me. I was a willing participant. It?s just hasn?t worked out. I?m sorry for all you guys, because I know that all of you are getting off on it, but I? I tried it and I just don?t get anywhere. I?m sorry.?

?You don?t have to be sorry,? Lois said still glaring at me. ?Maybe we better go home. Pat has to work in the morning.?

The ride home was cold to spite the weather. It didn?t get any better when we got home. I tried to smooth things over by being amorous. Big mistake!

?After today, that?s the last thing I want,? was her response. ?It?ll be days before I?m ready again.

I should have known. Last week she had been so sore that she couldn?t even let me touch her all week. I didn?t mind then. I had Linda to look forward to on Saturday? but not this week.

On Monday (my second day off) I got her to talk about Sunday and there by lived it vicariously. They had indeed been active. I thought my total of six was impressive, but counting the two at the drive in, the one when they got home, the two before they got out of bed and the one in the kitchen where she sat on the counter, they had that beat before breakfast. It seems that the one they were involved in when Linda and I showed up was the seventh since lunch more then doubling my effort. Heck, that was more then I?d been getting from Lois in two months before all this and he got it in one twenty-four period.

She seemed to delight in telling me all the details. She gave him head a lot, swallowing at least three times, not counting Saturday day night. She really relished describing how good it felt to have multiple orgasms.

I had a hard on so stiff it hurt. I had to go in the bathroom more then once to relieve it during her story.

Before I left for work on Thursday she seemed down. I asked what was wrong. ?This week is just so drab. Nothing to look forward to.?

?Well, we?re still going over to Pat and Linda?s Saturday day evening to play cards aren't we??

?Yes, but it won?t be the same. I?ll be coming home with you.? There was almost a tone of disgust in her voice. ?It isn?t even Saturday and I?m already missing what we did the last three weeks.?

?I know,? I told her. ?I?m missing it too.?

?It really turned you on didn?t it??


?Saturday night at the drive in and then hearing the details of Sunday.?

?Well yeah. Saturday night it was like watching a live porn movie and your description of Sunday was so vivid it would have got anyone going.?

?Really? How many guys do you suppose would have been so turned on that they had to jack off twice while their wives recounted the details of how she had been screwing another guy and giving him blow jobs all day? I really got to you when I described what his cum tasted like and how it felt to swallow it. Look at you, you?re getting horny now just remembering it.? I looked down. There was a big bulge in my jeans. ?Whip it out right now and pound it. You know you want to.?

She was right. I wanted to but, I still tried to deny it. ?I don?t think so.?

?Oh go ahead, I?m not likely to want its services any time soon. I?ll tell you what. You spank the monkey and I?ll tell you the juicy parts again.?

She looked me dead in the eyes with a devilish grin on her face. I was tempted. She was right I was as hot as a pistol right then just thinking about the things I knew she had done with him had me ready to pop.

?Come on,? she said, ?I want to see you actually choke the chicken. I?ll tell you what, I?ll start and when it gets too much for you, you just whip it our and start pumping.?

I should have just left the room? left the house, but I couldn?t. I silently hoped she wasn?t teasing; that she would tell me some juicy part again.

?You know that we did it twice at the drive in Saturday night, but what you don?t know is that I was so hot that on the way there I had him out of his pants playing with him. I told him he couldn?t put it to me soon enough to suit me.

?When we got there I unbuttoned my blouse from the bottom up, leaving only one button still fastened and then reach under it and unfastened my bra. His shirt covered his hard on, which I was fondling as we all made small talk while waiting for the movie to start. As soon as the lights went down I popped the last button and hauled his boner out where I could work with it.

?I went down on him first thing. I wanted him as hot as I was. And it worked. I came up for air and he latched onto my nipple with his mouth and stuck his hand straight up to my sopping wet panties. That?s when I moaned and you turned around to see him sucking my tit.

?You had a hard time not watching us after that. I tell you what, he played me like a finely tuned violin after that. When I saw you watching it kind of fired me up. I want him to do me while you watched.?

Then she began to recount the feelings she had while he plied his trade on her. She was getting hot just talking about it and she wasn?t alone. I couldn?t take any more. I knew I?d hurt myself if I didn?t take care of it. So I leaned back in my chair, unzipping my pants. Oh, what a relief to let that thing loose. I couldn?t keep my hands off of it while she took be back to that night. She said she knew from the time we all got in the car that she was going screw him at the drive in. She planed it. It was her idea, hatched not in the heat of passion, but in the cold calculating mind of my hot-to-trot wife.

When she described the thrill of lowering herself onto his pole while I watched it was too much for me. I exploded; the climax rivaled any I ever had. I was embarrassed as I took a paper napkin and cleaned myself up, and the table, and the floor. It took three napkins to take care of it and they were all sopped.

She sat there grinning as I stuffed myself back into my pants. I went about getting ready to go to work.

She surprised me and kissed me when I was ready to leave. She hadn?t done that since Saturday morning. ?I?ll have to pick up some condoms so you don?t make such mess next time.?

Yeah, right! Like there was going to be a next time.

But I had t wonder if she thought there would be. She certainly seemed proud of the fact she could induce me to jack off. She was also very smug about letting me know she knew that was what I had been doing in the bathroom Monday.

She was up before me on Friday which wasn?t that unusual since I worked swing and she?s always in bed asleep when get home about two AM. She was attentive and even flirting a bit. I thought that maybe she might be in the mood? finally. And? I might get some.

Well, I was half right. After a light breakfast, while I was still sitting at the table she came in with a plain brown grocery bag.

?I went shopping yesterday.?

?You did? What did you get??

?Well, I got to thinking after you left for work, we both are already missing the weekend swap thing, so I may have just thought of something to take it?s place.?

She had my curiosity up. She grinned that devilish grin of hers for a few minutes as I waited anxiously. She pulled a pack of condoms out and tossed them on the table. ?I think you?d better use one of these this time.?

?Just what do you have in mind?? I asked suspiciously.

?I?ll explain it all and even demonstrate it for you. Only don?t do anything until you put on of those things on. It?ll save the mess we had yesterday. Then she brought out this life like, bigger than life sized dildo. It had to be at least nine inches long and was flesh tone and anatomically correct complete with testicles and moveable foreskin. It turns out that it had a kind of suction cup built into the base of it.

She stuck it to the edge of one our kitchen chairs. It was an odd site, a kitchen chair with a hard on sticking out of it. She then lubed it up with some gel from a tube.

?Strawberry flavored. It comes in five different flavors. Now I know how turned on you got watching Pat and I in the back seat, so just pretend that this is Pat,? she said stroking the dildo. ?It?s about the same size as he is and uncircumcised just like him.?

It was then I realized she was wearing the same outfit she had worn to the drive in. She knelt down and began stroking the shaft. After a quick glance at me, she closed her eyes and began giving head to the kitchen chair. It was sick and I wanted to turn away but that damned thing was so lifelike it wasn?t hard to imagine that it really was Pat. She worked just it was real. Her blouse came open and she teased her nipples then her hand went to her crotch. The whole while she was giving that thing a very credible blowjob. I could feel myself growing hard. With that thing still in her mouth, she shucked her panties.

That reminded me, her panties from Saturday were still in the back seat of the wagon. She then turned loose of it with her mouth, pushed some hidden switch and it began to hum. Hiking up her skirt, she impaled herself on it and began humping the chair in abandon. I could see her sliding up and down on it. It was d?j? vu.

I unzipped my pants and started to stroke myself. Then I remembered what she said and opened a condom and put it on. By now, she was really into it. I don?t think she even knew or cared if I was there. I watched her drive for her climax and for the first time in our lives, we went off together. Only hers lasted longer then mine.

She switched it off and knelt in front of it kissing it and licking it. Then she looked at me still clutching my spent rod. ?Pretty good huh? Got you all bothered watching didn?t it? Of course, I?d rather it was Pat, and I think you would too.? I couldn?t bring myself to tell she was right on all counts.

She got up and put her clothes back together and put the dildo away while I removed the condom and used a napkin to finish cleaning up. She took the condom from me. ?Looks like you really had a load to get rid of,? she grinned, holding it up to look at. She picked up my coffee cup in the other hand and said, ?I?ll warm up your coffee while dispose of this.? At the sink, she poured my coffee, added a teaspoon of sugar and a dollop of creamer, just like I liked and then put the condom in the garbage under the sink. She brought me the coffee and took the bag with that thing in it back into the bedroom.

When she came out she had changed clothes and was wearing pants and a baggy sweatshirt, her more usual fair for daytime. After that, it was as if nothing happened out of the ordinary that day. She didn?t say anything or act any different then she had any other day.

The next day was Saturday and I worked days on Saturday, so I was up and out of the house by seven. When I came home, she was wearing that same outfit she had on when she used the dildo. ?Get changed, she told me. I talked to Linda and we?re going over there for dinner.? So I went in and put on some slacks and changed my shirt. She was waiting by the door when I came out.

When we got to Pat and Linda?s I felt we were a little over dressed. Pat had on a pair of loose shorts and wife beater undershirt with an open shirt over it. Linda was in Capri?s and a pullover shirt. But no matter, these were old friends. How we dressed around one another didn?t matter. Dinner was great and after we settled into a game of cards around the kitchen table. It was Pinochle; girls against the boys. We were having a good game, and then Pat seemed to be distracted. When I figured out why, I was distracted as well. Lois had undone some extra buttons on her blouse and you could see enough cleavage to tell her bra was a front closure bra. Just to be sure we noticed, or at least Pat noticed, she would idly toy with one of the undone buttons when she was deciding what card to play, pulling it out a bit to allow Pat, from his angle a better view inside. Then I noticed Pat squirming a bit and couldn?t figure that out until I glanced over at the stove. It had a glass in the oven door which made a kind of mirror. Lois had slipped her shoes off and crossed her legs so that her left foot was right by Pats leg. While I was watching, she rubbed her bare foot against the inside of his knee and then slid it up under his shorts. I couldn?t decide how far she got, but it had to be pretty close to the hot spot. I was hard and I knew he must be too. If it was at all unrestrained, it was possible that she was touching his member.

I think that was the case, because I saw Pat lick his lips, struggling to pretend that nothing was happening. When Pat was studying his cards, I could see by the reflection in the oven door that Lois would put and extra effort in reaching under the shorts and gyrate her foot a bit. I?m not sure if Linda knew what Lois was doing, but I suspect she had some idea, because they sometimes grinned at each other and gave knowing looks. Needless to say the girls won that game hands down.

When the game was over, Lois said, ?I guess we should be going. I was up early and I?m kind of tired.? That was very implausible. In all our Saturday nights, we had never gone home before midnight, well except when we were taking the other guy?s wife home. We all got up and both Pat and I were still sporting hard ons. We studiously ignored the other?s. At door Lois gave Linda a hug and said, ?Thanks for having us. I had a really good time.?

Linda replied, ?Yeah me too. It was nice to be able to win at Pinochle for a change. We?ll have to do this again sometime.? Her grin said more than her words. She knew that Lois had sexually distracted Pat? only I didn?t know if she knew the details.

When we got in the car she asked, ?Did you like the show??

?The show?? I asked innocently.

?I saw you looking at the oven door; it?s like a mirror. I?ll bet you could see under the table and knew exactly what I was doing. Couldn?t you??

Well she had me. ?Well, it wasn?t a very good mirror.?

?Good enough though, huh??

?OK, so I was watching. That was dirty pool. You got Pat so flustered he couldn?t even think.?

?You were a bit flustered too. The evidence in your pants tells me you liked it. I just want you to admit that you liked it. You did, didn?t you??

?OK, so I liked it. So I?m a pervert, we?ve already established that.?

?I know, I just want to make sure that we know just what kind of pervert you are. You?re the kind who likes to see his wife involved in some kind sex play with another man? sex play he?s not directly involved in. That?s the truth isn?t it.?

I was quiet while I drove. She had hit the nail on the head, hadn?t she? But could I admit that? What would it lead to?

?Well, it?s the truth isn?t it??

?OK, yes!? I blurted out. ?It turns me on to see you interact with Pat in a sexual way.?

?Then you won?t mind if I do that kind of thing again, will you??

?No, I guess not,? I admitted sheepishly feeling like a crud.

?Don?t feel to bad. It turns me on to know you?re watching or at least aware of it.?

?What about Linda? Won?t she be upset when she tumbles to what you?re doing??

?I don?t think so. When we were on the phone today, I told her I thought I knew how to give us the edge at cards tonight. She asked me how and I told her I could get Pat thinking about last Saturday instead of cards. I told her what outfit I would be wearing and that I?d be showing a little skin and maybe I?d find other ways to distract him. She said I should go for it and that there was no limit so long as no one got the idea we?d be swapping. And you heard her when we left, she said, ?We?ll have to do this again sometime.??

As soon as we got home, Lois brought out the bag with the dildo in it and led me to the kitchen. She tossed a condom on the table and stuck the dildo to the chair. I knew what was coming and since I was still half hard from her show and thinking about her doing it again, I dropped my pants and put the rubber on. Sitting on an other chair, I watched as she made love to that thing. If I focused on the dildo, I could almost make myself believe it was Pat. She was right, it was about his size. How in hell did he get to be so big? I slowly stroked myself while she sucked on it and played with herself. She didn?t need as much warm up as she had the other morning. Soon she dropped her drawers and mounted that thing. I began to pump in earnest when she did. This time I went off first but I just sat fascinated as she got herself off for a triple climax.

She took the cum filled rubber from me and head toward the sink. ?I?m going to have some iced tea, want some?? she asked as she walked.

?OK,? I said as I pulled my pants back up. I noticed that she poured the ice tea before she actually threw the condom away. She brought the tea back, kissed me lightly, picked up her panties, and carried her ice tea to the bedroom.

It was still too early to go to bed. The only reason she wanted to come home so soon, was she was hot and wanted that damned dildo in her twat. When she came out of the bedroom, she was wearing some flannel pajamas. We watched TV for a while and hit the rack about eleven.

In the morning, if found Lois in the kitchen, wearing a robe she was pouring some coffee and got out a cup for me. ?You?re up early,? I told her.

?Well yeah, I kind of got in the habit of waking up early on Saturdays when I was sleeping with Pat. He was always ready first thing in the morning. I guess I?m just craving that big cock.? There was a message in there that it wasn?t me she wanted. When we were finished with our coffee, she said, ?Let?s have some fun.? She came up with a finished piece of lumber from somewhere. It was kind of like a two by four only it had rounded edges and a real slick finish on it. She stuck the dildo on it and laid it on the couch so that on end was on the arm and the other on a couch cushion. She tossed me a condom and took off her robe. She had changed to some baby-doll pajamas that were really see through.

Dropping to her knees, she began giving head to the board. I fished my tool out of my PJs and put my rubber on. I was hot in anticipation to what she was doing. She played with herself and worked her mouth on the thing as if she thought that if she was good enough she could make it cum. She certainly had me thinking it might. Then I realized that the panties on the baby-dolls were crotchless because she just got up, straddled the then and sat down on it, leaving the panties on. Her position made it easy to think she was actually humping Pat. She worked herself to a frenzy, as I pounded my meat for all I was worth. Oh God, regular sex was never this good. That was strange thought, but it was true. Watching her get off without me and pretending it was with another man had me hotter then if she jumped my bones. The only thing that would have made it better was if it actually was Pat.

I shot my load and nearly passed out. I was roused by her guttural sounds as she came repeatedly. She collapsed against the board for time after the dildo still humming inside her. I thought she had gone asleep, but after a bit, her hips began to move again. Soon she was driving toward another climax. This one didn?t take so long to achieve nor was it as dramatic, but it was evidenced by the smile on her face when she got off it, she had really enjoyed it. Again, she took the used rubber from me and went to the kitchen. I just sat there looking at the thing that had given my wife pleasure and found myself half aroused again. She came back with coffee for us. I thought she?d put that thing away, but she didn?t. She just changed its position on the couch. She placed it so that it was vertical over the cushions with one end on the floor and the other on the back of the couch and that grotesque thing just sticking out about six or eight inches above the edge of the cushion. She sat on the couch next to that thing and flipped on the TV and surfed until she found a movie.

It was weird, it was like she expected to need that thing again today. Now there was a thought that niggled in my mind. I don?t know what was on TV I was too distracted by that thing, standing at the ready. She got us some coffee and cereal a little later, then when we were though cleared away the dishes. I?ve got to admit, I really loved seeing her in those baby-dolls, only I don?t ever remember seeing her in them before.

?I?ve never seen those baby-dolls before.?

?You like them? Pat got them for me. Since I?m not going over there any more, I picked them up when we were there last night.?

The idea that Pat bought some thing so intimate and so slutty for my wife caused a stirring in my groin.

When the movie was over, she flipped to another channel, leaned back, closed her eyes for a bit and then scooted over to the board, laying her had against it. She reached out and wrapped her hand around that shaft and began stroking it. Soon she was on her knees giving head and playing with herself. I was hard in an instant and knew what to do. I opened another condom and put it one. Oh God she was good at giving head to that thing. No wonder she ended up eating Pat?s cum three or four times a day. If she worked me that good she?d be eating cum every time. With a quick move she had the thing on the couch again and was humping it. I was on fire. She got off, I got off and then she took the spent rubber and brought more coffee. The sex toy went back to its upright position. I knew what that meant. She?d be using it again.

And use it she did. Six more times before we went to bed that night. I pounded my meat each time, but I couldn?t produce anything three of those times. She changed into her regular pajamas when we went to bed. I saw her naked and she was swollen down there, obviously well used. In the morning I woke before her. It was just like it had been when we swapped. She was always exhausted the next day and walked a bit gingerly. I was sore too from pounding my meat so much yesterday.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Pat and Linda were due at our house for dinner Saturday so it wasn?t really any surprise to see their car in front of the house when I came home. They were all sitting around the kitchen table laughing and talking. I could hear them as walked up the back steps. They all stopped and looked at me guiltily for a minute when I came in then Lois jumped up came over and gave me a quick kiss.

?Get changed,? she said. ?Dinner?s just about ready.?

Pat was wearing another pair of loose shorts and sports shirt, so I changed into a similar outfit. I thought it was odd, but Lois, was in a skirt and blouse. The skirt was one I had never seen before. It was a short flip skit. Fitted tight from the waist down about six inches or so and then narrow box pleats for another eight or nine inches. She was showing a lot of leg. Her blouse was new too. It was a light blue print and was sheer. Her demi-cup bra, also new, was easily seen though it. It left nothing to the imagination. The bra wasn?t really that substantial either. I could see her nipples thought it and they were threatening to escape. I imagine Pat had a hard on already. I know I did. Linda was more modestly dressed in a light, loose summer shift that went all the way to her knees. I changed into shorts and a T-shirt. I made sure the shorts were loose, so as to hide or at least give room for my erection.

I got back to the table as Lois put the food on it and we all grubbed. There was an effort at small talk, but only Linda and Lois really made that work. Pat was distracted by Lois. She would lean over to him and make comments that required him to look at her, only he never made eye contact always he looked at her boobs. Linda and Lois would pass knowing looks back and forth. I noticed a mirror leaning against the wall as if Lois had meant to hang it somewhere but got distracted and put it down. What made it interesting was its placement. It was positioned strategically so I had a clear view under the table. I watched as Lois played footsie with Pat, even progressing up his leg and under the shorts. From the view provided, there was no doubt that she was successful in reaching him in the most sensitive area. He took a short breath and glanced at Linda, who just smiled at him, then gave a knowing look at Lois who smiled back.

?Enjoying your, ah? dinner?? Lois asked, me.

I looked at her and she looked at the mirror. ?Oh yeah,? I told her truth was, neither Pat nor I was eating too well. Linda had to know something was going on, but what did she really know.

After dinner we retired to the living room Pat and I going in quickly ahead of the girls and sat to hide our hard ons. He was unaware of mine and I wasn?t supposed to know about his. Pat had sat on the couch, so I took the easy chair. The girls joined us with Linda on one side of Pat and Lois on the other. Some small talk ensued and then Lois blurted out, ?I got a new sex toy, what to see it??

?Oh? What did you get?? Linda asked.

Lois left and came back with the bag. I couldn?t believe she was actually going to show them that. But she just pulled it out and handed it to Linda.

?Oh God, it?s lifelike, it even feels life like.? She examined it for a few minutes while Pat looked on with an amused grin. ?So what do you do? Just stick it in and push it in and out?? Linda wanted to know.

?Well sort of, but it?s got a built in vibrator.? She reached over and pushed the hidden button.?

?Cool!? Linda squealed in delight.

?If you want to try it, you can??

?Right now??

?Sure,? Lois told her. ?Really turns Bill on to see me mess with it. Here, I?ll show you.? She took it back and turned off the vibrator. Reaching behind the couch, she produced her board, stuck it on and put in the vertical position. She then knelt down and started giving it head. Pat?s grin turned into a smile I thought would crack his face. Lois stopped and said, ?It feels like the real thing when you?re sucking it. Want to try it??

Linda looked at Pat and he shrugged his shoulders. Grinning, Linda was on her knees and she gave it a good what for. Lois handed me a condom. ?You may need this before the night?s over.? Then she turned to Linda and said, ?Using that board, I can lay it on the couch and hump it just like it was Pat and I?ve got to tell with that vibrator going it really gets me off.?

?I?ll bet,? Linda said. Then looking at me, ?What?s the condom for??

?In case he needs to jerk off,? Lois told her. ?It saves cleaning up the mess.?

?Oh,? Linda said, then looked at Pat. ?Are you going to need a condom??

?I hope not. I hope you?ll do that to me instead,? he chuckled.

?I think I?d like to try humping this thing, maybe you can get Lois to do it for you.?

?I?d love to,? said Lois as she dropped to her knees and opened his shorts. Without even a glance my direction, she pulled him out and started sucking it.

Linda watched, her hand going up under her dress to finger herself. Pat?s eyes rolled back and he was lost. I thought he was going to cum right then and there. I unzipped and put on my condom. Lois was right I needed it.

Linda fingered her self and worked on the dildo as if it could feel what was happening. I didn?t take long to make her hot. Just when I thought she would blast into orbit, Lois said, ?If you?re going to get anything out to that then, Pat and I will have to move.?

Pat roused himself and guided by Lois, stood up, lost his shorts and I saw he wasn?t wearing any underwear. It was as if he planned on giving Lois access to his nether region. Not that I can blame him for hoping after last weekend. He stepped out of the fallen shorts and sat on the edge of the recliner. Lois moved the sex board into position for Linda, who prompt straddled it and impaled herself on it, fumbling for the magic button. I could tell when she found it. A dreamy look over took her face and she leaned forward and started humping.

Mean while Lois crossed to Pat, pushed the recliner back and straddled him and began humping him. I had a gorgeous view of both pussies being stretched to the limit and both of them were drooling natural fluids which cover the testicles, making them shiny. I was building toward a climax fast. I shot my load in waves. I was in voyeur?s heaven. Panting and clutching my spent shaft I watched Pat drop his load first, then Linda came, followed by Lois, all in space of five minutes. For a while, the room seemed to echo with the sounds of sex. Then all was quite for a time, except for a faint humming.

Linda was first to move. She pulled back, disengaging from the sweet torture device and switched it off. She flopped on the couch in a very unladylike position. Curiously enough, she wasn?t wearing any panties. It was then, I noticed that Lois wasn?t either. None of them had put underwear on that day. Things were getting curiouser and curiouser. Lois then climbed off Pat, whose member stayed at attention. She slid down to the floor and sat cross-legged showing her wares to anyone who wanted to look. She was swollen just a bit, a bit more then I?d have thought from just one sexual encounter. Had she used the sex board before Pat and Linda showed up? Possible I suppose.

Pat roused himself again and went to sit next to Linda and kissed her passionately. ?Looks like you?ve found a new sex partner. Am I in danger of loosing you to a vibrating dildo??

She smiled weakly, ?No, I don?t think so. It?s good, but just a little impersonal. I?m with Lois, I?d rather have you, but if you?re unavailable, or otherwise occupied,? she look at Lois, who smiled, ?It?s better then some I?ve had.? She didn?t need to indicate who she was talking about. But I didn?t care. I?d just been treated to the greatest sex show ever and best of all, it was live and didn?t cost me anything.

Lois stood up and took her blouse and bra off, dropping her skirt and said, ?This is going to one great night.?

Linda stood and pulled her dress off over her head, reveling she was braless and said, ?I agree.?

Pat took off his shirt and said, ?I?ve vote for that.? He then stood and took both women in his arms, kissing one naked babe and then the other. He followed that by spending time sucking one of four boobs one after the other. After a bit the girls sat on the couch. He knelt first in front of Linda, pulling her hips to him, he began pumping her and she responded by laying back and locking her heals behind him. Lois leaned over, kissed him and offered her tits to him. After a bit, he nudged her away, leaned into Linda and putting his hands behind her shoulders, he started pushing her toward climax. Lois reached in behind him and fondled his balls gently.

No sooner had Linda wound down from an earth shaking climax then Pat was pumping away at Lois while her feet prevented any accidental escape. This time it was Linda who provided the extra encouragement and massage to keep him up and performing for Lois. She too went over the edge with much excitement. Linda scooted over for Pat to have room to sit between them and the two of them began to kiss him all over. It was Lois that first slid down the floor and began to suck him. I started to pump another load into the condom. Linda joined her and took over duties on that massive tool while Lois rested a bit.

Lois looked at me and said, ?You?d better change that out after this time around. That reservoir tip will only hold so much.?

Soon, she was back at that tool, taking it as deeply as she could in her mouth. I beat Pat to the climax by about a minute. When he shot off into Lois? mouth, I was carefully removing the overly full condom. Lois pulled back and Linda did the clean up. Lois came over to me, held out her hand. I knew she wanted the condom so she could throw it away. I was glad to give it to her. That meant I could watch Linda clean him up and not miss anything.

Lois came back from the kitchen, carrying some orange juice. ?Your mouth must be getting dry. You?ve been panting for over an hour.? She was right. I was a bit cotton mouthed. I took the OJ and drank it hungrily.?

That was just the beginning. Lois had them spend the night. I watched twice more that night and eight more before they went home the next day. I thought it was odd, that when the dressed to go home they both put on underwear, Linda even put on a bra. She couldn?t have borrowed it from Lois they were different sizes. I didn?t say anything because while I was wondering about it, Lois hugged Linda and said, ?Thanks guys, this has been a great weekend.?

Linda replied, ?We had fun to. You guys at our house, next weekend, and bring that toy. It?s a great way to warm up.?

Well, I guess you can tell where my thoughts went from there.

That was the regular fair each weekend for, I don?t know, let?s see, ohmagosh, it?s been a year since this all started. Fifty-two glorious weekends of raw sex. Of course, neither Lois, nor I have even been able to think of anything sexual during the week. With all the activity on Saturday night and all day Sunday we?re just too sore or worn out to do anything anyway. But you know I?ve had more climaxes each weekend then I had with conventional sex in two months. So the fact I haven?t gotten any tail first hand in all that time is fine with me.

Lois must have realized it was a one-year anniversary, because she told me she had some exciting news for us and could hardly wait for Saturday to tell us all. But wait she did. I was sure she had figured some way to make this sex thing even better. But things seemed pretty normal for the first couple of hours, or what was passing as normal these days. During the break after I had changed condoms and was enjoying my customary OJ, Lois was sitting on the floor her head on Pat?s naked lap while Linda cuddled up with him.

?I went to the doctor Tuesday,? Lois announced.

?Is everything OK,? Linda asked, a bit concerned. I was concerned too. I didn?t know she had been to the doctor.

?Everything is great. I?m six weeks pregnant.?

?Oh congratulations,? Linda squealed.

Pat responded by leaning down and kissing her passionately. ?You must be very happy,? he said.

?Oh I am. I?ve been trying for six months and now it?s happened.

I was in shock. ?But! I? we? I mean, we haven?t for? ah, ah, for?? I stammered.

?No we haven?t not for a year.?

?But the baby, it?s? it?s not??

?Of course it?s not yours. You have to actually have sex with a woman to make her pregnant, not just be in the same room and spew your cum into a condom.?

?But you said you?ve been trying? you wanted to get pregnant??

?Oh sure, I?ve want to have Pat?s baby ever since the first time he was inside me. Way back in that upstairs duplex they used to live in. You remember, you watched then too.?

?You knew about that??

?Of course, you only had your head co


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