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Medy Part 2
In part one I tell how I met my Filipina wife while stationed in her country. She was only nineteen and shy. After returning to the states and being a stay at home mom to our daughter for five years. She became a realtor and was very good at it, her shyness gave way to the confident woman she is today.

Medy is very pretty and always drew attention from other men. I slowly exposed her to my fantasy of her having sex with another man. Eventually she did with another realtor named Gary.

He is twenty years her senior and a very successful realtor and devout bachelor. I watched her have sex with him while hiding in his closet. From that point on I was hooked as was she.

This part takes place a couple weeks after that first encounter. Gary works at a different branch office on the other side of our city. So they wouldn’t see each other at work. But he did text her multiple times telling her how much he enjoyed having sex with her and wanted to do it again soon.

One night while we were watching television in bed. He texted her asking if she would do lunch with him the next day. He had a house showing on our side of town and would like to get together.

Medy asked me if I minded adding that it mostly like would lead to more than lunch, I told her to go for it. Which led to some hot sex between us that night.

I wasn’t expecting how it all played out but was happy how it did. Gary took her to a high end restaurant. After all he had an image to maintain. I got a text from Medy telling me to answer the phone but don’t say anything. Which I thought was weird but played along.

Long story short I listened to them talk real-estate for only a short time before it changed to sex. Gary straight forward like asked her to have sex with him that afternoon. Medy played with him for a while to the point he was almost begging her.

She agreed but for reasons only she knew she told Gary she wasn’t cheating on me because I already knew about them. Gary Cooley responded how he could appreciate the idea of a “modern marriage”,

I had to admit her putting it out there gave me the reassurance I didn’t realize I needed. Gary deals mostly in very high end real state both private and commercial. He asked Medy if she had every been in a million dollar property. She hadn’t and off they went after she hung up the phone.

My overactive mind had all kinds of kinky stuff happening. I was literally on top of a home I was doing an inspection on trying to focus on the task at hand. When my phone rang again. When I picked it there was a long silence the Medy asked in a breathy tone if I was busy.

Before I could answer she let out a long moan. I answered he that I wasn’t busy. She gasped a little telling me Gary was editing her pussy so good. I was instantly hard sitting on a roof with my back against a chimney.

She asked me if I wanted to listen while her fucked her. I gave her a dry mouth yes as a response. There was some movement before she announced he was inside of her and it felt so good. Followed by what sounded like a hand slapping ass.

Medy groaned telling him to fuck her hard. Gary did just that as he talked dirty to her and probably for my benefit. She let me know when he was pulling her long black hair. Or when she was going to cum. He was excited asking her if she liked another man’s cock in her pussy. Which she replied she was.

Finally, he came with a very dramatic announcement. Medy told me she loved me before hanging up. I climbed off the roof still hard from what just occurred. I couldn’t wait to talk to her later.

As soon as we had our daughter in bed. I insisted she tell me everything. She teased me a little at first before we sat on the couch. She told me the mansion he took her to was amazing. How he gave her a complete tour and told her how much he would make on successful sale.

Of course the tour ended in the master bedroom. Where I listened to them fuck. She explained how hot it was to have sex in such a place. Reminding me of her humble beginnings.

An impish grin came over her face. She told me that knowing I was listening made her so hot. That after short break she let him fuck her again but this time standing out on an upper level balcony bent over a railing.

I was hard and she played with my cock as she gave me details. With very little foreplay she was riding my cock to a great orgasm right in our living room. She finished me off with a very passionate blow job.

She and Gary hooked up once every couple weeks over the next year. I was able to listen in often or get some hot pictures after they fucked. This came to an end when Gary crossed the line and asker her to leave me.

I was surprised to be honest how easily she put him down. I worried a little some type of emotional attachment had formed. I now worried that the fun was over. I obviously didn’t comprehend why I had awakened in Medy.

About a month later she asked me if I could rent a luxury car and play chauffeur for her. She had got a lead on a prospective high end client from another state looking for a home in our city. Ironically lead came from Gary. She wanted to impress him with top notched customer service.

I felt goofy dressed up in a suit driving my wife to a hotel to pick up a total stranger. Medy went inside and return a short while later with a tall slender man who looked like he was Indian or middle-eastern. He was late forties early fifties with dark hair and complexion.

That was the first I noticed she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. She didn’t introduce us. She simply mentioned a restaurant and my name. I sat outside for almost two hours waiting for them.

When they did come they were both clearly tipsy. We dropped him off at his hotel with plans on picking him up the next day to begin looking at properties. Medy had scheduled visits so they all ended around dinner time.

After visiting two large estates it was obvious Medy was openly flirting with him. With him responding in kind. It was no surprise when he asked her to join him for dinner again.

We went home first wear she showered and changed into something far more sexier. We picked him up at his hotel and again I found myself waiting outside for a couple hours.

When they came out this time they were both more tipsy than the last time. Medy casually asked me to take the long way back to his hotel. I spent the next thirty minutes taking peaks of them making out in the back seat. She moaned as he kissed her playing with her breast. She was clearly rubbing his cock through his pants.

When arrived at his hotel he asked her if she would come up to his room for a nightcap. She told me to park the car and go inside to have a drink while I waited. After ordering a drink I got her text with his room number and her telling me she would let me listen over the phone.

My heart was racing with excitement. I moved away from the bar to a more secluded spot. Time passed slowly then the phone rang. Putting it to my ear I could hear them talking about how good dinner was and how much he liked the homes she had shown him.

It wasn’t long after that I could tell they were kissing. Followed by the obvious sounds of her giving him some primo head. I could tell by her reaction when he entered her and he was obviously well endowed. She asked him to go slow.

Soon she was panting and telling him his cock was so big she was almost ready to cum. She adapted quickly because he found a steady rhythm that was driving her crazy with lust. She was getting the fuck of her life and we both knew it.

He lasted quite a long time before asking her where he should cum. She instantly responded, “Cum inside me!”.

He did as she asked with her joining him in another orgasm of her own. He said something to her I couldn’t understand. Moments later I got a text telling me to pick her up in the morning.

It took me a while to get to sleep after getting home. I’m the morning I got a text to pick her up in an hour. She also sent a picture of him lying on the bed asleep. His cock looked huge even flaccid. The bed was a mess the spread on the floor and the sheets all twisted.

The next day went much the same with him putting an offer on a huge house. The offer was accepted and they celebrated with another all night fuck-a-thon. I of course got to listen in to some of it. Including there farewell shower fucking before we dropped him off at the airport.

It was a little weird weeks later dropping her off at his house warming partying where she met his wife and four children. She made a ton of money off the deal while getting the best sex of her life.

She has since made many more high end deals thanks to referrals from her first client. She didn’t have sex with all of them…just the ones she wanted to.


cuckold wife


Poster: Daniel