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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Life with Debbie
I am 75 and my wife Debbie is 68. She was 28 when we married and I knew that she had slept with a lot of men before me. We were both school teachers and met when she transferred to the school I was already teaching at. The first time I met her I knew I had to have her. She was and still is beautiful and I did my best to get a date with her.

She let me fuck her on the first date. She told me after I had cum in her the very first time that she had wanted me to ask her out from the moment she first saw me. She also told me, that me taking my time and being worried that she would refuse was amusing. So, we dated, fucked at every opportunity and semi lived together for 2 years. She had a very large appetite for sex. We each kept our own place for the sake of our school professional appearance. That way, we each had a separate address.

We both wanted to marry but Debbie was worried that she couldn’t be faithful and would cheat on me. I told her that someone with her looks and body, I understood and that I didn’t expect her to remain monogamous. But I begged her not to cheat and just to make sure I knew about it and not to hide it.

As if or for both of us to prove a point, she fucked a young trainee teacher fresh out of college just before we married. He came to our school and was in my charge while he got some classroom experience. I invited him to Debbie’s flat and after a few wines she took him to our bed and he fucked her while I waited in the sitting room. I caught glimpses of them through the half closed door. I enjoyed the night as much as they both did. When he left after midnight, I then fucked Debbie who was so full of his cum. Her pussy was sloppy seconds at its best. That was my first time and I loved it. Debbie knew I would as she had let other boyfriends experience the unique sensation.

Once we married, she never held back. She loved the security of marriage and the free ticket to have sex with whoever she liked. We never had children. We did try for a while but it was not meant to be. We were tested and I was fine. This delighted Debbie as after that she never worried with the pill. This has worked in her favour as her pussy has remained tight. In fact, she feels exactly the same as the first time I slipped into her. Many lovers have commented to me and of course to her of neat and refined love hole. It is very elastic and readily adjusts to varying cock size.

She had stumbled across some large ones on occasions. But her pussy always returns quickly (a matter of hours) to her old self and I have enjoyed her tight slippery self. She has the ability to milk your cock. So much, that she sometimes has delighted in making a sex partner cum when he was desperately trying to hold back and demonstrate how good a lover he is. You could say, she likes to take charge.

Debbie has one rule, she won’t sleep with a lover the whole night. She always returns to me and we sleep together. This has always been her way. She is not particularly fond of letting me watch. Not straight up, that is.

An example of that is for quite a few years we used to have a special lover visit. He would be in town with his work, usually for one night. His work would book a hotel nearby but he never stayed there. He would arrive at ours in the evening and Debbie and he would fuck in the spare room. I would keep myself busy and at about 11pm Debbie and I would go to our room. He would have fucked her at least twice.

Once in our bed I would inspect her, which she loved and she would whisper how her night went and what he did. I would then slide into her and we would have a very memorial fuck. She knew I liked to make it last and she never played the cock squeezing card on me at these times. She wanted to keep cumming herself and let me have my fun as well.

When we woke in the morning she would quickly go to the bathroom and when she returned she would call her lover to our room. He would play with her a little but usually entered her fairly quickly and gave her a good vigorous fuck. While he was doing that, I would lie beside them and watch his cock pumping in and out of her. Her pussy would be a perfect circle as it stretched around his considerable circumference. Debbie would be massaging my cock all the while.

She was always careful not to let me cum as she wanted me after he had finished. She has perfect control and sometimes when he made her cum she would gently squeeze my balls which made my orgasm subside. Another thing I experienced myself and saw Debbie do with lover was kiss him very hard and passionately when she came during intercourse. It was like a “thank you”. She would lock onto my or the lovers mouth, her tongue exploring deep inside as her orgasm subsided. Very hot to witness and it certainly spurred the giver onto taking her there again.

When her lover had cum in her, she would kiss him and thank him for this great fuck and caress his ego by telling him he was a wonderful lover. She would go telling him how good the previous night was and she would praise his beautiful cock by giving it a kiss and a lick. She would tell him she couldn’t wait until she saw him again. I loved it when she talked like that. He loved it too but she knew she was making me even more hotter for her.

He would then head for the shower and I would climb onto her. After watching him, her playing with my cock and then her thanking act to her lover, I was ready to burst but I controlled it and savoured ever stroke as my cock splashed in and out of her well used pussy. He was always very considerate and never appeared again in our room till we had finished He would have showered and be dressed. He always timed it so I had cum and finished. We would all then head downstairs for coffee and breakfast on the go. We all liked our morning conversations which somewhat relived the nights sexual antics.

By this stage Debbie and I worked at different schools. Mine was further away and it was a rush to get there beside school commenced. Debbie would clean up as best she could but liked to carry the night’s passion with her through the day. This was before mobile phones. She would often call me at my desk in the staff room at morning break to tell me that loads of male cum from her 2 lovers was still running out of her pussy and her panties were saturated. She used to take spare pairs with her and show me the results later that evening.

But time moves on and for the past 3 years or so, Debbie has concentrated her extramarital exercise to 2 men. She has known them for years. One was a trainee teacher like the other one I described previously. This chap was in his very early 20’s and Debbie was 46 when he came under her direction at her then school. He was a very handsome, strong well built young fellow who had no trouble attracting the ladies but as Debbie found out, was a very inexperienced in loving techniques. He soon became hooked on Debbie and she showed him what a lady needed. He learnt well.

He had other girlfriends and later married and now has teenage children. These girlfriends and his wife benefited from Debbie’s detailed coaching. This lover still admits she is the best he has ever had. He teaches at a school nearby us and is now head of his department. Often he steals himself away for an hour or so to be with Debbie.

The other is a retired gentleman who was also in the teaching profession. He was a headmaster at a school where Debbie taught. They fucked regularly while she was at his school. They have now got together again. He is a similar age to her and he has plenty of time. His wife has decided that she is past having sex so Debbie is his outlet.

He calls to say he is on his way and then takes a blue pill. The Viagra gives him the edge for more than a couple of hours play. Debbie is well fucked when he leaves. She is only too happy to let me take her after him. I am more than willing but to date I haven’t needed any medical help with my performance. I do fail though if Debbie and I have had sex some hours before his visit. Debbie understands, so we try to schedule his visits to suit us.

That’s our simple but happy life. I recommend it to anyone. A satisfied and happy wife is a very happy life. Interestingly, Debbie is exactly the same weight as when I first met her. Her body is still amazing. She is fit and supple. A steady diet of sex works wonders.


cuckold wife


Poster: Sir