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Wife Fucked her Ex Boyfriend
So first some back story. Back in high school, I was friends with my wifes then boyfriend. He was a freshman at the time, and I was a senior. I had never met his girlfriend as she went to a different school, but he showed me pics of her every now and then because I always joked about her not being real.

Fast forward four years, and I am at a party and meet a very attractive and fit brunette. We get to talking and eventually leave to go out to my truck and head back to my place. but instead we end up having sex in my front seat.

We started dating that week and getting to know each other better. She finds out what school I went to and tells me she use to date a guy that went there. I asked her what his name was to see if I knew him. It turns out to be my friend, they dated for three years and have been broken up for a year by this point when she found out he had been cheating on her with other girls, and I hadn't really been talking to him anymore since I started working and he still had three years of school left when I graduated, so I didn't know any of this.

We end up dating for three years before getting married.

Five years into our marriage now, I end up getting a message on Instagram, Its my buddy from high school. He tells me about how he has been in the military for the last seven years and we have a laugh about me being married to his ex. I tell my wife about it and she thinks its funny we are talking again.

I find out he lives close to the city I live in now and that he also plays a lot of Call Of Duty. We end up playing COD almost every night and becoming pretty close friends over the next six months.

He tells me all about how he has been and that he has only had two girlfriends since my wife and him broke up in high school, but while he was dating her he did mention that he did cheat on her with a few girls from our school, but I already knew this since she had told me all about them.

Well, a couple months ago, he tells me he is going to be deploying for a base in another country. I tell him that sucks because we haven't even got to hang out in person since we started talking again, and he is also pretty bummed out about selling his truck and moving his stuff. He agrees to hanging out and we end up setting up a date for him to come over on a Friday.

My wife is happy for me inviting him over to hang out with him since he has told me he doesn't really have many friends in the area anymore. She told me she could just stay up stairs when he is over, but I told her its fine, and that I don't mind if she hangs out with him and I and we can all catch up over some drinks.

That Friday afternoon comes around and he comes over. Him and I end up hanging out, talking, and drinking a couple beers for a bit before my wife comes down from putting our kid to sleep.

I told her she could join us, and she came over and grabbed a beer as well and sat by me on the couch. The first thing my friend said is "Well, you look a little different" to my wife. I laugh and say "you can tell him if you want" She looks at me and then back at him and laughs and says "Yeah, I got a boob job Five months ago"

She was a B cup when Her and I started dating and she got her new ones to a 34D. Since we weren't having anymore kids, she thought she should get some new ones since they had got a little droopy from breast feeding.

He laughs and says "cool, cool, I gotcha" and he says sorry for bringing it up though. I laugh and say "its all good man, she isn't hiding the fact she got them"

We end up getting off the subject and talking about our jobs. I bring up the fact that I do part time photography for one of my wifes friends that is an OF girl and Fashion influencer with a pretty big following.

He says "Damn dude, your wife lets you like take nudes of her friend for OF?" I laugh and say "yep" and my wife says "im with him on some of the shoots and help out with the modeling and makeup"

He then tells me im one lucky dude and jokingly says to my wife "So when are you starting an OF?" She looks at me with a kind of surprised look on her face and I look back at her and raise my eyebrows and motion towards him as if im tell her to tell him something.

She says to me "does he know?" I say "I haven't said anything to him"

He says "No way! you have one!" She looks back at him and says "Yep, started it about eight months ago"

He looks back to me and says "You lucky fucker"

By this point we had all had a few beers and were a little past buzzed and I said "If its ok with her I can show you some of the pictures on my computer"

She says she is fine with it and we all got to my office. She sits on my lap and he sits in another office chair i have at my desk. We start going through the pictures of her only in her bra and underwear, before she says "I guess you can show him the nudes too, He technically has seen me naked before"

I laugh and agree. I start going through her nudes and he keeps telling my how lucky I am and that her new boobs looks great.

We get to a few pictures of her playing with herself and I start to get a little turned on and start rubbing my wifes inner thigh while she is sitting on my lap, she is wearing very thin yoga pants. I start to notice him looking like he might be getting turned on as well, as he "adjusted" himself a few times.

At this point, I had started barely rubbing a finger past her pussy while rubbing her inner thigh. She was getting pretty turned on and I could feel her moving back and forth on top of me and her breaths were getting a little longer and deeper.

I got to a video of her fingering her pussy and hit play. Ten seconds into it he said "thats hot as fuck dude" I said back to him "yeah, her pussy is amazing" and when I said it I started rubbing her pussy through her yoga pants.

She put her head back and let out a breath. She loved having her clit and pussy rubbed and it was a major turn on for her. Once you started rubbing her, she was always ready to go.

I started kissing her neck and rubbing her pussy through her yoga pants while she was on my lap. I took my right hand off the mouse, lifted her shirt and started rubbing her boobs. They were both showing now as she wasn't wearing a bra. His eyes went right for them.

He looked at them and said "Fuck, those are perfect, To be honest Im turned on right now man" I said "Me to, you can touch them if its ok with her" She just nodded yes. I could feel her getting wet through her yoga pants.

His hands went for her boobs and I took her shirt all the way off. As soon as his hands started rubbing her boobs I could tell she was very turned on. She started rubbing her butt against my lap side to side.

I pulled her yoga pants down while she was still on my lap and started rubbing her wet pussy lips and clit. She was soaking wet.

She then said "are we doing this?" I said I think so, if you want to" She nodded and said Yes. My friend then said "have you guys done this before?" I said "no, she has only ever been with me and you" He then said "this is so fucking hot" I then grabbed his hand and put in on her pussy. she was still on my lap with her legs spread.

He started rubbing her pussy before starting to finger her while I was still kissing her neck and rubbing her boobs.

This went on for a couple minutes before she got up and pulled my pants down and started blowing me for about five seconds before reaching over to him and pulling his shorts down as well. she started going back and forth between us sucking our dicks.

I'm not sure how long it lasted before I said "want to got to the couch?" She looked up at me, eyes wide open and nodded yes.

I stood up and helped her up and we all went to the living room. She laid on the long part of the couch and spread her legs, I was on one side and he was on the other. We took turns rubbing her pussy and her tits before i said "want to fuck her?" He said "oh my god yes... uhhh I don't have any condoms" She then said "neither do we, I'm on birth control. want to?" he said yes again and she got on top of him and guided his dick to her pussy.

From what she had told me about their sex life, they always used condoms and he never came in her.

She slowly went down and then back up before starting to go faster and faster. she started moaning a little bit and I stood up on the couch and she started sucking my dick while she was bouncing up and down on him.

this lasted maybe five minutes before he said "where should I cum?" She just said "no not yet" and started going faster and faster before he said he is going to cum. She just kept going and i heard him let out a gasp. Her came in her pussy and she was still going. she then went all the way down on him before slowly getting up and when his dick came out of her, her pussy was dripping with his cum.

she then motioned for my to get down before she got on top of me. My dick slid in her so easy since she was lubed up with his cum. She started bouncing up and down on me before motioning to him to come closer and she started sucking his dick while she was riding me. It was so fucking hot.

I ended up cumming in her too.

We ended up stopping and laying there for a bit before I said. "Want to go again"? She said yes and we ended up fucking again and both cumming in her again as well. the second time lasted about an hour.

We all ended up falling asleep on the couch after.

The next morning we woke up and he left after telling us thanks like a hundred times. He came back every few days and every weekend for a couple months before he ended up deploying.


cuckold wife

Poster: JD