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My College Girlfriend Finally admitted to Cheating
When I was in college, I dated this girl who was always down for experimenting sexually. We were both inexperienced but slowly learned to explore our desires and try new things.

We started out with the typical things, but eventually worked our way to being much more adventurous and kinky. It wasn't until we started using household items as dildos that we discovered she had a sweet spot for something much larger than my penis.

When we were cuddling one night, she casually joked, "You have such a tiny dick. Maybe I should get one of those big dildos to replace it."

She started giggling, but I knew she was kind of being serious. She continued to poke fun at my size for weeks, and it became an ongoing joke between us anytime I used something else bigger than me inside her.

One night, she brought over a massive cucumber and challenged me to penetrate her with it. She was dripping wet and it stretched her pussy so wide that I was mesmerized.

I never realized a woman's vagina could be so elastic and tight at the same time. Watching her gape around a huge green cucumber made my cock ache with jealousy and awe. She clearly loved it and she wanted me to fill her up with the whole thing, but I was too nervous we'd lose it inside.

After a few weeks of experimenting with different vegetables, we went to a sex store and bought some toys. She picked out the biggest strap-on they sold, but I was hesitant if it would even fit.

It was a monster with a full nine inches and a girth that seemed impossible to fit inside her. It was hollowed out in the middle for me to fit my dick through. She laughed when I put it on, pointing out how ridiculous it looked on me.

But when I finally pressed into her, she let out the sexiest moan. She could barely take it, and I could feel her stretching and gaping around the silicone cock as I eased slowly in and out.

She came multiple times, her pussy wet and juicy around the strap on, begging for me to fuck her harder. After that, it became a regular thing for us. She loved feeling the fullness of a big dick inside her, and I loved watching her face twist in pleasure as she was penetrated. But as time went on, she started wanting more than I could offer.

One night, when we were fucking doggy style, she whispered to herself, "Fuck, I wish this was real." She didn't know I heard her, but it haunted me for the rest of the night.

A few months later she told me she met a new friend from class named Tyler and when I met him at a party, I immediately got worried. He was tall, athletic, and had a killer smile that made my stomach churn with jealousy.

He was everything I wasn't. And when I watched him flirt with her, I saw the way her eyes lit up and her smile stretched wider than I'd ever seen it before.

I knew she had a thing for him, but when I asked her about it, she denied it. "No, we're just friends." And went on about how good of a listener and friend he was. It was apparent that there was a little more than friendship between them, but I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

A month went by, and I could tell something had changed. She wasn't as open and expressive with me as she used to be, and I started to wonder if she was tired of me and wanted to break up. But she kept insisting that we were fine and that Tyler was just a friend. So I let it go.

Some time later, we were watching a movie together, and I leaned in to kiss her neck. But she pushed me away and said she had a headache.

I tried to keep the tension at bay and stroked her hair as we cuddled, but she seemed distant and distracted. The longer she held back, the more I realized she was hiding something from me.

I pushed her to tell me the truth, but she denied it and went on a tangent about how she hated cheaters and could never be with someone who wasn't loyal.

It all came to a head a few days later when she texted me she needed to talk. I could feel my heart drop as I knew exactly what was going to happen.

I had suspected it for weeks. She came over and sat me down at my desk , her face flushed and tear-stained. She took a deep breath before looking me straight in the eye and saying, "I've been cheating on you."

I didn't know what to say. I felt betrayed, hurt, and sad. Honestly though, I felt a sense of relief. I nodded and swallowed the lump in my throat. "With Tyler?" I asked.

She nodded. "I'm sorry," she said, her voice wavering. She started crying, and I pulled her close and stroked her hair. Oddly I was the one comforting her despite the situation.

As she sniffled and buried her face in my shirt, I realized that I wasn't as angry as I should've been. She slept over that night but we didn't talk much, and the next day, we ended things amicably.

Once I started feeling better I just missed her in my life. I texted her asking to hang out as friends and after a few days, she agreed.

We took a drive and talked for hours at our favorite park, discussing the breakup, and our friendship. She told me how guilty she'd felt, but finally the truth about how everything happened came out.

Apparently, Tyler had flirted with her for months before I met him at the party. He teased and joked about fucking her and kept offering to show her his big cock. She laughed it off at first but eventually found herself flirting back.

After a few weeks of nonstop temptation, she gave in one night and invited him over to watch a movie one weekend I was out of town. She told me he wore sweatpants and she could easily see his large bulge through the fabric.

As they watched the movie, she could feel herself getting nervous. She wanted him badly, but she was torn between her guilt and lust.

After the movie they sat and talked for hours, and she got more comfortable. While they talked he casually took her hand and rubbed it over his cock outside his pants, his eyes fixed on her.

She wanted to pull away but found herself drawn in. She closed her eyes and let him take over, his grip firm and commanding. He guided her hand up and down his shaft, and she could feel his full length and thickness through the fabric.

He pulled her on top of him and started kissing her passionately. She could feel his large bulge as she ground herself against his crotch.

She was soaking wet and knew that if she didn't stop, she wouldn't be able to control herself. But she was too far gone to care.

Tyler took control and started sliding his hands up her shirt, teasing her nipples with his thumbs. She moaned and gasped in response, leaning into his touch.

Seeing how excited she was, he started to aggressively dry hump her back. She could feel the enormous bulge underneath her grinding into her asshole and along her pussy through her tights and panties. She shivered from the pressure.

He slid his hands around her ass and started squeezing her thighs and cheeks. She found herself moaning softly as she rocked against his crotch in time with his movements. He grabbed her head and pulled her into another kiss.

She was shocked and taken aback by his forcefulness and by how turned on she was. When they broke apart for air, he kissed her neck and whispered that she was being a naughty girlfriend.

She paused and looked at me from the picnic bench, gauging my reaction to her story. I must have looked tense because she nervously asked if she should keep going.

I didn't want her to stop. Her eyes were heavy and filled with lust, and I knew that once I gave her permission to continue, she wasn't going to hold back anything.

I felt a rush of blood surge through me and felt my cock strained against my pants, shamefully eager to hear the rest. I nodded for her to keep going.

Her skin was flushed and her body was trembling. She glanced at my crotch where the front of my pants were pushing outward revealing my obvious erection.

She smirked at me and giggled. She locked her eyes on mine and asked if she should finish the story in my car? I paused before quickly nodding.

We eagerly climbed into my car and she slouched down in her seat. Before I could even get the car started, her legs were parted and she was lighting teasing herself over her clothes. Once we were on the main road she said, "Where was I?

Oh yeah... Right, he called me his naughty girlfriend." She sunk even lower into her seat and pulled her pants and panties down around her thighs. I found a deserted parking lot and pulled over. She leaned her chair back and continued telling me her story.

She told me he gently pushed her off his lap, and as she tried to regain her breath, he pulled his cock out of his sweatpants. It was the biggest cock she'd ever seen. She described it in great detail for me, including the throbbing veins, girth, and length.

As she told me she unbuttoned my jeans and grasped my penis. She slowly ran her fingers up and down as she kept going. She told me how nervous she was to take him all the way in her mouth, but she couldn't resist.

She stroked my growing erection as she talked about how Tyler forced her lips onto his cock and how she choked and drooled all over him.

After a few minutes of sucking and gagging, he decided it was time to fuck her. He picked her up and carried her to her bed, where he tossed her on the mattress and yanked her pants and panties down to her ankles.

He slid his tongue all along her soaking pussy and stretched her out with his fingers.

As she spoke, she slowed her strokes and gently teased my dick, knowing how much I was enjoying hearing her humiliate me by telling me this story. She licked her lips and told me how he positioned himself at her entrance and slowly pushed his cock inside.

They fucked for over and hour as he had her twisted in multiple positions. He fucked her until she squirted over and over, covering his cock in her creamy juices. A sight I was familiar with from all the nights I made her cum. I came hard as she told me how she begged for his cum, how she felt his balls contract and his cock explode deep inside her.

We both got off on the fact that I was so turned on listening to her cheating on me. We mutually teased each other like old friends before she finally said "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but I just couldn't bring myself to hurt you," she said as she pulled up her pants and adjusted her shirt.

The next few days I learned how she continued to fuck him while dating me. She said it felt so dirty and wrong, but she couldn't resist him even though she tried. She became his slut and fucked him whenever and wherever he wanted.

She reminded me of a day they both visited me in my dorm and explained how they had sex on my bed while I took a shower and that is when she decided she needed to break up with me because even though it was hot she started to feel too bad.

She confessed she missed me after we broke up but needed a bigger cock. We talked for several hours ways for us to get back together and settled on me being okay with her fucking other guys as long as she shared the details and didn't make it into something more than just sex.

The next few years were filled with insane sex, and I got so many mental images of her being full of cock from every angle that it drove me mad. We eventually broke up after college because we wanted to pursue our careers. But we still keep in touch and I'm always eager to hear her stories.


cuckold wife


Poster: BlueBalls