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Better in The Bahamas
My wife Debbie and I recently celebrated our 30th anniversary with a trip to the Bahamas. WE rented a deluxe condo just down the beach from Atlantis, with a private top floor sun deck and jacuzzi. We are both 56 and although our sex life has slowed in recent years, we are still pretty active. Debbie is in great shape, she works out daily and is a part time yoga instructor. She has the body of someone much younger than 56. I am an avid runner, 6'1" and about 186 lbs. We met in high school and dated for a while, losing our virginity to each other. WE broke up for 3 years when I went away to college, but reconnected at age 22 and have been together ever since. My sex life during the college years was very active. I must've been with dozens of girls. Debbie had a boyfriend for 19 months during our breakup so she had less experiences other than him. She admits to having sex with 4 other guys while we were apart. Our sex life through the years has been great. We would often role play, use toys, she would talk dirty, telling stories about past boyfriends or just make shit up to make me horny. We have never cheated, but for a while did discuss introducing a third person to our session, or even letting me watch her get fucked, but it never materialized.

SO we get to the bahamas and our condo was great. 2 bedrooms with a master suite that included a walk in shower with a tile bench that went the length. It also had two shower heads for some reason. Debbie is so sexy and on our first day she went up to the sun deck to lay out. I was a little surprised when i went up to join her on the sun deck to find her topless. She always had an adventurous side and it was near impossible for anyone to see her since it was top floor ocean facing. we spent the evening on the patio away from the sun having drinks, that when we met Matt. Matt was about ten years younger than us and a big guy. He had to be about 6'5" and 240 lbs. He was in very good shape and muscular. Matt had rented the condo next door a while back, but recently broke up with his girlfriend. We invited Matt to join us for drinks and he did. He vented about being dumped and almost didn't make the trip, but decided that he would just go alone. He was giving Deb a lot of attention. After a while, Matt left and DEb and I went to bed, both a little drunk. We fucked that night and I was asking Debbie if she thought Matt was attractive. She started talking dirty about Matt and what she wanted to do with him. She was just talking dirty but it was turning me on when she was talking about sucking his dick and fucking him. The sex that night was great and it was just talk, but I was very intrigued by the thought of Debbie with another man.

The next day we saw Matt by the pool and made small talk on our way over to the beach. Matt was in incredible shape, barely any fat on him. I commented to Debbie about his body and six pack abs and she joked at how stupid the girlfriend was to leave him. That night we had dinner at The Atlantis and hit the casino. DEb was looking great. Short white shorts with a black spaghetti strap to showing off ample cleavage and short heals. She was getting looks everywhere. WE ran into Matt again back at the condo as we were having a nightcap and he was returning from dinner - alone. He was clearly smitten with DEbbie and her outfit and commented on how beautiful she looked. He even gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug on the way out.

WE fucked again that night, again she talked about Matt in more detail. I was so turned on that after sex, we talked a little about the possibility of her fucking her. I could tell she was interested and nervous and she said she couldn't do it. I told her it turned me on and I was so sure that she loves me that I would be OK with it. SHe just dismissed this and we went to sleep.

The next day we went to the beach early, but it started to rain about midday so we retreated to the condo. We sat inside making drinks and listening to island music when we saw Matt out side. We invited him in for drinks and he obliged. The rain was monsoon like so we continued to drink and contemplate dinner we were all getting drunk. Debbie was dancing to the Island music on her setlist wearing a mesh coverup that you could see her black bikini through. Matt danced with her a few times and they were very touchy feely. Deb was drunk and took the cover up off when she used the bathroom and came out in just the bikini and the heels she wore the night before, SHe was clearly flirting with Matt. He commented on her body being so toned, especially for a 56 year old. We were getting hungry and Deb mentioned that she needed to take a shower in case we went out for dinner. I knew the chances of leaving were slim since she was pretty drunk. As she was heading into the master suite to shower, I asked if she wanted any company. She responded, "that would be nice" and off she went. She left the bedroom door open and we could hear the shower start. I peeked into the room and she had also left the bathroom door open and I could see her step into the shower. I felt that this was my chance. I called Matt over to get a peek, and he looked in to see Debbie completely naked, with her back to us in the shower. I told Matt he should join her, she said she wanted company. He was clearly interested, but afraid. I reminded him that she said she wanted company, and didn't say who. I said just walk in, if she reacts badly, come back out. He quietly walked to the entrance to the bathroom, Debbie still had her back to us knowing full well we were watching. He stepped out of his board shorts and as he stepped in he said "still want some company?' she turned to find Matt fully Naked in front of her. I couldn't see his dick, but I could tell by her reaction that it was big. Debbie is about 5'3 so Matt towered over her. She responded, "Sure Matt, come on in" He moved a bit closer as she filled her hands with body wash and began to clean his dick and balls. She looked out into the bedroom at me for any sign of approval and I nodded for her to continue. Matt leaned n and kissed her and cupped her ass they kissed passionately in the water and she was stroking his now hard dick. I got my first glimpse and it was huge. I'm guessing about 8 inches. DEbbie sat on the bench in front of him and took him into her mouth. From behind all I could see was her hands clenching his tight ass and he gently fucked her mouth. He eventually picked her up and slid his dick inside her while he was holding her. SHe started to moan - almost scream with pleasure. He fucked her for a few minutes and carried her to the bed where he continued. He flipped her over and fucked her from behind. The flesh was smacking so loud i thought the neighbors would hear it. He flipped her on he back when she finally came. He stood up on the floor and pulled her to the edge of the bed with her legs straight up and fucked her hard until he came. As he pulled out, she jerked the cum out of his dick onto her belly. There was a little bit of awkward silence and he walked back into the shower that was still running. I told her i was fine with what happened and asked her how it was, she just responded "incredible" She joined Matt in the shower, using the second shower head to just rinse off. We had a few more drinks before Matt went home. We went to sleep and when we woke up in the morning, we discussed it. DEb said it was by far the biggest dick she ever had and was worried about how i felt I truly was ok with it. Deb acknowledged that she has been a faithful wife and had some guilt and i just said it was enjoyable for me too and not let it affect the next 3 days there. It didn't.

That day, Matt came over to see what our plans were. We had intended to stay on the sundeck when Debbie invited him to join us. He joined us a little while later with a bottle of rum and I let him in and brough him upstairs only to find Debbie topless again. SHe clearly wasnt letting it affect her. We spent the afternoon chatting and drinking, Debbie topless the whole time. We were standing by a high top table when DEb came over to us and dropped to her knees and pulled our shorts down. No words were spoken as she licked and sucked both of our dicks, FRom one to another. It was incredible. I remember her stroking my dick with her left had, while stroking his with her right while sucking his balls. I came first, all over Debs face and in her mouth. SHe hadnt done that in 15 years. Then Matt came. She opened her mouth and jerked him onto her face and into her mouth. SHe squeezed the last bit of cum out and swallowed it.

We didn't see Matt that nigh. but the next day he came over in the morning and fucked Debbie from behind standing up over the couch while I was in the shower. I came out to see them finishing up. The last day was a full blown threesome. We spit roasted her, and took turns fucking her. I was worn out, and had no cum left inside me at my age. On the last day, Matt came to say goodbye and Deb gave him a blowjob while I watched as he sat on the couch. He thanked us for the best vacation and we exchanged numbers, but Deb indicates she got it all out of her system and had no intentions of doing this again. I ofetn wonder what our


cuckold wife

Poster: Jack