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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Yard Work includes extras at no extra Charge
My wife and I are mature. I am 68 and she is 66 but she still has beautiful shoulder length brown hair with a small, sexy grey streak in it and big beautiful tits with large areolas and nice sized sexy nipples that still protrude proudly.

She has a nice hairy pussy of dark brown hair that I love to eat and fuck. She is the most beautiful, sexy woman I have ever met and I love her dearly.

I have been unable to get an erection any more and medication has not helped so I try to satisfy her digitally and orally but it's not the same. I feel badly that I can't perform for her and she really doesn't care much for vibrators or dildos so, mostly, we do without.

We have a back yard with a 6 foot block fence so our yard is private. We also have a patio door that goes out to the pool so swimming is very convenient.

My wife and I leave the curtains on the patio door open most of the time, even when changing clothes or I am eating here sweet pussy to orgasm since no one can easily see over the fence.

Personally I wouldn't care if the male neighbors could look over the fence and get an eye full of my wife as she changed clothes or watched as I eat her hairy pussy.

We have a young man, working his way through college, who does our yard work and I have seen him admiring my wife when he doesn't think we see him. I have seen him sporting a nice erection that makes a noticeable and, somewhat impressive bulge in his shorts when he watches my wife, Teresa.

I have also noticed that my wife watches him when he is working in the yard frequently, especially out by the pool.

Once when I saw her standing and watching our shirtless yard man as he worked I said, "See something you like out there?" Teresa blushed and said no but it was clear that she liked watching the fit six-foot tall young man, especially on warmer days when he would take off his shirt and just be in shorts, glistening with perspiration as he worked.

Teresa gets ready for her day, applying her make up standing nude in front of the mirror in our bedroom every morning before putting on her clothes and this gave me an idea.

I talked to our yard guy and told him we had some conflicting plans and asked if he could come earlier the next week. I asked if he could come in the morning (when I knew Teresa would be putting on her makeup and then getting dressed) and he said it wouldn't be a problem and put a reminder in his phone.

The next week I told my wife I was meeting some friends I used to work with for coffee and breakfast and she told me to have fun. I left in my car and parked a block away then walked back to where I could see when Donald arrived to do the yard work.

When he arrived and went into the back yard to work I watched from the side of our house as he worked and eventually made his way over to the pool area, working over there.

After a bit I saw Donald do a double-take as he apparently saw Teresa naked and applying her make up in front of the mirror but she couldn't see him from the angle he was at. Donald stood there watching Teresa and appeared to me that he was either rubbing his cock or slowly masturbating while he watched her.

After a few minutes Donald looked like he was looking for something to do as he quickly made a motion as if he was zipping his shorts and turned to walk away from where he could see Teresa. I moved back a bit so Donald wouldn't see me.

I heard the patio door open and Teresa called Donald over. He slowly walked over and began apologizing profusely. Theresa told him it was okay and even normal under the circumstances. I could see that Theresa was now wrapped in a towel.

She asked him why he was there so early and he told her that last week I had told him I was going to meet friends for breakfast so I wondered if he could come do the yard early so Teresa and I could use the pool when I got back.

Teresa invited Donald in to cool off and he went in with her. I was excited to see what would happen so I slowly walked over and silently went through the pool gate. I walked up to where I could see the mirror but the angle was wrong and I couldn't see them so I kept moving slowly until I could see them kissing and Donald was feeling Teresa's tits.

Theresa was feeling Donald's ass then unzipped his shorts and pulled his erect 7 inch cock out. Teresa guided him to the bed and they both got into the bed and Theresa started sucking him. He grabbed her head and began fucking Teresa's mouth. As Theresa sucked him Donald began feverishly caressing her tits.

This continued for a bit then they both undressed and they kissed and fondled each other then he started eating Teresa's beautiful hairy pussy. Theresa said something and Donald moved into a 69 position and started eating Teresa's sopping pussy and she began sucking his cock with intensity. I pulled out my cock and started jacking off and shot a huge load in about 30 seconds!

As I watched Donald then turned around and shoved his cock to the hilt in Teresa's drenched pussy. He pumped in and out of her relentlessly and she met his every thrust just as relentlessly making her full tits bounce like crazy! I was mesmerized by watching this young stud fuck my wife like a man possessed and Teresa fuck him back with even greater passion as she screamed, "Oh yeeessss! Fuck me harder! Give it to me, fuck me with your big, hard dick! Please, please, keep fucking me! I want to feel you cum in me! I want to feel your big dick pulsing spurt after spurt of cum until I overflow. FUUUUUUUCCCKKKKK MEEEEEE! PLEASSSSE. SHOOT IN ME!"

Donald tensed a slammed even harder into Teresa's hairy pussy and I came, shooting a huge load as I watched his cum overflow her pussy and run down her ass and soak the sheets. I was astounded when Donald moved her into the doggy position and slammed his still hard cock into her cum-slick cunt, her brunette pubic hair drenched in his thick cum! What a show!

They continued enjoying their passion-fueled lust at full speed with violently deep, penetrating thrusts, telling one another how good the other felt. They stayed in this position and fucked at this violent pace making loud slapping sounds every time they pushed to the hilt. They encouraged one another on to greater heights of excitement and unbridled ecstasy with a deep passion until they shared one final orgasm. What a show!

I backed away and left. I got back in my car where I had parked it and drove away to a coffee shop to give them time to finish their visit then went home.Teresa was washing dishes and asked if I enjoyed breakfast. I told her I had. Teresa told me she had as well and to be sure to clean up where I had cum outside the patio door. She told me she saw me jacking off while watching her and Donald and it made it even hotter for her.

Theresa said that perhaps we should see if Donald wanted to do the earlier time regularly. She said she didn't think Donald knew I was watching so perhaps it could be a regular "weekly breakfast date!" I said I would like that and Teresa said to see if Donald was agreeable and perhaps we should give him a raise. I said, "Why give him a raise when you gave him a rise?" I can't believe she called me an asshole (jokingly)! I can't wait for next Saturday breakfast.


cuckold wife


Poster: Lonewolf