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Why him?
I was about to turn fifty years old. Well my birthday was still about six months away. However, for my wife Vicki it was always right around the corner. She would ask me what I wanted for my birthday every year. Like every other birthday for the last ten years I repeated the same thing. To watch her have sex with another man.

We both had successful careers and made good money. We didn’t have any children but plenty of nieces and nephews to borrow when the parental urges hit us. There wasn’t anything material that I really wanted or needed. She would blow my birthday wish fantasy off every time.

She just rolled her eyes like many times before and called me a pervert. I knew she was planning a surprise birthday party. Well because that’s what she did every year. Even though I knew, they proved to be something special each time.

Vicki is eight years my junior. She looks even younger than her forty two years. She is slim with smaller breast, but I was always an ass and leg man anyway. She had both a great ass, thick and firm and long firm legs. She had the sexiest tattoo of butterflies on her upper left thigh.

She looks very young in that perfect ivory girl complexion kind of way. Her hair is still a perfect natural platinum blonde color. Cut straight and comes down to just above her shoulders. She is an avid runner and gym rat. Resulting in her looking fit yet retaining her feminine allure.

The months leading up to my birthday were brutal at work. We had some pretty drastic deadlines to meet. We are team based which makes for a pretty competitive work environment.

This time the added pressure came in the form of our CEO announcing that recent vacated VP position would be awarded to the team leader that not only came in ahead of schedule but made the largest quarterly profit.

Well one of those team leaders was me. The other two were Paul and Scott. I wasn’t worried about Paul because he never makes his deadlines. Scott on the other hand and I had always been adversarial with each other.
Not only at work but in other things like racquetball or golf and the material things in life. I will admit I could be very arrogant at times. But Scott was the poster child for being arrogant. He was a few years younger and a self professed bachelor for life.

Every function we attended he was hardly ever with the same woman twice. Most of them were very pretty. But none of them as pretty as Vikki. I knew he thought so as well and that gave me a sense of having one up on him. I once told him I was more about quality than quantity. The look on his face told me I had hit a nerve. It was a great moment for me in our ongoing personality struggle. Vicki didn’t care for him to much. She would often say how over the top full of himself he could be.

Well as fate would have it Scott barely beat me out and was awarded the promotion. On the outside I congratulated him. However, on the inside I was as pissed off as I had ever been.

Vicki did her best to stroke my bruised ego over the defeat. She was extra attentive and loving. We had to continue to attend all the company functions. The next one would be used to give the formal announcement of Scott’s promotion. I manned up and put on my happy face for the event.

Scott’s acceptance speech was so predictable. He definitely used the pronoun “I” a lot. Thankfully, that part ended and the social part began. I had a little more to drink and enjoyed dancing with Vikki. I reminded myself that I still had her in my life.

I got sucked into a work conversation with a group of co-workers. Vicki was whisked away by some of the other dates to save her from our tedious discussion. Sometime later we reconnected and continued the night socializing and having some drinks.

Then like a shark striking an unsuspecting swimmer Scott pops up to gloat. I was about to say something I regretted. Vicki casually squeezed my arm. I congratulated him again with a strained smile on my face. I was hoping that would be it and he would leave. Instead her turned his smile to Vicki telling her she looked beautiful as usual. Normally she would give him an polite but uninterested response. This time she thanked him and congratulated him on his promotion.

The result was he stayed there talking to us for what seemed like for ever. Making matters worse was Vicki was laughing at his jokes and acting like she was genuinely interested. Finally, he moved on but not before reminding me we had a morning tee time and he was looking forward to taking my money. Giving me the fake finger gun and a wink before walking away.

On the drive home I asked Vicky why she fed his ego. She told me it was better to show we weren’t jealous than otherwise. I grudgingly agreed with her but didn’t like it. I made a smart ass comment about why he was probably still single. Something like he probably loves himself so much he doesn’t have enough left for anyone else.

Vicki laughed telling me I was probably right. I added that I couldn’t understand how he got so many women to give him the time a day much less anything else. Vikki said well a few of the ladies she talked to who had “Given him more than the time of day.” Did say he was very self absorbed, but he was also very well endowed.

As much as I wanted to argue that point with her. I couldn’t as I had seen him in the gym shower before. He was bigger than me soft than I was fully hard. He would often boast about some of his female conquest to any guy that would listen.

Over the next couple weeks I finally was feeling normal again. I was back at being focused at my job. I actually saw less of Scott than before and his replacement was a much more humble man.

I did have to give presentations for my team to him and the CEO every week. He would use that time to ensure I remembered he was over me now. He would also comment on things like playing golf with the CEO and other influential people were very rewarding.

Over time when Vicki and I attended office functions. Scott was actually less condescending when speaking to me in front of her. She would say maybe he was changing his ways. I was doubtful and it kept me on edge waiting for the gotcha moment and that silly fake finger gun and wink that was his trademark.

He would continue to flirt with Vicki and she seemed to be less standoffish towards him. I wanted to warn her that he was definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But she was already telling me I was getting paranoid. So I kept it to myself but vowed to keep one eye one him all the times.

About a month before my birthday after some really good sex with her. I jokingly asked her if I was finally going to get my birthday wish of watching with another man. She didn’t give me her normal dismissive response. She raised up on one elbow resting her head in the palm of her hand.

She told me point blank that she believed it was really my fantasy. But she really didn’t think that I could handle her having sex with someone else. This was a new response and I was intrigued. Facing her in a mirroring pose I emphatically told her that I absolutely could handle it.

She didn’t look convinced. But replied by telling me that she was doubtful but put it back on herself. She said “If” she ever did it. She couldn’t do it in front of me the first time. I felt my heartbeat increase some. I was getting really intrigued about the progress we were making.

I thought her answer was a way to get me to back away from the topic. So I countered by telling her that she could just record it and show me afterwards. She looked at me for a long while. She broke the silence by saying that she doubted she could do it in the first place and still wasn’t convince I really could handle it afterwards. I reiterated that I could and asked her to at least think about doing it for me.

I didn’t sleep much that night. My mind racing about having no hope it would happen to a maybe! The effect on my morale was immediate. I just seemed to feel more excited and optimistic about things. I was constantly turned on thinking about her actually going through with fulfilling my fantasy.

One afternoon I was driving back to my office from a meeting a few blocks away. Passing a restaurant nearby our building I thought I caught a glimpse of a platinum blonde woman walking inside.

I thought it couldn’t be Vicki, she works on the other side of town. I did mention it to her later about seeing another pretty blonde thinking it might be her. She teased me about having something for blondes. In hindsight she never did say it wasn’t her.

A couple days before my birthday Vicki was up earlier than normal and seemed to be rushing around. She was packing her gym bag which seemed fuller than normal. She told me she was going to workout after work and that she would be late. She told me to order some take out for dinner.

Later that day Scott came to my office to ask for a favor. Something he would of never done in the past. He said he had an afternoon appointment but there was an important video conference at the same time. He asked me to sit in on it for him.

I asked him why he didn’t pick one of the other team leads. He told me he wanted me because I was much more knowledgeable and savvy. I guess that was as close to a compliment as I would ever get from him.

I agreed to help him out and got the dinger gun and a wink. The whole time I was sitting in the meeting which dragged on well past quitting time. I had a nagging feeling. I couldn’t figure out what it was but it wouldn’t go away. Finally, the meeting ended and I headed home.

I stopped by our favorite Chinese food place for some takeout. I got home and Vicki was not there. I changed clothes and sat down to eat making her a plate and wrapping it up for later. She finally got home and seemed pretty wired.

I chalked it up to her workout. She was famished and ate every bit of food on her plate. I told her about Scott asking me for a favor and the marathon meeting. She quickly changed the subject not wanting to talk work stuff.

We watched tv for a while before going to bed. I was feeling a little randy and started to caress her. She moaned that she was really tired and she would make it up to me the next night.

My birthday finally arrived and I left work early. I was anticipating Vicki springing her surprise on me. I suspected it was the restaurant we were going to for dinner. I was wrong it was just us two.

Then she told me we were going to a local club for some dancing. I rehearsed in my mind over and over how I would feign being surprised. Because surely it was happening at the club. Wrong again we sat at the bar and had a couple drinks and did some dancing.

When she said we needed to get home. It dawned on me that she had me out while the party set up at our house. We pulled into our driveway and there weren’t any cars. These people were good. They would of had to park and walk a long ways to keep the secret.

We walked into our dark house and I braced for the lights coming on and a crowd of friends and family cheering. Vicki hit the light switch and the place was empty. I had to admit as routine as all those surprise birthday parties had become. I found myself missing it.

Well I rationalized some birthday sex would cheer me up. We took turns showering I was already hard as a rock before getting into bed. I moved close to Vicki trying to kiss her. She put a hand in my chest stopping me.

She looked at me asking are you upset I didn’t throw you a party this year. I was honest saying I wasn’t upset but was a little disappointed. She bit her lower lip then asked me how I would feel if she told me she had fulfilled my long time fantasy.

I was confused at first for some reason it didn’t click in my mind what she was talking about. She noticed I did get what she meant. She took a deep breath telling me she didn’t go to the gym after work. She actually met a guy at a hotel and had sex with him.

I was stunned but in an excited kind of way. I immediately asked her if she was pulling my dick. Before she could answer I asked her if she videotaped it. I was about to ask her with who. She placed a finger to my lips telling me to be quiet.

It was hard but I did as she asked. She went on to tell me she actually did it. How hard it was a for her to get up the nerve to do it. She looked at me saying you know this was not my idea and I did it for you right? I nodded yes.

She asked me if I was ready to watch the video. I was nervous excited and unsure all at the same time. I told her I was ready. We have one of those beds where the tv is stored on a lift in the footboard.

She hit the button and I watched the tv rise slowly. My heart was pounding with nervous excitement. She turned it on then looked at me asking one more time if I was sure. I almost said no but knew I had to watch it.

I nodded yes again. She started the video and moved close to me. Her warm nakedness felt so could against my skin. I wondered if she felt me shaking with excitement.

The video started and it was Vicki’s panty clad lower body standing in front of the camera adjusting it so it was aimed at the bed. Once she was satisfied she turned sideways showing off her big firm ass cheeks. I jumped a little as two hands grabbed her ass a squeezed and shook her cheeks. I could hear them kissing and her soft moans of pleasure.

His hands moved up her back and her bra fell to the floor. Followed by more kissing sounds and her moans and heavy breathing.

Next is hands hooked the top of her panties and moved them down. She wiggle her ass setting her cheeks to shaking helping her panties drop to the floor. She knelt down facing sideways still. I was surprised to see her wearing a half mask. I looked at her. She said they needed to have some anonymity. Things like this often found there way to the internet.

That seemed reasonable and it was actually a nice touch. She was now lightly stroking my cock and grazing it and my balls with her nails. I was in heaven at this point. She reached up and pulled down with both hands. I assumed pulling of his underwear. She moved back pulling his lower body into view.

I let out a verbal wow. The guys cock was at least ten inches and very thick. It had large visible blue veins and a proportionally large head. Vicki hungrily started to lick his cock. Lifting it to get at his big ball. He was clean shaven so he even looked larger.

Vicki sucked and licked him for quite a while working herself into her own lustful frenzy. They moved to the bed where she kneeled with her ass facing the camera at the edge of he bed. Her lover knelt down behind her. He was wearing a mask that had eagle like beak. I watched as he began to eat her ass and pussy.

Vicki was moaning and cooing as he delved into her pussy with his long tongue. She finally begged him to stop and fuck her. He stood up rubbing his cock over her wetness. She was pushing her ass back anxious for him to be inside of her. He started to push in causing her to shout. He paused then continued slowly letting her adjust to his size.

I couldn’t believe how stretched her pussy looked around his cock. Vicky was stroking me a little faster now. As he started to fuck her the lips of her pussy were dragged in and out with each stroke.

She was moaning in pure ecstasy already. His hands went to her hips and his fucking picked up some speed. She came almost immediately. She was telling him his cock felt amazing. How full her pussy felt.

Through all of this the guy never said a word. He was quite except for an occasional moan or his heavy breathing. She moved onto her back. He knelt between her wide open long legs. As he pushed his cock inside of her. Her legs went up and even wider. Seeing her so willing to give herself to him had me even harder now.

I stared at her thigh tattoo almost to ensure it was really her getting fucked by this guy. She let out another yell as his balls finally hit against her ass. I couldn’t believe she could take him that deep. I don’t think she knew she could either...until she did.

His ass began to rise and fall picking up speed. She now had white pussy juices running down the crack of her ass. Vicki was moaning, gasping and cheering him on. Her legs went impossibly wider and her hands went to his firm ass. Her hands pulling him back in after every out stroke.

Her legs started to shake as she started to cum. He pushed up off over her and pulled his cock all the way out. My chin dropped to my chest as I witnessed her squirting for the first time ever. Watching it must of had an effect in her. Her hand tightened around my cock and she was stroking even faster now. Her breathing was getting heavy clearly this was turning her on.

He laid on his back as Vicki slowly moved on top on him. Her pussy was a hot pink and wide open. She lowered herself down on him slowly. Blowing her air out until her ass rested on him. She started out slow but soon was riding him like crazy. At one point she was up on her feet slamming her ass hard down on top of him.

She was moaning now and cursing like a sailor. She was surprised again as she came squirting all over him. She fell into her back completely spent. This guy had amazing stamina and I envied him.

He stroked his cock until he came all over her face. He then placed the giant head in her mouth. She hungrily sucked the last few drops he had to offer. Vicki laid there unmoving other than the heaving breathes she was taking.

She went down on me and sucked my cock live never before. I grunted as I came in her mouth. I was spent as the guy on the screen leaned back on his haunches. His semi hard cock still looking big.

He looked towards the camera pointing his hand pistol at it and winking. I was immediately stunned. I sat up yelling his name. I turned to Vicki asking her “Why him!”

She pulled back a little at my outburst. The fear in her eyes made me calm down some. I softly repeated the question, “Why him?”

Vicki first told me she loved me. I silently thought “But you fucked the one guy in the world I dislike the most.”

She explained it this way. She wanted to give me my fantasy against her own better judgement. But she knew I would want it to happen more than once. She was right about that. So she rationalized that if I could handle seeing her with Scott. Then she was sure I could handle anyone else. She was definitely right about that.

She was also honest telling me she was intrigued by all the girl talk about I felt my stomach turn a little. She took my hand saying that if we were going to do this she had to also get something from it. Based on what I had just seen she definitely got something from it.

I sat for a long moment digesting what she said. I asked her about his big mouth. He would surely brag about this at work. She assured me he wouldn’t. I incredulously said because he said he wouldn’t and you believed him.

She looked away from me for a brief moment. Looking back into my eyes she said he wouldn’t say anything because she agreed to have a standing Wednesday afternoon rendezvous at that same hotel with him. Unless he opened his mouth to anyone.

Again I was speechless. Then I realized I would be kidding myself if I thought she wouldn’t want him again after what I just witnessed. At least I knew about this arrangement. Otherwise every time she told me she would be late in the future I would wonder if she was with him. I asked her if he knew I knew. She told me he did as she made sure so he didn’t think she was cheating on me behind my back.

She reassured me she loved me and that would never change. I believed her and everything else she said. The next morning she left for work earlier than I did as usual. As much as I tried not to I watched the video three more times. I beat off twice as I watched.

I was so nervous driving to work I felt sick. I was in my office for about an hour when Scott showed up. I braced myself for the worst when he closed my door. He asked if he could sit which was a new one. I pointed to the chair in front of my desk.

There was a long awkward silence between us. Scott broke it by apologizing for being an ass all those times before. He told me how much he respected me and that I was probably better qualified for his job than he was. My tension subsided a little as he actually seemed sincere.

I asked him if he meant what he said or was it to placate me so he could still see Vicki. I appreciated his honesty when he said both. We talked about everything. It was Vicki I saw that day going into that restaurant. She was meeting him. That is when she approached him about my fantasy and she set the ground rules. He reiterated what she had told me that she loved me and was willing to do this for me.

Even he didn’t understand why she chose him until she explained it. He didn’t mention she was also curious about his big dick. After he left my office sometime later. I actually thought I lost an adversary and gained a friend.

Vicki and I made love that evening. I felt a ton of weight off my shoulders after talking things over with Scott. Mostly I felt reassured that she was still my love. The next night was Tuesday. That evening neither of us spoke about what would happen the next day.

We both were a little restless through the night. The next morning she packed her extra bag. Not with gym apparel but something very pink and silky along with a shower kit. She gave me a long kiss good bye. I caught her at the door handing her the camera telling her not to forget it.

She smiled at me gave me another kiss and left the house. The wait that evening was excruciating. She got home we ate as we did before. Neither saying anything about what we knew the other was thinking. Laying naked in bed we watched her second video with Scott.

I was surprised and happy to see they kept the mask. I watched them fuck for a long time. He made her squirt again. It was even more amazing than the first time because he went down on her this time right after she squirted.

Once again he left her like a rag doll. Utterly fucked to exhaustion. She was to sore for for full blown sex with me. But gave me some amazing head and let me take her ass for the first time ever.

This was our life for the next couple months. Scott and I now golfed and did other things as friends. With his recommendation they also created a deputy VP position that I was selected to fill.

We eventually had a threesome that was better than I dreamed it would be. They still have their weekly rendezvous and video them. After our last threesome Scott asked her if she had any fantasies. She was laying naked and completely satisfied between us.

She told us she had been curious lately what it would be like to be with another women. Scott smiled telling her he had the perfect woman in mind...


cuckold wife


Poster: Stuart