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Lisa Plays with Isaac
Lisa and I had been married 9 going on 10 years with a near perfect marriage, Lisa being the more motivated one and I was the more laid back one tending to go with the flow which was fine as Lisa picked some great holidays we had a nice home.

Lisa was defiantly the one with the higher sex drive out of the two of us from day one, although I tried to fulfill her desires, we had had plenty of different adventures sexually and openly talked about new things to do.

It was around the 7-8 year point in our marriage that we were laid in bed one morning talking about things sexually and Lisa broached the subject of swingers parties, Lisa played up the part that she could get more fulfillment and I need not be so active, we talked and went round in circles and in the end we decided it wasn't for us at least not for now.

I suggested to Lisa how about she find a partner for casual sex, we talked for about another hour and Lisa seemed keen on the ideal even discussing how to meet somebody, as it was to be no strings attached we decide on the internet.

Anyway a week went by then two and Lisa didn't mention it so I though it had all blown over until week three when she told me that she had arranged a date for the Friday night at a local bar.

Friday night came and Lisa was all dressed up and headed out to the bar, excited and apprehensive, if it all worked out it would be the first time she had sex with a different person since we got married, as I told her I would wait up for her, the time rolled on and at 1-30 ish in walked Lisa looking tired but very pleased with herself.

She took a seat in one of our arm chairs while I went and got us a coffee, I asked her how was her evening to which she told me it was good, they talked and had a few drinks before heading to a nearby hotel where he was staying and had good sex.

She wasn't letting on too much but she did say I want to feel your tongue on my pussy because you are my lover and earlier was just sex and it's alright because we used a flavored condom, with Lisa having another orgasm and coffee drunk it was off to bed after the start of Lisa's sexual adventures.

Over the following months Lisa starting taking more partners for sex and always gave herself to me after, our sex life remains good although the actual penetrative sex has died off some, seven or so months ago Lisa got down to one regular sexual partner outside of our marriage, things are still very good with me and Lisa, with Lisa having an arrangement with Isaac that they average sex twice a week and he doesn't have unprotected sex with anyone else then they have unprotected sex.

The first time she had unprotected sex she still came home and offered me her pussy to me without telling me it was full of Isaac's seed, as I went down she said you know how much we love each other and you know my pussy is full of Isaac's seed but you are not going to let that get in the way of our love for each other are you?

So I committed my love to Lisa and I believe it gave her a bit of a thrill, things grew stronger from a sexual point of view with Lisa and Isaac to the point that instead of Lisa going to Isaac, Isaac would come to ours and would normally make out in the spare room or on occasions in our bedroom always separating after sex and Lisa always offering me her pussy, by now penatrive sex was almost unheard of, Lisa seemed to be getting more of a buzz out of having sex with Isaac and me being devoted to her by cleaning her out.

As time went on with Lisa seeing Isaac she seemed to be turning more into a hotwife and making me her cuck, with the thrill of me eating her cum filled pussy suddenly I found my boxers had gone and been replaced with ladies cotton knickers, which Lisa would make a point of admiring my bulge in, then saying if I had my legs waxed they would be nice and smooth like hers and so it followed on. One morning just recently after she had been with Isaac we were lying in bed when she looked at me and said you know how much I love you and how much you love me and are devoted to me could we take things a bit further and you do something for me?

She paused then said you know me and Isaac have been having sex for some time now and you have never seen us, well I would like you to watch us while wearing a pair of nice white lacy panties and when we are done I will suck Isaac back hard so when you are on all fours cleaning his cum from my pussy he can pull those little white lacy knickers to one side so you can feel what it is like to have his cum shooting up inside of you, the way Lisa put it made it difficult for me to say anything but yes so I agreed and I was becoming more and more Lisa's cuck all the time, Lisa said that's good we can do it this Saturday.

Saturday arrived Lisa was excited and it was showing and I had succumb to Lisa's wishes and to a certain extent I think Isaac had as he had never been with a guy but Lisa told him it would be no different from giving anal to a woman from behind, with this Lisa made sure my skin was soft and smooth and pulled out a new lacy white thong for me and also white lingerie for her and we both had robes over the top, Isaac arrived and looked at Lisa and said I see you are ready for fun, Lisa took Isaac into the living room while I fetched us some drinks.

Lisa stood in front of Isaac and let her robe fall to the ground saying to him what do you think and then turned to me, I've never seen Lisa looking so sexy white Basque white stockings and white sandals with heals and a white thong all for Isaac and she looked at him saying Andrew has the same thong it holds his cock out of the way and his balls are small so when you get to him you could think its my sister from behind when you pull his thong to one side.

Lisa dropped to her knees and within moments Isaac's cock was out and in Lisa's mouth her head bobbing up and down its length going further as it grow and then Isaac held her head so his shaft was in her throat until she had to pull away for a moment and then it's was back down her throat, Lisa was allowing all this to happen and she was loving it, this is my wife that I only knew for gentle sex but this is her wild side I am now seeing this happened for a while and then her tongue was going up and down his shaft around his head until she stops to say are we going upstairs.

That was the signal for us all to head to our bedroom with the bigger bed, Isaac had unbuttoned his shirt as he went up the stairs and it took Lisa no time to remove it and the rest of his clothes, she pushed him onto the bed, her knees astride his chest pussy covered by her thong above his face and his cock back down her throat as he slap her arse saying take it bitch then pulling her thong to one side his tongue was plunging straight into her pussy.

It was more like a porn movie sex scene, Lisa's right bum cheek started going red before she climbed of Isaac. They were both knelt on the bed facing each other their mouths kissing and biting each others necks Isaac pulled the straps of Lisa's Basque off of her shoulders so she could pull her arms out.

He had her tits out in his hands his cock and balls where it her hand, there was nothing gentle about this they were like two wild animals, Lisa leaned back slightly encouraging Isaac's mouth towards her tits he took one in his mouth the other in his hand his other arm and hand around Lisa steadying her but also fingering her arse, he was sucking and biting one tit squeezing and pulling the other and finger her arse all at the same time and she was absolutely loving it then Lisa suddenly said Isaac fuck me now take me from above I want to save all you lovely cum in me for Andrew.

With Lisa on her back Isaac in between her legs leaning over her he plunged his cock straight into her pussy, she pulls her legs up the constant pounding/slapping Lisa crying out obscenities how long was she going to last the spasm of the orgasm started traveling through her body as Isaac seed started shooting deep into her, he pulled out and move up by her head so she could suck his cock hard, between the two of them Isaac was soon ready for more action, Lisa wiggled up the bed to make room for the three of us in a line and so she had a better view then looked at me and said Andrew I always give you my pussy after Isaac has fuck me come and get it I'm sure Isaac has something for you as well.

I knelt in between Lisa's legs licking her pink pussy lips with her juices and Isaac think white cum as I felt the bed move behind me, Isaac pulled my thong to one side and ran the head of his penis up and down the crack of my arse, I felt some lube and wanted to resist but knew that would make it hurt more, I tried to relax Isaac gently pushed the head of his penis into me his hands went onto my hips pushing his shaft into me, it felt like it went on for ever then he stopped I could feel him against my bum cheeks, Lisa said have you given him your full length.

Isaac said yes to which Lisa said pump him full of spunk he's getting your spunk this end now give it to him there as well, he's my little cuck and I love him and he loves me, it was hard licking out Lisa while getting pounded from behind but I think Lisa forgave me for that, Lisa was keeping an eye on Isaac and she knew just as his cum was starting to shoot into me, I could feel every twitch of his cock each time the next part of his load shot into me then it stopped Isaac stayed there motionless for a while then pulled his cock out.

Lisa said stay there Andrew and went around behind me pulled my cheeks apart and said show me that cum making me push it to my bum hole but not letting me push it out, Lisa then said now you are really devoted to me, watching another man pleasure me then taking his cum, Isaac went and had a shower and Lisa and Isaac said there goodbyes and Lisa came back to me, knelt next to me lying on the bed looking down at me and said I'm so proud of you maybe we can take this a bit further my little cuck.

I will have a shower in the morning but you can leave yours until the evening we wouldn't want to waste anything. We cuddled up, Lisa had had her rampant sex and been Miss superior now it's time for the loving side to come out although I think she has it in her mind sometime to have me on my back legs held up getting pounded while she drips spunk from her pussy into my mouth and she can watch a cock enter and slide in and out of my bum hole.


cuckold wife


Poster: Andrew