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My Wife Carla
My wife Carla looks like any ordinary, suburban woman. She's 28, just over 5 feet tall and 105 pounds, wavey light brown hair about shoulder length, full lips and big dark eyes. She has what I would consider an above average sex drive but usually within the boundaries that most women set or have established for them by society. We live in a small, relatively conservative community, but that doesn't usually stop Carla from dressing attractively, sometimes in a very revealing fashion. Just a few weeks ago, I was walking home from a corner store and there was Carla watering some plants in our front yard while in a short black and white casual dress. She bent over several times revealing her white panties to any passersby who happened to look her way from the street. Sometimes I mention seeing her flashing the world just to find out if she's even aware of what she's doing. Most of the time, however, I get my own little personal thrill by it and keep quiet.

I guess as the years have passed, I have also seen enough men notice Carla. It usually makes me feel good to know that so many men find her attractive. But I also know that most men would jump on any halfway decent looking woman in a second if allowed, so it was no wonder that many heads turned when Carla walked by with her tanned, athletic body. Anyway, with each and every gawking came a feeling of wanting to see how far Carla would take it. Wherever we were in public, I'd let her know -- not that she usually needed me to tell her -- who was watching and when. We purposely set out on some days to tease the hell out of some guy or guys. She'd dress in something that prominently displayed her best assets -- a tight, small butt and firm medium breasts. It was quite a thrill for me and an enormous ego boost for her. She'd get pretty daring at times. One of our favorite tricks is to go shopping for shoes. She'd wear the shortest of skirts and usually light-colored panties that were often wet with anticipation by the time she sat down for a fitting. The last time we went, she didn't wear any underwear. When the salesman went to slip on her shoe, she extended and lifted her leg so that her cleanly-shaven pussy was in the direct line of sight of this young guy who nearly missed her foot when he went to put the shoe on her. It was both funny and exciting to see his expression. Carla just gave him a sexy smile while I pretended to be looking at some merchandise across the room.

It was that last incident that got me thinking about what it would be like to see Carla actually seduce and have sex with another man. But I also knew that that was crossing a very dangerous line and that if our marriage were to survive, it would have to be handled in a very delicate manner. I wasn't even sure I should mention it to Carla directly. So for months, I dropped hints to her of my fantasy hoping that she would pick up on it and just arrange it some how. Then one day, she called me at work and asked me to come home an hour early because she had a surprise for me. She said she was nervous about it and hoped it was what I wanted. She said to be very quite and to come through the back door of our house and to slowly walk towards the livingroom without saying anything. I followed her instructions in hopes the surprise was what I had hinted for. It was.

There on the couch was a guy we both knew and liked, Mike, from a business we deal with often. Mike is about 30 years old, and very well-spoken and well-dressed. He's educated, physically fit and has always had a little twinkle in his eye for my wife. Carla was parading around the living room preparing some finger food and mixed drinks. She was dressed very casually, however, in jeans and a T-shirt and seemed to be pretending that this was a half-social, half-business meeting. When she finally saw me staring from behind a doorway, she winked at me as to say "Is this OK?" I winked back that it was. I later learned that she didn't want to dress too suggestively just in case I nixed the whole thing. Their conversation was a little tedious as I was anxious for Carla to change the tone and make a move. But after about a half an hour, Carla inched her way closer to Mike on the sofa and the conversation got more personal. At one point, Mike joked about something and momentarily placed his hand on Carla's thigh as people will do at times. When he went to remove it, Carla grabbed his wrist and placed it back on her upper leg and said something about people should touch each other more often. This was it -- the beginning -- and all of a sudden my heart jumped. Less than a minute later they embraced and began kissing. Mike reached under the back of her white shirt, exposing her back to me. He stopped for a second to say he was concerned about me showing up, but Carla reassured him it was OK and reached into his crotch, through his pants then climed onto his lap while still kissing. It was happening so fast. My blood raced and thoughts of interrupting came to mind more than once. Mike now slipped his hands down the back of her jeans. Then he broke from the kiss and unbottoned her pants while Carla removed her T-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and Mike began immediately nibbling on her tits. A few minutes later, she dropped to the floor and pulled off Mike's pants and underwear to expose a massive cock that I am sure she wasn't expecting. There was Carla, bare-chested, with her jeans dangling around her ankles and panties pulled up her crack by Mike who tugged on the material as she swallowed him whole. All of this occurring within a few minutes of Mike touching her thigh and it was astonishing to watch Carla perform.

Mike laid back, continuing to tug on Carla's panties as she rocked back and forth with his cock plunging into her mouth. The panties looked like a thong now. My wife then began reaching back and frantically played with her swollen pussy. She occassionally gagged on Mike's cock but worked it hard. She really looked like she was enjoying the challenge and exhibition of it all.

Eventually she stood up and removed her panties. Mike guided her back down to get on all fours on the floor so that he could begin eating her pussy from behind. She was facing me and I could see her every expression as this man worked his mouth into her from the rear. She kept throwing her head back, and sometimes gritted her teeth. A few times we made direct eye contact, but I had to be careful not to be spotted by Mike. Carla dropped to her elbows and perched her ass up high. Mike was still rock hard and asked if she was ready. Carla yelled ,"Go ahead give it to me, just give it to me hard and fast." Mike positioned his cock to enter my wife from the same rear position which was great since I could see that initial expression of pleasure on Carla's face. As he worked his way in, Carla gasped and pounded the floor with her fist. Mike got hold of her hips and pulled her farther onto him. When he plunged all the way into her, Carla let out a scream, then began getting into the rhythm of the act. They screwed in that position for a few minutes, then Mike leaned back and Carla kind of went back with him as she now almost sat straight up on him, still facing me. His hands were all over her tits and I could see how erect her nipples were as he pinched them. I could also see his cock sliding in and out of her from this position as she rubbed her clit. She continued to moan, perhaps more than she has with me, and rode him for a few more minutes. Carla asked if she could finish him orally. She spun around and kind of moved him a little so that I could see them in profile during the finale. It didn't take much for him to come and when he did, Carla evidently didn't pull him out of her mouth fast enough and ended up taking a portion of his load in her mouth and the other portion on the side of her face and neck which I could see easily. I could tell it was plentiful because Carla strained to keep the come from overflowing from her mouth onto the floor. I was further surprised to see her swallow. Although she claims to love the taste of a me, I thought that was a fairly intimate, if not whorishly dangerous, thing to do. But she gobbled it up.

Afterwards, Mike left and I was able to come out of hiding. I had this need to physically and emotionally inspect Carla. She had put her panties and shirt back on. But I was so horny that I almost immediately removed them while asking her questions about how it was. At first she was reluctant, but there was no denying that she really liked it. She said she got off on the performance aspect as much as the physical pleasure. I saw her pussy still damp and raw and traces of cum in her hair. As I fingered her, I could tell that she had just had something massive inserted into her. I fucked her on the couch to see how she'd feel on my cock then finished, like Mike, by coming in her mouth as I rammed my dick down her throat while she threw her head back over the arm of the sofa. She swallowed all of my cum and sucked out the last drops.

I had mixed emotions the rest of the night. Carla showered away most of the external evidence. As the weeks passed, however, the urge struck a few more times. Carla seduced Mike again. But then she decided to expand on her fantasies and went after a variety of other men, including our 18-year-old lawn boy and a wealthy, but older executive. In all, over the space of a couple months, Carla fucked, sucked or seriously fondled eight near-strangers. Each time, except twice, I secretly watched and once I participated. The teen-ager she did fairly spontaneously while he was working one day. I got a call at my office, but couldn't get home. I gave her permission to go for it if she promised to tell me of all the details. That time with the lawn guy, even though I didn't see a thing, was perhaps the hottest as most of the what happened was left to her vivid description and my imagination. The way she told it was that this guy Tim was putting down some lime on our lawn while she worked in the garden. It was hot as hell that day. She was noticing his young firm body. And he apparently had his eyes glued on Carla who was wearing black running shorts and a bikini top. The kid was kind of nervous and awkward in his behavior. Carla invited him in for a lemonade. Tim was trying to act all macho and bragged about all his girlfriends, but Carla sensed a lot of insecurity. Under her shorts she had on her bikini bottom. Right in mid-conversation Carla removed her shorts and asked Tim if he wanted to jump in the shower with her to cool off before returning outside. Tim said he didn't have a bathing suit or shorts; just his jeans. "So, take 'em off... come on," said said as she grabbed him by his bicep. When they got to the shower, Tim was still a little reluctant. "OK, to make it fair, here, I'll remove mine." Tim's eyes nearly popped out of his head, she said, as he stood there looking at Carla, first bottomless, then topless. He soon followed. Once naked in the shower, Carla's hands were all over Tim. She said she dropped to her knees and sucked him hard and long. At first he wasn't getting hard, but she kept working his cock and eventually got him erect by sticking a finger up his ass. Once hard, he became much more aggressive and began fucking her from behind while standing under the water. When I got home, I found Carla laid out on a lounge chair sunning in the backyard with a look of contentment on her face.

We have backed off a little lately and have gone back to just some out-of-town teasing and flashing. We were afraid word was spreading and might have ill-effects on us in the community we live and where she is a teacher. Most of the men Carla fucked have been content with the one or two lays they got, but Mike is constantly looking for more of my wife's sweet pussy and that is becoming a small problem. Carla has also agreed to let me fuck another woman, as long as she could watch. That hasn't happened yet and will be more difficult to arrange I suspect, but I think will help balance things out a little.


cuckold wife


Poster: The Happy Husband