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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


My husband visits this site often and loves reading the post while masturbating. This I know because he is a self confessed masturbationist.

He openly masturbates in my presence on Cuckold porn sites frequently. Which I encourage him to do since we no longer have intercourse.

I found out things about my husband early in our marriage which drastically changed our relationship for ever. A little about myself, I love dick and love riding a hard hard cock, period.

My previous boyfriend before hub had a nice seven inch cock and always kept me satisfied with it. He really knew how to use it unlike my hub. I mentioned to my hubby, he should post a story about our relationship but he was hesitant to do so.

I decided to post it behind his back to give him something else to jerk off to. It all started about two years in our marriage. Sex always began with us kissing and fondling one another.

Then leading to a little oral between us before more manual stimulation with our hands. My hubby loved me stroking his cock as you call edging. I would literally bring him to the point of orgasm and he would say stop and don’t touch until he settles back down and then repeat over and over.

This wasn’t something I enjoyed because I wanted to mount him and ride for my own release. I was always ready to fuck as soon as my pussy was wet and it didn’t take long with a little stimulation.

Many times he would cum before we fucked or he would cum as soon as I sat on his cock. This was very frustrating for me and usually left me using my vibrator to get release. One thing I picked up on early was as I edged my hub I could ask questions and he would be brutally honest with his answers.

I would also talk dirty to him and he would really get worked up. One evening as I was stroking his wet dick, I knew I wasn’t getting fucked so I was just going to jerk him off. I began talking a little nasty.

I told him his dick was little and this is all he gets. He asked if my ex was big which he was, I told him much bigger and I prefer fucking my ex over him. It was true because I usually thought about sex with my ex when I used my vibrator. He surprised me when he said I should fuck him.

I asked if he wanted me to fuck my ex. He said yes. I thought this is interesting so I decided to dive deeper. I asked if he was o.k. With me fucking other men. Again, he said yes. I figured it was his current state that was affecting his judgment so I played along.

I told him I wanted to fuck my ex because he was a better lover. My hub said I should because he wanted to go down on me afterwards. It wasn’t long before he blew his load. The conversation was dropped. Later that evening in the car he brought up the situation again and said he really was good with it if I fuck my ex.

I said I only said that because that’s what he wanted to hear, besides I I’m not going to fuck somebody outside our marriage. He dropped it. Days later, once again while I was stroking him. He brought the subject up again. He begged me to fuck my ex. I wondered why.

I asked if he was gay or bi because he wanted to lick another mans cum from my pussy. He said no. I said it sounds gay to me. I then asked if he has eaten cum before. Surprisingly he said yes. I then asked from who. The story I heard next really shocked me.

He told me about a childhood friend who would suck his dick in a treehouse behind his home. He was in junior high at the time. The kid was feminine acting and had actually begged him to let him blow him.

Hubby thought what the heck no one will know so he let him. He said it was his first orgasm and he was hooked afterwards. This happened for a few months before his friend began asking him to do the same. He said he refused to do it. He then said the other boy kept pushing him while he was being sucked.

The boy would put his dick near his head and plead with him to suck it. Hubby then said he started jerking him off to please him. This was o.k. but the boy was persistent and one evening when my hubby was on the edge of cuming he took his dick into his mouth and they sucked each other off. He said the friend kept returning for more.

He said he felt dirty and ashamed of himself but over the course of a year accepted it and learned to like the salty taste of his semen. The following year the boy and his family moved to another state and they never saw each other again. Afterwards, over the years he would masturbate to his dirty little secret.

He began dating girls in high school but had never fucked anyone until we met in college. I told my hub he was definitely bi if he was sucking dick, that’s why he wanted me to fuck other men so he could satisfy his own need to suck dick.

I was disgusted and sexually turned off by his confession. My mind began swirling not knowing how to handle this. So I decided to ask my best friend Sandy for advice. She was married and a year older than me. We met for coffee and as i confided with her she laughed saying holy shit. You married a closet bisexual with Cuckold tendencies. She then said, you hit the jackpot.

I was confused. I asked how is that good. She then said, well you know you haven’t been happy with the sex. So here’s the opportunity to fuck anybody you want without sneaking around. I said I don’t want to ruin my marriage. She said you won’t, remember he’s the one who wants it. Besides you told me you wanted to fuck your ex again, right? I said I did say that.

She said, then go fuck him and feed the cuck bitch. The more I thought about her advice the more I realized Sandy was right. She even went so far to say she wished her husband was the same because she’s getting bored fucking him. I decided to tell my hub of my intentions. One evening I asked if he wanted me to jerk him.

He said more than ever. As I stroked him there was complete silence before I mustered the courage to tell him. I finally told him I’ve been thinking about his request and have decided to sleep with my ex. I miss his big dick and need it. My hub was excited to hear my decision. He just wanted to know how soon can it happen. He shot his load and I told him to open his mouth.

I began wiping up his semen and feeding it to him telling him he’s a cum bitch and that’s all he gets from here out. He eagerly swallowed all of it. My ex still lives in the area and is living with his girlfriend. He works for a local Reality company so I decided to pay him a visit. I told him him I was interested in a local house and thought of him. He was eager to show it to me so we made a date.

Later I told my hub I had a date with my ex to look at a house and I was going to fuck him if I could. My hub was excited and asked I text him with updates. The following day I meet my ex at the house. When we entered I pretended to be interested in it.

It was a very nice house that was currently empty. When we made our way to the bedroom I finally told him about my true intentions. I told him I wasn’t really interested in the house but I just wanted to be with him because my husband can’t sexually satisfy me and I can’t get him off my mind. He was surprised and offered to hug me.

As we held each other he looked down into my eyes and without a word, kissed me. We began tearing each other’s clothes off and before long were lying on the carpet naked fucking. We both went at it with fury. I didn’t tell him my hubby knew of it so he thought I was just cheating. Guess that added to the excitement of it.

After a few orgasms and two loads of cum deposited deep inside me we parted but not before making plans for another trist. I texted my hub telling him I was coming home. When I got home my hub was nude and already in bed waiting. I wasted no time and removed my clothes and climbed on top of his face. As he licked me clean I had a huge orgasm.

I didn’t realize how excited I would get feeding my husband another mans semen. Afterwards we both held one another and I began telling my hub all the details as I stroked his cock. He had a big orgasm shooting a bigger load than normal. I wiped it up feeding it back to him.

We were both hungry and decided to visit a nearby brew house. We were both still dirty which added to the afterglow. We drank and ate talking about what just happened and then my hub asked me to look around and tell him which guys I deemed fuckable.

Afterwards I confided with Sandy giving her details and she said it got her hot. She is currently trying to cuckold her husband and it sounds like it might happen.


cuckold wife


Poster: Sharon