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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Warning to Cuck Wannabes
My wife let me know early in our marriage that my dick was smaller than she has previously had and I have a problem with preejaculation.

But she married me anyway, go figure. She is a very attractive lady and has an insatiable desire to ride dick. She has always been the dominant one and always on top.

I pretty much just lay there and do as I’m told. I feel as though I’m the woman in the relationship. She looks down at me while she rides my cock and tells me to suck her nipples.

She’ll lean down and kiss me as she fucks me hard. I just try to hold off my orgasm as long as I can, not being able to meet her intensity makes me feel inadequate. I try to stop or slow her down to last longer, but I always fail. It really frustrates her and she’ll continue to ride me after I cum.

My dick gets so sensitive after I cum but she doesn’t care and fucks me harder when I squeal like a girl. Sometimes she’ll move forward and demand I suck her clit to get her off. I have learned to acquire a taste for semen to keep her happy.

I noticed that my dick seemed to swim inside her like it was bigger than before. I had a feeling she was sleeping with someone else but I never caught her.

My insecurities drove me to buy her vibrators, dildo’s, and even porn to masturbate to stop her from cheating. She told me she preferred real dick and wasn’t into masturbation. She liked the porn, especially the ones when wives would fuck other men with bigger dicks. This is how I learned what a Cuckold was.

She would ask me to fuck her with the dildo when watching porn because she didn’t like doing it herself. She would bark her orders for me to fuck her as she wanted. I noticed her intensity would climb when bigger dicks were on the screen. I decided to buy a strap-on for her to ride so I could suck her nipples as she rode me.

I purchased a 7 inch life like dildo for the harness. I’m about 4 inches erect so I thought the 7 would be right for her. She loved it and took all of it very easy which made me wonder. The only issue for me was I received no gratification and felt like a fuck doll for her to use and abuse. Her desire to fuck harder only got stronger.

She didn’t seem to care about how I felt. She began talking down to me in a demeaning way when fucking. I felt like her dirty little whore. She asked me for more Cuckold videos and would make comments about me being a good Cuckold.

She would often call me a bitch when I would eat her out. I asked her if she was seeing someone but she would deny it. By now, my only release was from masturbation after satisfying her first. I would ask for a hand job and she would just say, jerk it yourself and leave the bedroom. A few years of this behavior made me a little numb to it all. I would never initiate sex between us.

If I had the urge, I would take care of it myself. She on the other hand needed my service. The strap-on kept her happy for awhile until she started having a reaction to the silicone. Since my dick was useless by this point, I began giving a lot of oral.

She loved to lay in the bed with me licking her pussy watching Cuckold porn. One evening I decided to open that door and asked if she wanted to fuck other men and make me her Cuckold. She didn’t seem surprised by it and responded, she would love to have a well hung bull.

But asked if I could handle it. I wasn’t surprised either. Again, I was desensitized to it all so I said if that’s what will really make you happy then I’m good with it. She acted excited and made me repeat the fact that she could fuck outside the marriage and I would be her faithful cuck.

I’ll admit, I did get off on it, thinking about it when I jerked off. She talked about it for a couple months working on the details and rules.

Most of the rules were for me though. I asked if she wanted me to find her a bull, she responded and said she doesn’t need help finding dick. That made me take notice. Anyways, she told me she had met a man she wanted.

I asked were they met and she replied, online. She was excited and wanted to go shopping for a new out fit for the occasion. She bought everything from shoes to lingerie and a slutty dress. Then she got herself waxed with mani and pedicures.

The morning of, we drove about 50 miles to a nearby city to meet up with him at a hotel. After checking in, she started preparing herself as I watched. We had brought wine and she was drinking it to settle her excitement.

Once she was ready she called him on the phone and gave him the room number. While we waited she asked me to feel how wet her pussy was. I slid my hand between her legs as she lay back on the king sized bed. She was literally dripping with excitement.

She asked me to clean her with my tongue but don’t make her cum. After a bit he still hadn’t arrived so she asked me to go downstairs to look for him. Not knowing what he looked like I only had his name, Ed. Taking the elevator down to the lobby and when the doors opened, we stood face to face. I asked, are you Ed.

He replied yes and entered the elevator. I said she’s in the room waiting. I stood behind him checking him out. He was older than I expected and several inches taller. I expected him to be hung because of his size. Not much was said on the ride up.

I walked him to the room and we entered. She greeted him with a hug and kiss and they sat on the side of the bed and began talking. I sat in the corner chair and just observed. She asked if he wanted a glass of wine and he said yes. She then asked me to pour him one.

After giving him the wine she then told me that everything was fine and I could leave. This hadn’t been discussed so I awkwardly excused myself. I then went to the lobby and sat on the couch and grabbed a magazine. The female at the desk asked if everything was o.k. I replied, yes.

She looked at me curiously. I thought it would take an hour or so, I read the magazine. Three magazines and two and a half hours later, I began to pace around the lobby. The female behind the desk again asked if I was o.k. or needed anything. I decided to go for a walk to not bring more attention to myself.

I was about two blocks away when my wife finally called and told me they were done and I could return. My dick instantly got hard. When I opened the room door my wife was in bed nude with a sheet covering her and a huge smile. I asked how was it.

She said it was the best dick and fuck she has had in awhile. I laid beside her and asked for details. She told me everything they did with excitement and no worry of hurting me. They covered just about everything a couple could do more than once.

She couldn’t stop talking about his size and stamina. She also told me he took her anally. He had cum in all three of her holes. I had no idea she liked anal play. She peeled back the sheets and asked me to look for myself. Her ass and pussy were both red and gapped open. I could see semen still dribbling from her.

Then she asked, what are you waiting for. I looked into her eyes and she gave me a firm look as to get started. I rolled between her legs and slowly started licking her pussy. She laid her head back and arched back and said clean me out you little bitch.

I licked her ass and pussy as she called me names like cock sucker and fag. She came two more times and I couldn’t take it anymore. I rolled onto my back and proceeded to jerk off. She yelled no, you are not allowed to jerk off. She then climbed on top of me and lowered herself on to my raging hard dick.

She didn’t move, looking down at me she told me she couldn’t feel my small dick inside her and asked if I’m ready to eat another load of my own cum. At that time I unloaded having a huge orgasm. She smiled and rubbed my hair telling me I was a good Cuckold. She then slid her pussy up to my mouth and demanded I eat it all. When she was satisfied I did my job, she climbed off and began to dress. I laid there with my head spinning.

I asked, aren’t you going to shower. She said she wanted to stay dirty for me. We dressed and packed heading down to check out. We had only been there a few hours and the clerk saw everything. She smiled at my wife and asked if she had a good time. My wife said with a smile and laugh, the best ever.

The clerk was looking into my eyes, seeing my shame and said I bet you did. We walked outside and I told the wife the clerk knows what we did. She replied, I don’t care. She’ll be seeing more of us.

On the drive home she told me of there plans to hook up again and I better be ready. Not sure what that means, but can only speculate.


cuckold wife


Poster: Jim