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My First BBC
This story happened a few years ago in the beginning of our Cuckolding relationship. A little information on how we started.

I cheated on my husband early in our marriage because I wasn’t satisfied with our sex and his small penis. He eventually found out and was crushed.

His ego was destroyed and I felt bad for him, but didn’t feel bad because I cheated. Surprisingly, he didn’t want a divorce and for gave me because he didn’t want to lose me.

He asked I promised not to do it again. At the time we had small children, and even though I preferred being with my lover, I chose to keep the family together for the sake of the children.

I really had no intentions to stop cheating. My lovers cock was to addicting and wonderful. We changed our tactics and continued to hook up. He was single at the time.

He eventually married his girlfriend and stopped seeing me. It didn’t take me long before I found a replacement. It just so happened to be a close friend of my husband.

He was married but because he was a close friend, it gave him a good reason to be around our house. We fucked as much as we could.

He was a stud in the bed, with a remarkable tool. Eventually we got caught red handed, when my husband returned home from an business trip.

He actually walked into the bedroom as I was riding his best friends cock. He stood watching in shock without saying a word. Brad didn’t see him and had no idea he walked in.

Hubby eventually turned and walked out. I was so close to orgasm so I continued riding, wanting to finish. I figured,oh well, the gig is up. Might as well enjoy my last fuck.

I told Brad that hubby was home and he began to freak out. I told him to relax, get dressed and leave. As he walked out, he turned to my husband and said, I’m sorry bro.

Hubby didn’t respond. I had my robe on with nothing else on. Brad’s semen was slowly running down my inner thighs. I walked into the den and sat on the chair across from my husband. I asked if he was o.k.

He looked at me and responded, what do you fucking think? He asked how long have we been fucking. I lied, only a couple times.

He went out to his shop to be alone and I called Brad and told him, don’t worry, he’ll get over it. I went into the bedroom and started the shower in the bath.

I walked out to grab some garments and took off the rob lying it on the bed. Then I heard my hubby’s voice asking, why do you feel the need to cheat.

I turned to face him and replied. If you want the truth, I have a higher sex drive than you. Plus, the size of your small penis doesn’t satisfy me, and you are a pre ejaculator.

His head dropped, we were still looking at each other, waiting for a response. Then he shocked me and asked if he could have sex.

I looked at him with a surprise expression, then I noticed he had an errection, though it was hardly noticeable. I’ll admit it sent a twinge to my puss, and asked if he was serious. He said yes.

I then said, let me shower first. He said no, I want you dirty. Now my pussy was really excited. He walked to the bed and picked up my robe and sniffed it. He threw it in a nearby chair and began removing his clothes.

I just stood and watched letting him take the lead. Once his boxers were dropped, there was his penis at full attention, all four inches. I asked what he wanted and he replied, lay down. I laid on the bed.

He crawled up between my legs so I spread them wider giving him access. He slide up placing the head of his penis at pussy opening. He began rubbing it up and down my slit, then lay on top of me and began kissing me.

This really turned me on. After kissing a bit, he began to slide down my body until his face was hovering above my hot pussy. He leaned down and began to sniff and smell me like he was a dog. Without hesitation, he began licking me and dove in licking me to a huge orgasm.

I guess the whole situation just sent me into a whole new level of intimacy. He then lay beside me. I reached down to fondle his penis for a hand job but discovered he had already ejaculated.

That was the day everything changed in our marriage. He confessed he was a closet cuck and wanted me to continue fucking Brad if I wanted. I told him that he would need to tell Brad himself, because he is still worried about the situation.

The following weekend we invited Brad over to talk and my husband told him he had his approval and wanted us to continue seeing one another. Brad was surprised and sat in silence so I walked over and grabbed his hand and led him to our bedroom and closed the door.

He asked, what just happened. I said you’re my lover and just shut up and fuck me. My sex life was off and running. I would fuck random men when I could and my husband was happy. Then one evening after he had just finished cleaning my puss, he asked, you know what we really need.

I asked what. He replied, a big black cock. He asked if I had ever fucked a black man. I said no. He asked, what’s the largest cock have you had. I replied, not sure, maybe 8 - 9 inches. He asked how did it feel. I said it stretched me good and I liked it even though I was sore the next day. He then replied, that settles it, I’m getting you a black bull.

About two weeks later, he announced he found my bull. He then told me the date we are meeting him. He asked I go shopping for a real slutty outfit for my bull. I’ll admit, I was excited. I bought a complete outfit with shoes and lingerie. The day before my date, I went to the spa for waxing. The day of I woke up and began getting ready for my date. We were meeting at 1pm.

I tried to make myself as slutty as possible with makeup just like a street walker. I wouldn’t allow my husband to see me until I was completely dressed. I walked out of the bedroom into the den were my husband was impatiently waiting. His mouth opened with a WOW. I had bright red lip stick with matching nail polish.

Fake eyelashes and heavy makeup. A short white tied blouse with a black laced push-up bra with my tits ready to pop out. A very short skirt showing off the bottom of my ass cheeks with a black laced thong. Last but not least, fish net stockings and red 6 inch stilettos.

My husband said I could get rich if I stood on Martin Luthier King street, jokingly. We left the house for the forty minute drive. I had no idea where we were going, but I was wet with anticipation. We finally arrived to upscale condominium complex and pulled up in front of a unit and parked in front on the street.

My husband made a call and simply said we are here. The door opened and out walked a tall attractive black man standing 6’4”. He opened the door for me and introduced himself as James. I gave him my name but he already knew it. He then invited me and my husband inside. We entered the living room and offered my husband a chair across from a couch and then requested I sit with him on the couch.

He began talking with me totally ignoring my husband and was touching me everywhere like I was merchandise being inspected. He fondled my titts and pulled up my skirt and rubbed my pussy. He told me I was beautiful and I was lucky to have him as my bull.

He then told my husband he would take very good care of me and asked if he would please excuse himself while we get better acquainted. My husband stood and told him he was happy he liked me and to treat me as he sees fit.

He walked out the front door and I wasn’t sure where he was going or how long. I didn’t have much time to think about before I felt James hand on my leg spreading them apart. He then turned my head towards him and began kissing me. As he slid his tongue into my mouth, I felt myself just go limp allowing him to do as he pleased. He began rubbing my pussy and eventually slid two fingers inside.

We were still kissing. He grabbed my hand and lay it on his crotch. He was wearing flannel pajama pants with a black robe. I started rubbing a huge bulge that grew bigger as I rubbed it. He then stopped and asked me to stand in front of him and spin slowly so he could see me better. Once I was facing away from him, he stopped me and asked me to step out of my skirt. He then pulled my stockings down to my knees and asked me to bend over.

He leaned in and sniffed my ass before sliding his fingers under my thong and pulled it down too. He began rubbing my pussy and my brown hole. He complemented me on my smoothness and asked if I have been fucked in the ass before. I told him no, he replied, a virgin, I’ll love taking your virginity. He then asked me to remove my top and show him my titts. He said you have nice breast for a 55 year old. He then asked me to kneel in front of him and rub his crotch.

It felt huge and I knew I was going to be fucked like never before. As I rubbed him, he asked if I had ever been with a black man. I replied no. He then asked if I wanted to be taken by his black cock. I replied yes again. He then asked if I wanted to see what was going to be smashing that pretty little ass of mine. I said yes.

He then stood and asked me to free his black anaconda. I began pulling his pants down and there was the biggest fattest cock I had ever laid eyes on. I guess he could see the worried expression on my face. He then sat and asked me to lick and suck his black snake. When I took it into my hand, I realized it was only semi hard. I could barely get the head inside my mouth and when it got bigger, it would no longer fit.

I licked and stroked him until it could finally stand on its own. The whole time he kept asking if I still want his black snake. By this time, I was so cock drunk that I could only mumble yes. He then told me, that if he gives me his cock that I have to agree to that my body will belong him and no other including my husband.

Again I said yes, I agree. He smiled and said let’s go upstairs to my bed. He led me to a stair case and I proceeded up in front of him. Once at the top, we entered a bedroom with the biggbed I have ever seen.

The ceiling was covered in mirrors and lit candles were on small shelves around the room. He helped me onto the bed because it was up high. I laid on my back with my head on a pillow. He then crawled between my legs and went down on me. The adrenaline was to much and I had my first orgasm in just a few minutes.

He then pulled out a tube of lube and squirted it on my pussy. He also lubed his cock and crawled up and again asked if I wanted to be taken by his black snake. I said yes, but please be gentle.

He started rubbing the head up and down my slit pushing the tip in gently. I felt myself being stretched like giving birth again. This continued as he kept telling me to relax. He then gave I little harder push. The popped inside with slight pain. He continued to tell me to relax as he continued to work it in.

It felt like a baby trying to get back inside me. Not sure how long this went on before I had half his cock inside. He then lay on me and said the hard part is over and began kissing me. As we kissed he slowly stroked himself in and out slowly going deeper.

After a bit he stopped and said he was all in and asked I I felt. I told him, stretched to my limit. He said just relax now and allow your pussy to adjust to my size. He then said after we fuck a few times, I’ll be able to take him easily. He began sucking my nipples and kissing me as I squirmed on his dick. Pretty soon I felt another orgasm coming and no longer felt pain as he started slowly fucking me.

I came so hard as we fucked and kissed. I collapsed and he slowly pulled out. He then asked me to get on my knees and back to the side of the bed. I was panicking because I was ready for anal play yet. He pushed his cock back inside my pussy and began fucking me as he stood beside the bed. He began picking up his pace and thrusting harder inside me. I was hoping he would cum soon because the pain was getting stronger. He then announced he was ready to nut and asked me to spin around and open my mouth.

I did quickly and he exploded on my face and in my mouth. His load was as big as his dick. He then said I had enough for my first visit. We went back downstairs were I dressed. He walked me to the door and asked me to return as soon as I’m healed up. He said I’m his new #1. Wasn’t sure what he meant at the time. When I walked out I saw my husband sitting in the car.

I walked up and knocked, he opened the door. I got in and he looked at me and said, you o.k.? I told him I’m in a lot of pain so take me to the nearest bar. He leaned over and we kissed. He said, you taste like semen. I told him I should because I drank quite a bit of it. He asked about his dick as he was driving. I told him it was massive and It took two hands to reach around its base. The head was to big for my mouth and it felt like it was 12 inches. Though it turns out to only be 10 inches.

We stopped at a nearby bar and I drank two long islands before we headed home. My husband couldn’t wait to clean me but I told him I might not be interested in that. When we did get home, I let him inspect me and he was shocked how stretched I still was. He found two rips in my vagina that were bleeding. I could barely walk the next day. It took a month to recover and once I did, I couldn’t wait to see James again. I have been His #1 bitch for over a year and proud of it.

My pussy is so big now that I’ll never be able to fuck a small penis now. Oh by the way, my ass is getting the same treatment as well.


cuckold wife


Poster: Jan