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Fishing Trip
During a conversation over dinner the boyfriend of my wife's mom was telling me that he had a huge lake with big fish in it and if I enjoyed fishing let's get together and go. James was kind of an ass so was not really interested but her mom kept after her to get me to go with him.

Long story short we went and got caught out on the lake in a hell of a storm and finally made it back to an old one room block building he had on the property. He said he had to get out of his wet clothes and started undressing and I just followed suit. Once undressed I could not help but notice he had a dam horse dick. Hung halfway to his knees soft.

We let the clothes half dry then got dressed and headed home where he dropped me off. I got cleaned up and sat down to eat with wife and was telling her about us getting soaked and not even sure why, but I just said James is hung like a dam horse. She kind of choked on her drink and said what did you say, and I told her again. She responded no way.

The next few times we went over there I could tell she was checking him out as she kind of was making it obvious. On the way home she brought up that she was looking, and he did not look very big at all. Not really what I wanted to talk about but that is all she wanted to talk about. James was an electrician by trade and we happened to have trouble with a light fixture and she asked would he look at it.

He told her he would be over after he ate, and she changed into tank top with no bra and some jean shorts that just had a strip of denim between her legs. I asked what the hell and she was honest and said she wanted him to get hard so she could tell. As soon as he walked in he took notice of how she was dressed but got up on the ladder to work on the light.

She sat down right in his line of sight on the couch and the strip of denim literally disappeared in her lips. While he was working on it, she caught my attention and just mouthed oh dam. She got up to get him something to drink and motioned for me to come to the kitchen. Once in there she said he is huge and I don't think he is even fully hard. I said well hell you are twenty-five years younger than he is and you are showing him your pussy so of course he is hard.

She was not shy about it at all and just said I want to see it. I told her and how was she going to go about doing that. She told me when we went back in for me to say I had to go to the store, and she would figure it out. I did as she asked and told him I would get some cash while I was out, but he said no need. Stayed gone about thirty minutes and when I pulled in, he was putting his ladder up and we spoke and he left.

Went in the kitchen and she had this big grin on her face and the first thing she said was oh dam you were right and said she had never seen a guy that big even in those movies that I get. I asked so you actually saw it and she replied oh yea. I asked how she made that happen and she told me right after I left, he finished up and got down off the ladder and told her he should put her across his knee for teasing her like she had been doing and she told me she played innocent and asked what e was talking about.

He told her she knew she was teasing him and asked what was up with that. She played it off as having what she had on when he got there and did not have time to change. He shook his head and said with those shorts on she might as well had been naked. She said she smirked and said oh I bet you would like that wouldn't you and James told her I have always wanted to see your cute little ass naked so yeah, I would.

She told me this was her chance so she told him she would take the shorts off if he would take his pants off and he asked why she would want him to take his pants off and she told him something along the lines of she only sees mine, so she wanted to compare me to other guys, and he bought it and asked how long I would be gone and she said probably another twenty minutes or so. He then stood right in front of her and undid his pants and let them and the undershorts just drop.

She told me seeing him shocked her because he was kind of hard and he was huge and the first thing she said to him no comparison as mine was a lot littler than that. He told her okay time for you to show me what I want to see, and she wanted to show him. Wiggled out of the shorts and stepped out of them and he said oh yea you look as good as I thought you would and told her to turn around so he could see that little ass of hers and she did just as he asked.

Said she then felt his hand on her ass, and she did not care and just stepped back where she was against him. James put his arm around her and ran his fingers up and down her slit and asked was she sure I would be gone a little while still and she answered yes. She felt him do something and all of a suddenly she felt the head of the huge cock at her lips and she pushed back against him. She wanted him to fuck her, but he told her this was not the time or place for that, and she better get dressed.

She put her shorts back on and they talked, and he told that if she really wanted it that they could set something up, but it could not be at our place, and they would have to be careful about it. She asked him what they would need to do to make it happen. He told her that they could get a motel room and she told him okay that sounds good and to just let her know when. He said he would let her know in the next few days.

She wanted me to fuck her as she was super horny, and she told me she wanted it bad. A few days later I got home, and we sat down for supper when she said hey, I am going to take tomorrow off if that's okay. Did not think anything of it and said sure. Did not asked anything else so after a few minutes she said I am going to meet James at a motel and I just replied cool hope you have fun.

When I got in the next evening she was cooking, and her hair was still wet and I could tell she had just got out of the shower. I kissed her and she was in a great mood. I put my arms around her to hug her and asked did she get fucked good today and her reply was oh yes. She said let's eat and then we will go to the bedroom, and I will tell you about it. Once we got to the bedroom, she was gushing about it and actually told me to not to take it wrong, but she had never been fucked like that ever before.

Told me that she got there, and he was watching for her and had already gotten the room and motioned for her when she parked. Once in the room he asked was she sure she wanted to do this, and she told him she absolutely wanted to do it and had wanted to since he was at the house. James told her to get naked for him and while she was undressing that he undressed. She said he sat on the bed and watched her take her panties and bra off and he commented on how nice her tits were as he had not saw those yet.

He actually asked her what she wanted to do, and her answer was anything he wanted to do she was fine with. He asked did she want to suck him, and she smiled at him and said oh yea. He laid back on the bed and she got up on her knees over him and went straight to it. Said she could not get much of it in her mouth but he was really enjoying what she was doing. James grabbed her and pulled her over him into a sixty-nine and she told me he was good at that too but she wanted it in her.

He asked how and she suggested she get on top first and she told me it took a few minutes, but she took all of it and she had never been so full ever and has no idea how many times she came. They laid there talking after they finished, and she asked when they could do it again and James told her they would have to see. He mentioned that maybe they should get going and she convinced him to take a shower with her and then got him to fuck her again before they left.

She fucked him for nearly a year every time that he would agree to it until it go to the point that he did not want to get a room anymore and mostly wanted her to come by wherever he was working at during lunchtime and give him blowjobs which she did with no qualms with. She would never swallow with me but did for him nearly every time. Him and her mom split up and the last time he fucked her or the last time she said he fucked her was in the block one room shed at his fishing lake.


cuckold wife


Poster: Greg