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Working Overtime
Mia was at work, the day had dragged and she was bored sat their watching the clock tick slowly towards the end of the day.

She was 5ft 6”, beautiful bright blue eyes and long platinum blonde hair which was dead straight. She had one of her favourite work outfits on, a tight fitting cream blouse which hugged tightly against her 32D breasts, a short light grey skirt and black stockings and heels.

It had been her first week back at work after a two week break for her honeymoon and the return to reality after a whirlwind few weeks was already making her feel down. She was also worried at the fact her husband John had said on their return how broke they now were after all the recent expenses.

As it got to the end of the day and she began to log off her computer her boss Issac came out of his office and over towards her. ‘I need you to stay a bit later tonight Mia’ he said, ‘there’s a few things I need to discuss with you’. As he turned walking back to his office she cursed at him under her breath. Since he had started a few months ago she felt that he constantly had it out for her giving her all the worst jobs and never being happy with the work she produced.

She watched as everyone else left for the evening and then Issac came out from his office again and asked her to come in. She stood up from her desk walking into his office closing the door behind her. ‘Sit down Mia’ he said as he stood by the window behind his desk. She sat down looking at him stood there dressed in a black shirt and suit. She had never noticed before but thought to herself how handsome he was and how his black outfit complimented his dark skin.

‘I know you’ve just got back from the honeymoon’ he began ‘but there’s never a good time to have a conversation such as this. Since I started I’ve not been impressed with your work ethic or the work you have produced’. His face looked stern and her stomach instantly sank. I knew he had it in for me she thought to herself. ‘So I’m sorry Mia’ he continued ‘but I’m going to have to let you go. I can’t have slackers in my team’. She was shocked and hadn’t seen it coming plus her husbands words about their struggles with money went over and over in her head. Composing herself for a moment she responded ‘oh please please don’t fire me. I really need this job. I’ve been distracted with the wedding and I promise I’ll do better going forward’. She was desperate and the desperation came across as she pleaded with him. ‘No I’m sorry Mia’ he said stood arms crossed, ‘you can work your notice period but then your gone. That’s it I’m afraid you can leave now’. Trying not to burst into tears with worry she stood up and headed towards the door. I’ve got to do something, anything she thought, then turned to him. ‘Please Issac, after the wedding and honeymoon we are broke’ she began, ‘I’ll do anything to prove myself to you, anything’.

He looked at her knowing how desperate she was. Then he looked her up and down knowing in his mind how he could exploit the situation. He sat down in his chair a big grin on his face then responded, ‘I’ll tell you what. I’m prepared to consider giving you one last chance’. ‘Anything anything’ she said. ‘I want you to prove to me how much you want to keep your job’ he said. She looked at him puzzled ‘prove to you? How do I prove it to you? I promise I’ll work so hard and you’ll she the improvement’ she almost begged. ‘I’m sure you will Mia, but i want you to prove it to me right now’ he said staring at her. ‘How?’ She questioned. He paused before responding then said to her ‘well let’s begin by you removing your blouse’.

She looked at him horrified at his request. ‘No!’ She replied that’s inappropriate plus im a married woman’. ‘How much do you want this job’ he said rising his voice. ‘You want this job then take off your top’. Her heart pounded in her chest and she consisted walking out but knew she had to keep this job. ‘Ok, ok’ she said as she un tucked her blouse from her skirt then slowly undid the buttons before slipping it off, leaving her standing there in her black push up bra. His eyes were focused on her breasts then he raised his eyebrows ‘and the bra’ he said. ‘What no!’ She replied angrily. ‘Then get out my office, your fired’ he barked back.

She looked at him knowing he was serious, then reached behind her back and un clipped her bra. A hand on each strap she pulled them off her arms and the bra away from her chest, leaving her stood there topless. ‘Very nice Mia, you have a great pair of tits’ he said. Then reached down towards his trousers unzipping them. Mia was surprised and shocked at what he was doing and continued to watch as he pulled out his long thick erect cock. ‘What the hell are you doing’ she said angry but also intrigued at the size off his big cock.

His hand going up and down the length of his cock he stared at her responding ‘I thought you would do anything to keep your job? I’d that’s the case then bring those big white tits here and suck on my cock’. ‘What? No way I’m married remember’ she said in disbelief. ‘Last chance Mia’ he said, ‘want this job or not?’ She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her mind telling her to leave but something was stopping her. A curiosity. John will never know she told herself as she walked round his desk and knelt in front of him between his legs. ‘Good girl’ he told her ‘I knew you really wanted this job’ he said.

She reached out taking his cock in her hand, I’ve never seen one this big she thought to herself, it’s at least twice as big as Johns! She ran her hand up and down it before shuffling closer towards it and then eagerly took it in her mouth gobbling down as much as she could. As her head bobbed up and down in his lap he placed his hand on the back of her head guiding her. As her head went down he used his hand to push her a little further making her gag. Then he took handfuls of her hair in each hand guiding her up and down.

He pulled her head up off his cock looking at her, ‘take off your knickers and bend over my desk’ he told her. She was past the point of questioning and so did as he had asked. Standing and slipping her knickers down from under her skirt to her ankles before she bent over the desk. He wasted no time, standing behind her and grabbing hold of her hips firmly. His cock sopping wet with her saliva he pushed it forward penetrating her, she cried out as he did and then felt as he pushed every inch deep inside of her.

He pulled back slowly before thrusting back in hard, his hands holding her tightly against the desk. With each thrust forward his balls slapped hard against her clitirous making her moan over and over as he did. The sensation of him inside her and stimulating her clitirous simultaneously like she had never felt before. Her entire body began to tingle and shake as she felt an orgasm building deep inside of her. Harder and faster he went non stop and then suddenly she was unable to control herself as her body took over tensing and tingling all over. Her legs shook and she gripped the desk hard as wave after wave of orgasm ran through her entire body making her cry and scream out.

He slowed but didn’t stop, his cock filling her with each deep thrust. Her face and bare breasts rubbing against the desk from his motion back and forth. His pace began to quicken and slamming into her with more intensity than before, his hands began to grip her waist tighter and tighter and he began to moan louder with each thrust. At the same time she began to feel it building inside her again, knowing she was about to orgasm but suddenly having the realisation so was he and she wasn’t on any contraception. ‘You can’t cum inside me’ she began to gasp out between trying not to moan herself from the growing sensation. But he didn’t stop and again she was overcome by wave after wave of orgasm through her body making her groan out again over and over. Then as she did she heard his moans quicken before she felt it. Warmth at first then could feel as he pumped load after load of his thick hot spread deeper and deeper inside her but she didn’t care anymore as the multiple orgasms she was experiencing left her only able to try and catch her breath and her entire body feeling warm and satisfied.

He slowed his motion eventually to a haunt and she could feel his cock inside her throbbing as his breathing slowed. He moaned gently as he pulled himself back and out of her making her gasp and breathe a sigh of relief. His creamy cock dripping as he then walked round to the other side of the desk in front of her. She looked up as he stood there looking down at her. ‘Clean me up now’ he said pushing his cock towards her mouth. She opened her mouth and he pushed his hips forward and his cock straight into her mouth. She sucked it cleaning it and tasting both of their cum which covered him. He stood back from her and reached down pulling his trousers back up as she slowly pushed herself up off the desk her body weak and hair disheveled searching for her bra and blouse. As she dressed herself he went back to his chair sitting down before saying, ‘I’ll see you Monday’. She turned walking out of his office closing the door behind her and slumped up against the wall her breath almost returning to normal, her make up smudged and her knickers wet with his cum as she hoped that should wouldn’t fall pregnant.


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Poster: Gannicus