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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


since we got started
when i last wrote in about how we got started with our cuckold lifestyle in 2001 my hot little redhead was just fucking guys and telling me the details. since then i've got to enjoy seing her pounded and fucked good by some pretty huge cocks. in fact she just left about 15 minutes ago to meet a man she's fucked on numorous occasions. they're going to have a few drinks then come home and put on a show for me. she's been having me fuck her in the ass lately so she'll be able to take his huge cock in her ass tonight.
anyway...if you read my last story, since that late night in 2001 when she came to my place to tell me how good and hard she got fucked in the back of her car a lot has happened. first of all i had to marry her. i could'nt let the best sexual partner i've ever had get away.
so, soon after that night she moved in with me and we really got the ball rolling. the first time i got to see her get fucked we went out to the local bar. i moved to the other side of the bar to watch her in action. soon a good looking younger guy came over and bought her a drink. they must have talked for a half hour and i could see that this guy really made her hot. she leaned over and whispered something in his ear and pointed over at me. i can only guess what she told him but i could see him pondering the pros and cons of letting a girls boyfreind watch him fuck her. he quickly ordered another drink and came over to talk to me to see if it was really true. i assured him it was and that i was'nt a fag and only wanted her to get fucked and that i might have her suck me off while he fucked her if the siuation arose. (so to speak.)
i followed him back over to where my girl was sitting and told her i was going home and would be waiting on them when they were ready to come home. this way he'd be able to work it out better in his mind the great opportunity he would be getting being able to fuck her. i figured they might also be able to go at each other in his car on the way home...(which did happen. she said they kissed a lot and she sucked his cock for about 10 minutes or so.)
when i got home it was all i could do not to jack off at the thought of getting to watch my baby get fucked good and proper. but i did'nt. i wanted to blow my load all over her face after the deed was done and he went home.
after cleaning up the place a bit and waiting for them to get there after what seemed like an eternity i heard them come in. her hair was a bit mussed up and her makeup looked a little smudged. i could tell that she probably gave him a sample in his car and that she was probably dripping wet in her panties. he had a hard time making eye contact with me but asked how this was supposed to work. they were both a little nervous as neither had had a third party watch them fuck before. i told them to start however they wanted but to eventually make it to the bedroom. (what neither of them knew at the time was that i had the camcorder hidden and running in the bedroom.)
she looked at me with that devilish little grin i've grown to love, winked at me and went down on her knees in the middle of the livingroom, pulled out his swolen cock and sucked it with a frenzy. the sucking and slobbering sounds were enough to get me to want to pull my own cock out right then and start stroking it. he said "girl i want to eat your pussy!" so she stopped sucking him off and walked toward the bedroom. he pulled his pants up from around his ankles and followed. i was'nt far behind. as i entered the bedroom they were facing each other on the bed. i went over to the chair at the foot of the bed with the lights slighly dimmed and watched him slowly pull off her top. he got his pants back off again and shirt as she undid her bra and her gorgeous tits made their appearance. he was naked as she layed on the pillow. she undid her button and zipper on her jeans and told him to pull them off. i could see her beautiful redhaired pussy right before he started licking and sucking it. after about 10 seconds i could hear her sweet little moan. the one that only i knew meant she was cumming. soon after she placed his head at the foot of the bed and climbed on his face and practically swallowed his cock. later she told me she did it like that so i could see her getting her cunt ate. she came again and this time she said "oh god i'm cumming again." they switched positions again and as they did she silently mouthed the words "i love you" to me. i did the same back to her. this was all happening so fast i remember thinking i was glad all this was being taped.
so with her head back on the pillow (so i could get a good view) i watched as he mounted her. this was the first time i got a clear lok at his cock. it was huge. just what i wanted for her. she pulled her knees up to her chest and i watched him place the head of his massive cock up against her cunt. i could tell it was a tight fit as he did'nt slide right in and she was giving him a look as if to say to be gentle at first. but after he got the head in he thrust deep inside her. she gasped for air and gave out a moan i'd never heard before of both pleasure and pain. i immediately pulled out my own cock and started to stroke it slowly. instead of pounding her right away he grinded against her clit with his full length deep inside her. her nails were dug into the backs of his biceps and she was staring into his eyes grinding herself against him in perfect rythym with him. soon i heard her sweet little moan again meaning she was cumming again and watched as her grip on his arms loosned. she said "fuck me good" and instantly he started thrusting slowly in and out of her. i could see his huge balls hitting against her asshole as she was cupping his ass to let him know how hard to fuck her. the rythym soon got faster and faster and i could hear their bodies slapping together. she had a deep moan like i'd never heard before and had her head to the side staring at me. after 10 minutes or so of him pounding her cunt i motioned for her to switch positions. she was really enjoying this huge cock so she waited a few minutes before doing so. i remember feeling the rush of being a little jealous along with the taste of adrenaline in my mouth. i love that feeling.
she told him to get behind her. as he pulled out i could see that her precious cunt was really stretched good to accomidate his wide girth and their juices running down on to her asshole.
as they were moving he asked me if everything was alright. i assured him it was. she moved into the doggie style position and motioned for me to bring my cock up to her face. with me on my knees in front of her i watched him slide himself back into her eager cunt. as he did she let out another deep moan...this time with me in her mouth. within about 10 seconds i told her i was going to cum. she said "mmm hmmm" which told me it was okay to blow my load in her mouth. the feeling of her mouth being driven over my cock by this guy pounding her cunt from behind was what drove me over the edge. she choked and gagged a bit as i came but swallowed every drop. that was the first time she ever did that. usually she either jacked me off as i came or let me go in her mouth then spit my cum in a towel. he had a grip on her waist and was punishing her good from behind the whole time without stopping. seeing the red marks on her ass from his fingers was starting to make me hard again as she was still trying to get the last drop out of me. i motioned for him to slap her ass. after i pulled out of her mouth and my cock was dangling in front of her face he started to lightly slap her bottom. her moans got deeper and deeper and she came again. the handprints on her ass were a shade of pink and red i'll never forget.
after she came he slowed a bit which told me he was about to come so i wispered in her ear would she like me to leave the room for a few minutes. she looked at me as if i read her mind and said yes. she motioned for him to stop for a second and i walked out of the bedroom and sat in the hall. after all this was all on film anyway. i think it was just as good of a turn on to listen to her getting fucked. it gave them a chance to do some things they might have not done were i in the room.
i could hear them talking softly and hear positions being changed. i knew she was'nt ready to let this guy come and wanted fucked some more. soon i could hear her sucking his cock and moaning and gagging like she was trying to swallow it. later after i told her i was taping the deed and when we were watching it together i learned that when she was blowing him he had put his finger in her asshole.
they changed positions again with her riding his cock. he said he needed to cum so they switched back to missionary and she told him to fuck her good and hard until he had to cum. he asked if she wanted him to cum on her belly she said "no, i want to feel you inside me." that's all it took to get me hard again and a little jealous. but the thought of fucking her stretched out little cunt full of this guys load after he left was so appealing to me that it was'nt an issue. i could hear their rythym get faster and faster and the smacking of his balls and body against hers louder and louder. it sounded like it was actually hurting her...then he came deep in her and i heard them both moan with relief and relax. i gave them a few more minutes alone then came back into the room. i could instantly smell their lovemaking. she mouthed silently again that she loved me and i did the same. she got up into the doggie style position and started sucking his limp cock. i got behind her and could see what seemed like a quart of his load dripping out of her stretched and swollen cunt. as i entered her it was the best feeling i ever had to feel her all stretched out and to be fucking her with his load all over my cock. i soon came in her and we all just layed there silent for a few minutes. he got up, lightly kissed her forehead and thanked us for a memorable evening. since then he's been one of our best friends and has fucked my wife good and proper many many times since that night. sometimes she'll go alone to his place and fuck. sometimes she will lead him to believe i'm not home and i'll watch them fuck from our closet. but most times we do it as a group.
that was our first experience with her letting me watch her fuck, but we've had many "special" friends since. hope you enjoyed the story as much as i did remembering it and writing it.


cuckold wife


Poster: chris2fur14