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Harsh Reality
After my prostate cancer treatments, I’m left with a micro penis that has no feeling. I no longer have a libido either. I tried pleasing my wife orally for a few months but eventually lost interest.

She still has sexual needs so I would lay with her while she used her vibrator and rub her tits to participate but I lost interest in that too. My only interest is sitting on the couch and watching tv.

Yes, I’m a sorry husband. I do have guilt issues though. I love her dearly and don’t want her to leave me which is common with prostate patients like myself. About a year ago at my company’s Christmas party. I noticed my wife talking with a co worker of mine.

He is married but his wife couldn’t make the party because she was away on business. I stayed at a distance and watched their interactions as they talked. Watching my wife, I could tell she was interested in him by the way she was laughing and never breaking eye contact.

She kept touching his arms on occasion which is the way she flirted with me years ago. Mike was his name and by the way he was touching her, it looked they both had chemistry. Mike is someone i confided with when I was going through my treatments. I decided not to interfere and sit back and watch to see what happens.

They were standing at the bar as they talked and I was across the room at our table drinking a beer. She eventually returned to our table and began to tell me she met my coworker Mike at the bar and they had a good discussion. I pretended I didn’t notice and told her , yeah he’s a great guy. She then said he had told her that he was married and his wife couldn’t make the party because she was out of town on business.

I told her his wife travels a lot and Mike complains about her never being home. Though she is the bread winner in the relationship. She replied, I feel sorry for him. I said yeah he does get lonely. She then asked if I minded if he joined us at our table. I told her that was a great idea. She quickly returned to him and asked if he wanted to join us. She returned with him following behind her.

Our table was a circular booth that was facing the dance floor. My wife slid into the middle and Mike slid in beside her so she was in the middle of us. The band had started to play and a few couples were dancing. The three of us made small talk, but mostly my wife and Mike dominated the conversation. She was very interested in him and very bubbly. The waiter came and Mike ordered drinks for us. Me a beer and a bottle of wine for he and my wife to share. I’m not really a wine drinker.

I was beginning to feel like the 3rd wheel on a date. Because of my condition I frequently use the restroom, so I excused myself. There was a very large group of employees at the party but the venue was short on bathrooms. Women were even using the stalls in the men’s restroom.

I was gone for several minutes before I returned. By that time, Mike and my wife had almost emptied the wine bottle. He flagged the waiter and ordered another bottle. I noticed my wife had slid over closer to Mike and they were both getting handsy. I sat quietly and sipped my beer just watching. Normally I would be very jealous about the situation but post treatment, I didn’t really care.

I was happy my wife was enjoying herself. Mike mentioned the band was really good and asked why we weren’t dancing. My wife responded quickly saying that I wasn’t really a dancer but on the other hand she loved dancing. Which was true. I spoke up telling them they should go dance and enjoy the band. They both jumped at my suggestion getting up and headed to the dance floor. They seemed to be having fun. A friend named Jerry came to our table and as usual wanted to talk about work.

He asked were Missy was and I responded, dancing. He sat down and we talked about work business. Jerry was drunk and was talking loudly. Several songs had been played so I looked to see what my wife was doing on the dance floor. They were slow dancing and they looked to be holding one another close. After the slow dance ended they both exited the floor and disappeared into the crowd.

After several more minutes I told Jerry I needed to piss. I left the table and headed to the restroom. I was standing in line when I noticed my wife entering the ballroom from a side door. I watched as they headed to our table. Once I peed I stopped by the bar grabbing another beer and returned to our table. They were sitting close and more across the table than in the middle.

I noticed that both their arms next to each other were under the table. I asked my wife if she enjoyed the dancing. She said she loved it looking towards Mike and he smiled. I noticed her lipstick looked messy and Mike’s lips looked to be more red than before. Mike then announced he was to far gone to drive home and he had reserved a room at the hotel. I told him that was smart and my wife chimed in asking if we should get a room also.

I told her that I probably shouldn’t be driving either and that was a good idea. She quickly asked me to go to the lobby and get us a room. So I said I would and headed to the front desk. I was gone for over a half hour and when I returned they were dancing again. There was another round of drinks on the table so I helped myself. This time they were on the floor a long period of time.

I started seeing some couples starting to leave the party then I realized it was later than I thought. They finally returned to the table and Mike poured them another glass of wine. I told the wife I was tired and wanted to head up to the room. She said she wanted to enjoy the band and dance longer. She told me to go ahead and she’ll be up later.

I gave her a room key and told her to be quiet when she enters so not to wake me. I left and went towards the elevator and once in the room hit the sack and fell asleep quickly. I woke later having to pee really bad and noticed she wasn’t there. I checked my phone and realized it was 4am. There were no messages either. I climbed back in bed and lay there thinking about were Mike’s room was.

After a few minutes I hear someone at the door so I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. She crept in and stopped at the bathroom first. I could hear her peeing. She had removed her dress and walked to the other queen bed and slipped in. She fell asleep fast and I could hear her soft snore. I went back to sleep knowing she was safe. I woke early the next morning and jumped into the shower.

Missy was still sleeping. Knowing she was out late I decided to go get some coffee. There was a coffee house down the street so I grabbed us both a latte. By the time I returned she was awake. She saw the coffee I was carrying and said great, I need coffee for my headache. I asked her what time she came to the room. She said around 1am when the band stopped.

I knew it was closer to 5am but didn’t say anything. As we talked the room phone rang. It was Mike asking us to join him for breakfast downstairs. Missy said she would love to but needed to take a quick shower after all the dancing. She removed her bra and panties and laid them on the bath vanity before getting into the shower.

The shower curtain wasn’t a see through curtain so I quietly entered and grabbed her panties taking them in the room to examine under the light. There was a familiar smell to them and when I held them closer to the lamp I could see dried semen in the crotch area. I quickly returned them before she exited the shower.

Now i was definitely sure they were fucking all night. She jumped out, toweled off and put her clothing back on. We still had the same clothes on from the party. We met Mike in the restaurant, he was sitting in a booth waiting for us. He didn’t stand when we walked up but Missy just slipped in beside him and I sat on the opposite side. She made a joke about me being a lefty which I am.

I asked Mike what time he turned in and he said he closed the bar down, so after 2am sometime. He then said he sure had fun dancing with Missy last night and thanks for that. I replied, I’m glad you two enjoyed yourselves. They gave each other side eyes with smirks. I sat there watching them interact knowing they had fucked behind my back and the strange thing was. I didn’t really care.

There wasn’t a sick feeling or any anger or jealousy. I actually was happy for Missy because she seemed to be glowing. I guess my biggest concern was if she would fall in love with Mike and would they divorce me and his wife. After breakfast Mike returned to his room and me and Missy went to the desk to check out. After checking out she stated she thought she left something in the room and would run up and check and she would meet me at the car. Knowing it was an excuse, I played along.

She returned after several minutes and I asked if she found what she wanted. She didn’t pick up on my comment and said she couldn’t find it. I didn’t ask what it was she pretended to look for. I assume she wanted a quick make out session before leaving. We had about an hour drive home so I asked my wife what she thought about Mike. She said she really likes him. I replied, it was obvious. She went on about his dancing skills and how lucky his wife was. She then expressed sympathy for him because his wife was always traveling on business.

I decided to stop with the pretending and said maybe you two could have a friends with benefits relationship. She asked what I meant with that. I told her, since I can’t sexually satisfy you and no longer care for sex and because his wife isn’t meeting Mike’s needs, maybe you two could hook up for sex when you both need it. She looked me in the eyes and said are you serious with surprise.

I replied, yes I am. She said, you are telling me I can fuck Mike and you won’t get jealous or mad. I responded, you fucked him last night and do I look angry. She just stared at me not saying a word. There was a period of silence and she knew I knew they had fucked. Missy teared up and said, she was sorry but it had been so long that she couldn’t control herself.

She also said Mike was in the same situation practically. That’s when I said, I get it. I’m sorry for putting you in that position, it’s my fault, I no longer have sexual needs. It’s not fair to you, therefore I am giving you permission to sleep with Mike as you see fit. I realize by not doing this, I could lose you to someone else and I don’t want that to happen because I love you. She looked lovingly into my eyes and said I love you too.

Thank you for understanding. We gave each other a kiss. I told her I will stay out of her sexual business and support her anyway I can. She sat quietly thinking about what just went down. When we got close to the house, she did say she wanted to see Mike again. Once inside the house she went downstairs and called Mike.

The following week Mike came by my desk at work and said thank you for understanding. It was a little awkward giving him permission to have an affair with my wife. He stated he would treat her with respect and we never talked about it ever again. It was a mutual agreement and a known fact that he was sleeping with my wife.

Missy was always happy and bouncing around the house, especially when it was sleep over night. Our relationship is so wonderful and we love one another more than we ever did. Thanks to Mike for making it happen.


cuckold wife


Poster: Bill