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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


We started Late = Big Willys Wife here PT 3
We started late Big Willys wife her part 3

I know some of you have been reading my husband’s stories and that they may differ from mine. When I started telling him what went on while away I kind of used fake names and sometimes fake stories.

He knew Carol and her husband so being we were military families I did not know if they might follow each other on FB, so I gave him some false stories to write about.

I knew after the first time I told him what went on the first time, he was getting turned on. When we had sex he would do me two or three times in the night. If he reads these he will know the real story now.

Two weeks after the husband left, I get a call from Carol wanting to know if I wanted to go out that Friday night and her husband would watch the k ids. I told her yes and she asked if I could drive since she planned to get wasted but would have a real hangover the next day. She said check out time would be eleven and she would be awake but no way able to drive.

I said yes I would and would not get too wasted just enough to be relaxed. She said and since your husband is not here to dress sexy with no bra or panties, that we were going to have lots of fun that night. I told her I would try to do it but I wasn’t sure I could do it. She said at least no bra and I could do the panties latter.

When Friday night came I went to Carol’s dropped the k id off with her husband then she and I took off for the club with Carol giving directions on how to get there. As we were driving I asked Carol if her husband knew what she was doing and she said yes. She told me before they had ki ds they had done some swinging.

He realized then that she had a big sexual drive. She said he also liked to watch her having sex with men. After she had the ki ds her sex drive became stronger and they could not go to the clubs. So he told her if she could find a club that had male stripper and wild sexual encounters he would let her go and get her needs satisfied.

She did a little searching around and talked to some of their old swinger friends and found the club we were going to. I asked her if he wanted to have different women and she said no. When she gets home from a night out at the club he fucks her about four or five times a week, which makes her happy. She asked me how I like Jouan, and I said he was great.

I was so sore for the next three days that when n my husband wanted sex I gave him a blow job. I made the excuse I might be getting a bladder infection. I can’t believe he made me cum so many times. Carol said that’s why I like to fuck black men more than any other men.

Carol said if I like Jouan the when a certain waiter comes to our table I’ll nod my head and you ask him if he is taken, if he says no then you take him. I promise you will be more than satisfied, since my husband is watching the little one and yours is overseas we can stay as long as possible.

If you like what is going on I’ll call him and let him know we’ll spend the next night. I said OK with me is he black? she said yes , hung like a horse and can fuck a long time. Carol said since we will be letting our hair down tonight I’m going to spice things up for me.

You can watch and maybe join in later. I said what are you going to do. Carol said wait and see you will be fucking a lot if you want to. Once we got into the club I felt a little more at ease from the last time I was there. When the came to serve us I had no problem reaching out a touching their dicks or stroking the asses.

I was waiting for Carol to give me the signal the next one that came to the table she asked him if he was taken and he replied no so she said now you are Derrick.

Two more came by and I had a real buzz on and I gave one a small bj while he took our drink order. He looked like he was well hung but when I looked over a Carol she shook her head no. I went ahead a little more when he came back with the drinks and began stroking his dick for a few minutes (at least it kept him hard).

Carol waited till the new waiter came around and she asked him if he was up for a little company, if he was not taken she wanted him that night. I looked over at her and she smiled. She then told me she was in for two men tonight. She asked me if I could handle watching what might take place and I said it might be fun.

I had finished my drink and one of the waiters we hadn’t seen came over to the table and said my name is Jamar what would you lovely ladies like to drink. He was about 5'10” which is my height but when I looked down he definitely was packing. He wasn’t rigid but had a gradual curve to his dick and looked to be about 2” across.

I knew if Carol didn’t shake her head yes that I was going to ask him if he was taken for the night. I reached out and began playing with his cock and it started to stiffen up. I realized that he was going to be about 12” when he got fully hard.

I looked over at Carol and she was shaking her head yes. I continued to play with Jamar’s cock and ask him if he was taken for the night and he said no. I then said Carol and I have a room for the night and I want to spend it with you. Are you OK with another guy in the room.

He said yes he was use to it. We stayed thru the show where a woman volunteered to go on stage and took two men at one time with the crowd enjoying every minute. Some of the waiters were getting blow jobs from some of the women in the crowd or getting jerked off.

Another waiter came by and asked for our order before last call a Carol looked at me and then at him and said was he taken for the night and he said no. She said I have one scheduled already but I can handle two men what do you say. He told her OK will she be in the room too, I said yes but I already got some one coming with me.

Carol said what do we call you and he said Raul. When the club closed Jamar came over and said are you ready to go, I said yes and stood up and swayed a little on purpose where he had to put his hand around me to steady me. Raul and Derrick came over, Carol stood up and stumbled so they put their arms around her to help her walk out.

She had a big smile on her face as she walked pass the other women. Little did Carol know that on one of my little girls room break I took off my panties and put them in the trash can. There was no turning back now. As we were walking to the room Jamar began to play with my ass and before I knew it he had hiked my sundress up exposing my bare ass.

He began to play with it which made me get wet and I was looking forward to fucking him. When we got inside room I immediately pulled my dress off and went to one of the beds, sitting down on it waiting for Jamar to come over to me.

Carol took her dress off, went to the other bed after she got out a bottle of lube. She looked at me and said we will both need this before the night is over. It did not take the guys long to get naked and head toward the beds. When Jamar stood between my legs I reached over and began giving him head while I began jacking him off.

I could only get about three inches in my mouth due to his girth and used both hands one on top[p of each other jacking him off. Mean while Carol had sat down on the bed with her two guys standing each side of her and she was alternating suck one then the other.

She looked a me and stopped sucking and said get the lube out, lube him up, lube yourself up real good, then you ride him reverse cowgirl so you can gauge how deep he goes. That way you can go as slow as you want till your all the way down. Believe me you can git it all in but just go slow. OK sweet.

I said OK and Raul laid back across the he was fully engorged and I crawled up on the bed with the lube in my hand and applied a generous amount on my pussy and then lathered his hot rigid cock.

I threw my leg over his body where my back was to Raul and began to rub his cock up and down my pussy lips. When I looked up I say Carol on her hands and knees with Derick fucking her pussy while she was sucking on Raul’s dick. I figured this was what was going to happen.

I finally put Jamar’s dick in the opening to my pussy and pushed down a little. I could feel him starting to slide into my pussy with a little pain but I stopped and watched what was going on across from me. I eased up a little and forced myself down a little more.

I looked down a saw I had Jamar half way in. I looked back over at Carol and say that her two guys had shifted places. I wondered to myself if I could do something like that. I had gone this far in two visits to the club and now fucking one of the biggest dicks I had ever seen.

I lifted up once again once I got use to it being half way in and plunged down again when I felt his pubic bone on my pussy lips. I rested once again and got use to him filling me all the way up. I placed my hands on either side of his knees and began to grind up and down when I began to feel an orgasm starting.

I continued until I fell forward with a mind blowing orgasm. While I was in that position Jamar pulled himself in a kneeling position between my legs and pulled my ass off the bed and drove hiss dick all the way into me. He began to pound me hard and fast, he continued with me having three more orgasms each one just as good as the first.

He continued for a while longer when I felt him begin to swell a whole lot more then he rammed in deep inside me and I felt the pulsating of his cock ass he came. We both fell flat on the bed and started watching Carol and her two guys getting her pussy and mouth.

More to come in Chapter 4


cuckold wife


Poster: Bigwilly