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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


We started Late - Big Willys Wife here PT 2
We started late Big Willy’s wife part 2

When we got to the motel, I whispered to Carol how was this going down. She said we were going in the room together and fuck their brains out.

Then if you want to swap I’ll take Jock and you can have Juan either way we both get fucked for about 4 hours . Then we would sleep the rest of the night get one last fuck in the morning and go home.

I looked at her and smiled, I got one to give back to the husband. She said what and I told her about him being with a woman in Key West. In that case we will not let my husband know anything.

Our story will be we were just to drunk and went to a motel and crashed. She told me that we would go in and sit on the beds, have another drink, talk a little bit and let things take a natural course. What is the one hang up you have. I told her that I was a little nervous watching her have sex. She told me did I enjoy the two girls on the stage and I said yes it made me hot.

She asked what would I have done if she was one of the volunteers. She said I would have watched. OK she said, you have jacked Jock off, played with his butt, gave him a blow job, so the only thing that is left is to fuck him.

You played a little bit with Juan so that should not bother you. I said OK lets do it, we walked into the room and there were two king sized beds in the room so we both sat on one. The guys asked if we wanted another drink and we both said yes.

Since I was already smashed I drank mine down in one gulp. Jock sat next to me and started kissing me on the lips, and started kissing my neck which is the one thing that starts my motor running. I threw my arms around him and started kissing him more. He then started playing with my tits and I thought what the heck lets get this started. I looked over at Carol and she was already nude giving Jouan a blow jog.

I looked a Jock and started playing with hid dick through his pants. He then started pulling off my blouse, then my bra and started playing with my tits sucking on them. He then started rubbing my pussy and pulled my panties aside and stuck one finger in me. That was it, I stood up and took everything off and got totally naked. I just happened to look over a Carol and Joan and they were already fucking.

I watched for a minute or more and I saw how big he was and he was huge. Jock had gotten up and took his clothes off and I looked at him and saw he was bigger than I remember. He started to push me back on the bed indicating he wanted to eat me out.

I told him I wanted to suck his dick. So we compromised and we did a 69, since I was on top I had a lot of time to watch Carol and Juan fucking. At some point she did a reverse cow girl and I got to watch her naked pussy sliding up and down on Juan’ black dick, I could tell she was getting ready to cum and Juan was right behind her I saw the both stop and grab each other while they rode their orgasms out. He held her close and pumped her full. I could then see his juices seeping our between her pussy lips and his dick.

They sat up on the bed and went to the shower. When they came out Carol walked over the our bed and said give my your hand, I did and she pulled me off the bed with a smile on her face. She then said that is your bed for the rest of the night.

I saw you watching me fucking Juan and now for the rest of the night you will be able to fuck him. I had never had a black man before and was a little nervous about fucking him. He and Jock were about the same size but I was still a little nervous. Since we were both naked there was little left too be shy about.

As I sat on the bed he sat next to me on the bed and began to kiss me and play with my breast which got me a little turned on. He laid me back on the bed and began playing with my pussy, sliding fingers in and I finally reached for his BBC and started playing with it. I looked at it and knew I was going to fuck him all night.

I opened my legs a little wider and told him I wanted him to fuck me. He got on top and I reached between my legs grabbed his cock and placed it at my now slick entrance and told him to fuck me till I pass out. He began to penetrate me and I would match his thrusts until our pubes met. He continued to thrust until I screamed I’m cumming and then he just went wild speeding up until I could feel him begin to cum.

We both hit that point together. He pushed his cock into me and continued to cum as I finished my orgasm. I could feel him squirting into me and when he finished, I thought he would start going soft but he didn’t. He pulled out long enough when he told me to roll over and get on my hands and knees, which I did.

He then placed his dick at my entrance and shoved it in with one stroke. He began to move faster and faster, thrusting all the way in. He continued pounding into me giving me 3 orgasms one after the other, after the third one I told him I needed him to stop where I could recover and rest a while.

He said you haven’t passed out and I want to come my self. He slowed it down but he started to long thrusts, pulling out till he head almost came out but then he’d slam it all the way in. I had one more orgasm and then fell forward with him continuing to fuck me.

I knew I would not last much longer and just laid there waiting for him to come. I don’t remember him cumming but he began shaking me and said are you OK? I said yes I must have passed out. He said we’ll I did what you asked, let’s rest a while and then we will have one last fuck. I told him that was good, I really can’t believe I haven’t tried a black man before now. I certainly will have to get some more after my husband goes to Korea for 13 months.

I hope we can get back together again especially if my k id goes to visit his dad during the summer. When he does you can come to my house and Carol can come over with her friends. He replied, I really like that.

Carol overheard us talking and said yes that would be nice we can trade off all night then. He laughed and said I wonder who will last the longest. We laid together and spooned before drifting off.

Both guys knew we would have to get up early so they set the alarm for 6 and drifted off with us. Some where around 6 I was woken up by a very stiff cock being pushed into my pussy from the back side. I just rolled onto my stomach and Juan took me that way. He was fucking me like there was no tomorrow and I was enjoying every bit of it.

I was getting close to an orgasm and let him know. He sped his thrust up and just after I had my orgasm he exploded in my pussy. We laid there for a while getting our breath, and then got up and went to the shower. When we came out Carol and Jock was fucking up a storm and we laid there watching them.

They finished and took a shower then we all got dresses and we headed home. On the way home Carol asked me if I had fun and liked what happened. I told her at first I was a little nervous but a few drinks made it easier. Carol asked would I be up to doing it again once my husband left and I said yes it was fun.

I really want some more black cock. She said let’s plan for it two weeks after you husband leaves. I said OK, same club and she said of course.

Stand by for next part.


cuckold wife


Poster: We started late Big willys wife here pt2