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Nursing back to good health
Years back when wife was younger her mom was dating a guy that had more money than sense. I did not care for him as he was a pompous ass. Wife always thought he was okay.They broke up and we did not hear anything of him for a while.

One Sunday our phone rang, and the wife covered the phone and told me it was Jim. They talked or he talked and she mainly listened. She ended the conversation with she would have to talk to me and get back with him. She told me the story which was Jim was having hip replacement. And since he had no one but his son he needed someone to care for him for about six weeks until he could get by on his own.

She went on to tell me that Jim said he would give her fifteen hundred a week which was four times what she had been making to take care of him. I told her that sounded like a dam good deal, and she replied not really as she would have to move in over there during that time. We discussed it and I told her to tell him since it was a twenty four hour a day thing that she would do it for two thousand a week.

She called him back and with no hesitation told her she had a deal and gave her all the details and that he would spend time in the hospital before coming home. She packed up on the day he was coming home, and I took her over. Jim Jr the son lived with him and would be there also just not taking care of him. The first couple of nights she would call me at bedtime and told me that Jim was still kind of out of it.

About the fifth night she called me earlier and said he was more active, and he wanted her to give him a sponge bath before bedtime. I just said good luck with that. About midnight she called me which was unusual, and she said she made it through. She then mentioned she could not believe her mom was with him. I kind of questioned what she was talking about, and she said he is hung like a frigging horse and added he had the biggest cock she had ever seen. I just laughed.

Next night she called and the first thing I asked was sponge bath again tonight and she laughed and said no he is good for a day or so. She then asked if I could bring her some shorts and different clothes and I said sure and then laughed and said and some sexy panties and she hesitated and then replied yes bring me a few pair anyway. When I got there I went in and spoke to Jim and asked was she doing a good job and Jim replied excellent job.

We talked a little while and she walked me out to the truck and ion kidding I said too bad he is not in any shape to do anything, and she surprised me when she said yea, I know and then said he is twice as big soft as any that I have ever seen hard. She then said you know how I have always told you that Rick (best friend) was very big I replied yea. She put her hands together in a circle and said Jim is as least this big around and no idea how long he would be hard but would be huge.

She then told me when she gave him the sponge bath and saw it she looked up at him and he smiled at her. Seemed like for the next week or so every time we talked all she wanted to talk about was his huge cock. So I asked her had he said anything or tried anything, and she sounded disappointed when she answered nothing at all and then had to tell me that when was getting him his medicine, she reached across the bed and put her tits in his face. I laughed and said you want that huge cock don't you.

After talking a little longer, I asked was Jim Jr ever there and she replied no hardly ever. I then told her he might be as big as his dad, and she quickly said no way and then said well I wouldn't think he would be. She was now going on her third week and Jim was getting better and stronger and she called me one Friday and told me that Jim Jr told her he would be gone for the weekend, and did I want to bring her that nightie that I like so well. I laughed and replied sure and asked what her plan was. He wanted a sponge bath and she thought she would wear it.

I took it over to her and she walked me out again and asked did I think what she was planning would be too forward or too much and I told her I bet he will love it and to call me before she went to bed. It was a little after midnight when she called me, and she sounded very relaxed. I asked how it went and she replied it went very well and he loved the outfit and she kind of giggly and said and he got semi hard and oh my it is so big. She talked a few more minutes and then said I let him play with and suck on my tits and it was so hot to do that.

She then told me that she told him when he got better that she could help him out if he wanted and he told her he would like that and asked would she wear that outfit while Jr was gone which she agreed to. Told her I would talk to her tomorrow and asked was she going to take care of things tonight and she replied oh yes. I got out and did some yardwork and when I got out of the shower the phone was ringing so I ran to answer it. She sounded a little out of breath and the first thing she said was I gave Jim a blowjob. I replied oh yea and she said, and he asked me to get naked to do it.

Told her good for her because I know that is what she wanted to do or some of what she wanted to do, and she thanked me for understanding. Over the next few days, she would tell me about Jim constantly would have his hands on her and would play with her tits and slide his hand up her shorts and that she had given him quite a few blowjobs and could not get enough of it. Towards the end of the stay, they had set up to have an ambulance service pick Jim up and take him for rehab. This would give her a chance to clean everything up good.

Said as she was cleaning that Jim Jr came in and talked to her and told her she had done such a great job taking care of his dad and his dad told him to pick this up and give it to her and handed her an envelope with an extra three thousand in it. The continued to talk and she said Jim Jr told her maybe he needed one of her great sponge baths and her first thought was what all had his dad told him. She said she laughed and told him he did not need a sponge bath he can take real showers. Jr asked her did they say what time they would bring his dad back and she replied still a couple hours away.

She said it was just natural for to ask him while she was cleaning was there anything that he needed done and he said sure you can wash my back for me. She said she smiled and told him she would get her clothes all wet doing that and Jr told her not if she didn't have any on she wouldn't. She told him she had to finish up what she was doing and walked to the bedroom and called me and told me what was going on and was I okay with it. I asked did she want to fuck him and she replied yea I kind of do.

She took her clothes off and walked toward his bedroom and he had just taken his clothes off and her first thought was oh my not as big, but he was also huge. They never made it to the shower as she gave him a blowjob and then he fucked her. Thirty-five years younger than his dad but still ten years older than her and she went on and on about how good he fucked her. Her time ended and she did not get to fuck dad during that time but about three months later went over one weekend and finally got that huge cock she had wanted.

For nearly the next year she fucked the both of them on a regular basis and they both knew the other was fucking her.


cuckold wife


Poster: Greg