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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Bisexual Cuck
When I was ten years old My family moved on the other side of the city. Which meant I had to make new friends and enroll in new schools.

I joined a new Boy Scout troupe and on my very first day I was picked up and taken on a weekend camping trip with the troupe. Since I was the new kid I didn’t have a pre arranged tent partner.

The troupe leaders son offered to share a tent with me. He was a little different and I figured that’s why the other guys didn’t want to share a tent with him. He was a nice guy though. Anyways I bonded with the guys and we had a great weekend.

A couple weeks later we had a scouting jamboree and several other troupes would be present. This was an all week gathering at a lake. Jodi asked if we could share a tent again and since no one else asked I accepted, it wasn’t that bad on the last trip.

It was a really hot week so sleeping in my sleeping bag was to uncomfortable so I slept on top until I got cold enough to crawl inside later. I always slept in my boxers, never was a pajama guy.

We were all ordered to turn it and the campfire was practically out so it was very dark. It was a very busy day so I was exhausted and fell asleep right away. At some point I started dreaming of a girl I had a crush on and we were making out.

She began playing with my dick and it felt good. When all of a sudden I woke up and realized It wasn’t a dream. My dick was rock hard and it was being stroked by Jodi. I said what the fuck are you doing.

He said he couldn’t resist playing with it and asked if he could suck my dick. I wasn’t sure what time it was and had never had a blowjob before. I had heard about them but never from a guy.

My only previous sexual activity was masturbation. His hand was wrapped around my dick and slowly stroking it. At this point I was past the point of refusing so I quietly said sure.

I figured nobody will know so what the hell. He crawled closer to my dick and began licking my head. The feeling was incredible and soon his mouth was half way down my dick. He sucked and tugged my dick until I felt an uncontrollable sensation and started pumping a huge load down his throat.

He choked but swallowed it all. After I came down from my orgasmic high I rolled over and went to sleep, or at least tried. I felt really embarrassed by what just happened. He never said a word. The next morning he never mentioned it and I pretended nothing happened.

He was actually two years older than me and I never really thought he was queer. Anyways the next night he didn’t wait for me to fall asleep before making his move again. He grabbed my dick and began rubbing me and asked me to remove my boxers.

I told him I wasn’t interested but he said he was and I better accept it or else. I became worried he would tell someone if I refused him so I let him have his way with my dick again.

I’ll admit, his blowjobs were very good. This time, once I was really excited. He stopped and pulled off his shorts exposing his erection. His feet were towards my head and as he sucked me, he began pushing his dick into my shoulder.

He eventually told me to jerk him but I didn’t respond. He stopped sucking and again asked me to grab his dick with my hand. Fearing his threat, I grabbed his dick with my right hand. I squeezed his dick as he began humping my hand. I was really close to exploding in his mouth once more.

As I started unloading I hear him making similar sounds and felt warm liquid spray across my face. We both collapsed and I began wiping his semen off. A little went in my mouth because I opened my mouth when I orgasmed.

It was salty and I quickly spit it out. He laughed and asked why I didn’t swallow like him. Even though he was older than me, his penis was quite a bit smaller. The next day my mind was consumed with what had happened the previous nights and I wondered how I was going to stop it.

My fear he would tell everyone I was queer, was a real fear. The night came quickly and while sitting around the campfire he asked if I was ready to lose my cherry.

I didn’t know what he was leading to so I didn’t respond. Once again in our tent he treated me like I was his possession and he got naked and started playing with my junk. He licked and sucked me a little then surprised me and climbed on top and began grinding his dick on mine.

I’m not sure why, but this really worked me up and I began to hump him back. He then asked me to roll onto my stomach. I did and he began sliding his dick between my butt checks. He was wet with precum so it slid easily. Before I could react, he placed the head of his dick on my butt hole and began to push it in.

I squealed and he said be quiet. He spit on my ass and rubbed himself in the spit and began to force it in. It hurt really bad but once his head was in the pain subsided. He began pumping my ass and going deeper with each stroke. His pace quickened and the pounding became harder. I just lay there hoping it would end soon.

Eventually he shot his load inside me and collapsed on my back. He rolled over and said I was his bitch with a laugh. I rolled over and realized I had shot a load on my sleeping bag and didn’t realize I had cum. I was pretty much his bitch and afraid to do anything about it.

After that trip he would come to my house and fuck me often. It wasn’t long before I was sucking his dick and taking it in the ass on a regular basis. I felt queer as hell but I still desired to be with a girl sexually.

He introduced me to his queer friend and we would have threesomes on overnights. Of course I was the bitch in the equation, but not by choice. When I got into high school he went away to college and we lost contact. I met my first girlfriend at a party and we made out that night. My first time playing with pussy.

I was in heaven. We became an item and started getting more sexually involved. The first time I went down on her was incredible. She tasted much better than semen. She would suck my dick which I loved too. I wanted to fuck her but had no experience with fucking.

I waited until she was ready and didn’t push her. The night came, I was chowing the heck out of that pussy and she began begging me to fuck her. I got really excited and put the head of my dick in front of her vagina and slowly pushed it in. She squealed with pleasure. Before I knew what was happening, I felt my dick start to spasm and blew my load inside her. The warm wet feeling was sensory overload.

She got angry that I came inside her. She also was shocked that I came so quickly. Maybe two pumps and I was done. I was really embarrassed. I thought i would improve with time and experience, but never did. I never told her of my gay past and wondered if I was destined to be a gay bottom bitch.

She eventually dumped me for some dorky looking guy that could actually fuck. My ego was crushed. Then came college. I realized I could have girls and guys and it was acceptable. I started dating my wife in my senior year. She was sexually open and admitted to me she was bisexual. I told her I to was bisexual.

She thought it was awesome and we began having threesomes with girls and guys. I didn’t feel pressured to perform because the third person took care of her where I couldn’t. I still never could fuck worth a damn but loved sucking dick and eating pussy.

We were a very popular couple in school. We married after school and continued with our open marriage and swinging. We both have busy careers and love to travel. Starting a family is something neither one of us has any interest in.

We are very active in the swinging community and will probably never stop.


cuckold wife


Poster: Mark