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His only option...
My name is Tabatha I was twenty-seven when this happened. A little about myself I am biracial white/black and was raised by a single mom from the age of ten. I had no siblings but a great relationship with my mom. She encouraged me to go to college as well as to try many different things as I grew up.

As a result I was pretty athletic as well as musically talented. I can play the piano as well as many percussion instruments. I was able to get a music scholarship for college so I played in the school marching band. I was the only female in the drum-line and the first ever for my school.

That’s were I met Rick my now husband. Rick was tall and slim and very white. He was also a drummer and we grew to be good friends first. When we started dating many of my girl friends whom were black would ask me what I saw in Rick.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t a good looking guy. He was tall and slim with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. It was just that they would tell me I could have any guy I wanted including a few of the schools hottest jocks.

I was always told I was pretty at 5’7” with a 38-24- 38 figure and a pretty face. I used to bother me because people would always comment on my looks but hardly ever on my athletic or musical achievements.

I would tell my friends that most of the “jocks” that talked to me were so shallow I just wasn’t attracted to them. Rick was funny grounded and a great drummer. He was better than I was but never came across as condescending. He pushed me to be better. That’s why I fell in love with him.

We dated through college and only had one major falling out during that time. After a party he asked me to have a threesome with a friend of his. Let’s just say that was a no-go for me. We had a big fight about it and actually broke up for a week.

He later apologized and we made up and got engaged. When I met his family for the first time. I was overwhelmed by the love and the size of his family. Rick was the oldest of four boys. He also had dozens of cousins, aunts and uncles who showered us with love after we married.

Most welcoming of all was Ricks father Martin. He was taller than Rick and broader in the shoulders. He was a contractor that spent his life building homes. He eventually started up his own company and was doing pretty well. We settled in his home city because it was more practical career wise. His dad also bought and remodeled our first house for us as a wedding gift. How could we turn that down?

The only person out of his entire family that didn’t seem to care for me for whatever reason was his mother Barbara. She was cordial enough but there was definitely a tension there.

Rick would tell me his mother was like that with most people. I let it go because I’m truth she did seem to be overly stern with his younger brothers as well as high maintenance for his father Martin.

Rick kiddingly told me that he couldn’t ever remember his mother giving his dad a kiss in public. She was very status minded but hardly ever showed affection outwardly. So I did my best to remain cordial at family gatherings. But I didn’t lower myself to grovel at her feet either.

A couple years into our marriage Rick and I returned to a sore subject. I discovered he was watching porn fairly regularly. Specially, porn that involved wife sharing or cheating wives. Maybe because I was a little more mature or the fact I was his wife and not just her girl friend. I didn’t lose my shit like I did back in the day.

However, we did have a very heated discussion about his sick fantasy. He also went over a week with any sex. After a cooling down period I asked him why he felt so strongly about sharing me or seeing me with another man.

It was hard for him to explain but I appreciated the fact that he was honest with me about it. I knew he would continue to watch his porn just because I knew how much he fantasizes about it from his own words.

So as not to be a total prude and a more understanding wife I allowed him to talk about his fantasies sometimes when we had sex. I had to admit some of what he said did have an affect on me. He would say things like, “Babe, wouldn’t you like to have a bigger cock in you right now?”

Telling him yes or mentioning something similar myself. Turned him on a lot and resulted in some pretty hot sex between us. Afterwards I would always tell him it was pillow talk and fantasies and nothing more.

Like a bad penny you can just never lose it for good. Rick asked me to consider acting out one of his fantasies again. He told me it drove him crazy seeing men attracted to me or his friends telling him how hot I was.

He seemed to brace himself for another argument but it never came. I decided to take a different approach. I was sure what I was going to suggest would end this recurring discussion once and for all.

I had him sit down while I thought about what I was going to say. He nervously rubbed his sweaty palms on his pants as he watched me pace in front of him. I stopped pacing then sat next to him on our sofa.

I told him, “Rick, there is only one man I would even consider having sex with besides you.”

He excitedly blurred out several names of his friends or mine. I held up my hand telling him that it wasn’t any of them.

He looked off into the difference thinking if he had missed anyone. He looked at me asking, “Who?”

I looked him in the eyes before saying, “Martin.”

He looked confused like I made a mistake. Then looked at me saying, “Martin? My dad?”

Without any expression on my face I told him yes. Again my expectation was to get Rick to see how ridiculous he was being about the whole thing. I stood up telling him with a note of finality, “That is your one and only option to fulfill this fantasy of yours.”

I left the room leaving him looking stunned sitting there on the sofa just staring. He didn’t mention a single thing about it over the next week or so. But the consequence of my suggestion was after seeing his dad afterwards. I looked at him differently. He was handsome and manly. Tall and fit with thick wavy salt and pepper hair. He had sun darkened skin and small crows feet at the corners of his eyes.

These thoughts of him crept into my dreams a couple times. I had to tell myself to not get caught up in my own trap. It did get harder over time however. Rick got his blonde hair and blue eyes from his mother. But his musical gift from his dad.

Martin started a small band including Rick on the drums that played one night a week at a local bar. They didn’t make a lot of money but they had fun doing it and were actually pretty good. Rick seemed to be so happy playing his drums and it detracted from his stressful job.

So I very Friday night I would be at the bar with the other wives who were all much older than I was but I enjoyed their company. After some wine I found myself watching Martin as he played his bass guitar. I would shake my head to clear away the inappropriate thoughts. But damn he looked good up there.

In hindsight I have to admit two things. First, I really underestimated how strong a desire Rick had about his fantasies. Second, I thought I knew myself better than I did. Something happened early one week that became the catalyst that changed our lives forever.

We were over at Rick’s parents house one afternoon. His mother took a call and left the room. She was gone for a while and I needed to use the restroom. I had no intention of eavesdropping on her conversation. But as I passed by Martins home office I distinctly heard Barbara mention my name. I stopped outside the door for a moment. Barbara then said, “I hope when I introduce your daughter to Rick he will come to his senses about ever marrying that girl.”

I got a little dizzy as the shock and rage hit me. I was about to bust in and tear her a new one. Tyler the youngest brother called my name telling me Rick wanted me. Then he went into the study to get his mom. She stopped talking and chastised him for barging in on her conversation.

I went to the bathroom. I wanted to bust out the mirror I was so angry. I didn’t care if Barbara likes me or not. But I was livid that she would stoop to trying to hurt my marriage and my husband her own son.

I managed to get through the evening with incident. I wasn’t concerned about her plot working. Rick loves me and that would never change. His mother had no real concept of love so she would understand her conniving wouldn’t produce the results she was looking for.

A few days later Rick’s dad stopped by while he was at work. We had some issues with a leaky facet he wanted to have fixed. Martin made short work of the issue. I made home some coffee and we sat at the kitchen table and talked.

I asked him why he thought Barbara didn’t like me. He blew on his coffee before saying, “Barbara doesn’t like anyone.”

I said, “Not even you?”

He sighed before responding, “I suppose she loved me at one time for me. But over time it became more about what we have and who we socialized with. The more successful I got the less satisfied she seemed. It was never enough.”

He seemed sad after making that comment. So I directly asked him why he stayed married to her. Telling him he was a good looking man who had built a successful business.

He simply answered, “My boys.”

I told him it was noble and I surely understood well enough growing up in a single parent home. But I also told him life was so short and he deserved happiness. I almost told him about Barbara’s plan to break up my marriage. I decided not to as he had enough to manage being her husband.

He and I always had good conversations but in that moment I felt more of a connection towards him. That same evening Rick came home excited about a call he received from his father.

Martin was an avid Harley rider as were a couple of his band members. Rick told me their band was asked to be part of the entertainment for a couple day biker festival about a hundred miles away.

Rick was going to drive the van with all the equipment while his dad and the others rode their motorcycles. I had completely forgot about Ricks obsession with his sexual fantasies. This whole thing with Barbara still had me pissed off and distracted.

The night before we left walked out into our garage. Rick and his dad seemed to be having a heated discussion that abruptly ended when I showed up. Martin looked at me differently before saying he had to leave and would see us early in the morning.

I asked Rick if there was something wrong. He said there was just some stress about making sure they had everything they need packed. I reasoned that they wanted to make sure they didn’t look like complete amateurs in front of a lot of people.

In hindsight I think Rick did it intentionally. But here was so much stuff packed in the van there was literally know room for me to sit. I suggested we leave something behind and was overwhelmingly overruled.

I suggested I drive the van and Rick ride with his dad on his Harley. That got a ton of laughter and earned Martin some teasing talk from his boys. Rick piped in saying, “Babe, you always talk about getting a ride on his bike. Now is your perfect chance.”

Suddenly I got scared and excited at the same time. I did think about trying it but it also scared me. I didn’t miss the look Martin gave Rick either. Something passed between them but I was busy trying to get the courage up to do it.

Ten minutes later I was on the back of his bike my arms wrapped around his waist holding on for dear life. I watched how the other wives on the other bikes. They were all relaxed. I appreciated their encouragement and advice after we stopped a couple times. Like squeeze more with my legs than my arms.

As the miles passed and I got more relaxed. I realized the constant vibration of the bike was having an arousing affect on me. That and the physical contact with Martin. My my drifted to my conversation with Rick. Or more of an ultimatum about only acting out his fantasy if it were with his dad. I chastised my self for the crazy thoughts and regretted even making the comment to Rick. But damn if it didn’t feel good to be on that bike wrapped around his body.

We finally arrived at the location. It was small town that had grown a lot with all the festival goers. People were in anything from tents to high end motor homes. Fortunately, as part of the deal we had rooms blocked off for us at one of the few available hotels.

I had to admit even though I was sore in places I had never been sore before the ride was a great experience. There were only two rooms so the other two couples took one leaving the other for us and Martin.

Martin didn’t seem to comfortable with the arrangement, but we had little choice as the equipment needed to be locked up in the van. I started to get a funny feeling I was being steered in a specific direction that I didn’t want to go in.

In the end we were all so tired we settled in showered which had it’s awkward moments. We hit the town where every restaurant and bar were crowded. We were told to head out to the camp town. There were all kinds of food and drink vendors.

We did just that but the first thing we did was check in at the festival HQ. We were given meal and drink vouchers and sent on our way. People were having fun and doing a lot of partying. Plenty of drinking and I definitely smelled weed everywhere.

We ate and had a few beers before heading back to the hotel. The previous tension between Martin and Rick seemed to have dissipated as they had more beers. Back at the room it got awkward again. Martin and I seemed to be in each other’s way as we got ready for bed.

I know it wasn’t my imagination catching him look at my ass a few times. We went to bed and both men were deeply asleep almost as soon as their head hit the pillow. I was tired but restless.

When sleep took me I had a weird dream of riding with Martin on his Harley naked. We didn’t have sex. But I had an orgasm just riding behind him on the bike. I started wake causing Rick to groggily ask me if something was wrong. I told him I had a bad dream but I was ok. He went back to sleep I laid on my side facing the other bed. Martin was lying on his back uncovered from the waist up. It was dark but I could make out his muscular hairy chest.

I rolled over on my other side mad at myself again for letting my mind go there. The next day party started early we were one of the early acts. Our show went off with only a few minor hitches but we got a great round of applause. He spent the rest of the day and evening listening to other bands and just socializing with a lot of people. We spent time partying with tent people to Harley loving surgeons with motor homes more expensive than my house.

Perks of being part of the entertainment was plenty of free drinks and food. A couple times during the night Rick and Martin has a few private conversations. Not arguments per se more like they were trying to convince each other they were right about something.

We got back to the hotel pretty late all three of us feeling no pain. The other couples stayed behind not ready to call it a night even though we played again the next day. We all showered again to get the salt and dirt from our skin from a day of being outdoors. My clothes smelled like campfire smoke.

Martin was already in bed and asleep when I came out of the shower. I had on a long teeshirt with panties on underneath. Rick was reading something with only a small lamp on. I slopes under the covers. He gave me a kiss asking me if I had a good time so far. I told him it was more fun than I thought is was going to be.

I turned to face him asking, “Are things ok between you and your dad?”

He smiled at me saying, “Yeah why?”

I mentioned to him how things were strained before we left and seemed to be that way still. Telling him I observed them in some deep conversations during the day. He stared at me a long while. His hand went to my hip as he kissed me on my forehead.

He asked me if I remembered what I told him it would take him to realize his fantasy. My eyes got big and I told him to keep his voice down. He lowered his voice to a whisper asking me the question again. I almost told him no I didn’t but he knew that would be a lie.

He said well, “I asked my dad if he would do it for me.”

My mouth moved but nothing came out. Finally, in a hissing almost snake like voice I pointedly asked him, “You did what!”

Now he told me to lower my voice. I told him so all the debating back and forth was him telling you that you are crazy. Rick smiles telling me that is exactly what his father told him at first. I asked him what he meant at first. He told me his father did find me very attractive. He was sure I wouldn’t be interested in a guy in his late forties especially her own father-in-law.

Rick asked me if that were true. I was a little flustered that my handsome faTHER-in-law found me attractive. My answer came out confusing as well. I responded, “we’ll know he is very attractive. I mean he is older but still handsome. I mean...l”

I trailed off not finishing my statement. Rick was as smiling at me with raised eye brows. I hissed at him to stop and that he was being stupid. But cursed myself in my head as I felt my nipples stiffen and pussy tingle a little.

I rolled away from Rick before he noticed my arousal. I told him to go to sleep it was the alcohol talking. He turned the light of and fell asleep right away. I laid their with all kinds of crazy thoughts running through my head.

I mean he was my father-in-law and married to boot. For a moment the thought of having sex with Martin just to spite Barbara almost convinced me to change my mind and go for it. I came to my senses and finally found sleep.

The next day was even more fun than the day before. Martin shocked me when he announced me as his beautiful daughter in law and I was going to play a few songs at the drums. I had sat in on some of their practices and even played at the home bar a couple times before. This was a complete surprise especially with such a big crowd.

I was super nervous at first. Soon though I was having so much fun. A couple songs turned into about six. Afterwards we made our rounds and partied. This time though I was treated like a celebrity.

At one point Martin pulled me aside asking me, “Did you have fun up there? Because you did amazing!”

I told him it was unbelievable and I thanked him for it. He leaned in close saying, “Well it was Rick’s idea and you did great. The crowd loved you and we definitely had the prettiest drummer of the day for sure.”

I blushed at the compliments. But him calling me pretty and already having a few drinks in me had the same effect as my conversation with Rick the night before. My nipples stiffened and I felt a wetness between my legs. I think Martin thought he had said to much and said he needed another beer then walked away.

I was wondering what he was thinking. Did have the same effect in him? I cursed Rick a couple times under my breath. One for loving me so much he ensured I had an experience of a lifetime on that stage. The other for putting thoughts into my head that I knew were wrong, weren’t they?

We partied a little longer but not to late as we were heading out early the next afternoon. Back at the hotel we went through the same routine. As the previous night. The guys showered dirt because they were faster.

When I came out Martin was asleep. I couldn’t help but glance at his hairy chest and the imprint of his penis under the sheet. I rolled my eyes at Rick. He had seen me look and had a stupid grin on his face. He was watching tv with the volume low. I crawled under the covers.

He spooned me and I felt his harness against me. I told him to stop Ben though it did feel so good. I tried to change the subject by telling him thank you for letting me play. He kissed my ear whispering, “I love making you happy. You know what would make me happy right?” I elbowed him in the ribs.

He laughed then turned off his lamp. He moved close to me again. His hard cock resting between my ass cheeks. His hand went to my breast and began to massage it and tweak my now hard nipple. I protested softly it it was weak at best. His hand went between my legs finding me already slick.

My breathing was getting heavier. Again I told him he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing. But instead of clamping my legs closed they eased open slightly giving him better access.

He began whispering in my ear, “I want you to have sex with my father. I know he wants you as well.”

I told him he was imagining it. He repeated it again and now I wanted to believe him. His fingers were working some magic. But he purposely made sure not to get me off. He continued teasing me with his finger and words.

Almost like an out of body experience I found myself sitting up with my feet in the floor. Rick still is going me on saying, “Tabatha, go to him. We all want this.”

I looked back at him even in the dim light I could tell he was very serious. I almost involuntarily stood up and shuffled over to the other bed. I stood there a long time just looking down on him. I knew if I looked back at Rick I would definitely panic and go back to your bed.

But I was beyond just being aroused. I felt something almost primal inside. I realized I brought up Martins name originally not to thwart Rick’s fantasy. But it was really my own and had been in my subconscious for some time.

I took a deep breath and lifted the shirt over my head. I slipped my soaking wet panties off and slipped under the sheet. I moved closer to Martin placing my hand on his chest. He came awake slowly recognizing me and the fact my naked body was pressed against his.

He said my name as I moved up and kissed his lips softly. After the kiss he softly said Rick’s name. I kissed him again more urgently. This time his arms went around me as he responded kissing me deeply.

My hand moved down to his cock. Which was hard and the same length as Rick’s but much thicker. He moaned as my hand slipped inside his boxers and massage his length and balls.

His hand strokes my back then began to rub my ass squeezing my thick cheeks. He moved me onto my back as we continued kissing. His big hands working on my heavy breast. He broke our kiss as he began to suck on my nipples. I was moaning as well as telling him how good it felt or to bite my nipples. To make them hurt just a little.

I briefly looked over at the other bed. Rick was laying on his side facing us but I couldn’t make out his expression. But I knew he had his eyes wide open. I was so hot I asked Martin to put his cock in me. We were still under the sheet as he moved between my legs.

He was was up on one arm as he rubbed the big head of his cock up and down my opening. I was on fire my hips kept coming up trying to force him to enter me. Finally, I said, “Please fuck me. I want this so bad.”

Any doubts he might of had up to that point dissolved from his mind. The head of his cock penetrated my slowly. He let me adjust for a moment before going all the way in balls deep. The sensation was amazing and I almost came right then and there.

Martin was up on his hands looking down at me. Our first yes were locked in each other as he slowly started to fuck me. I felt my pussy getting so very wet as he pumped in and out. I wanted him deeper so I lifted my legs up and back. He knew exactly what to do and stater to fuck me hard and fast.

I had literally forgotten my husband was in the same room. My entire focus was on the cock inside of me and the man wielding it. A movement out of the corner of my eye made me look. Rick had moved out of the bed and sat in a chair. He was naked and stroking his cock.

That sent me into my first orgasm. I remover digging my nails into Martins strong arms and having a great orgasm. I also realized ai was seeing stars but Rick had taken a couple pictures of his fathers cock in my pussy. We had long since lost the cover over the sheet. Giving Rick a front seat row.

Martin moves me onto all fours facing Rick. I let out a groan as he reentered my pussy. He began fucking me alternating using his hands to squeeze my ass cheeks or my heavy swinging tits.

Now Rick and I were staring at each other his hand going up and down on his cock. I felt my second orgasm building. I looked back at Martin saying, “Yes baby your are fucking me so good! I love your big cock!”

I did that mostly for Rick’s benefit. But it also sent me over the edge again. I came gripping the edge of the mattress for all I was worth. I couldn’t believe Martin’s stamina.

He moved onto his back holding his stiff cock for me as I mounted him. More picture flashes went off as I bounced on his cock. I grabbed his idle hands placing them on my ass cheeks. That promotes more flashes from Rick’s camera.

Martin was close to cumming and I wanted nothing more than to make him happy. I jumped off his cock and went down on him. Normally I would never suck dick after it was in my pussy. But this was anything but normal. Surprisingly, it tasted better than I thought it would.

I sucked him for all I was worth. I was so into it I jumped a little as Rick was Nyerere me from behind. It was amazing having a cock in both ends at the same time. Martin’s cock swelled as he came in my mouth. It was so much I had to let most of it dribble back down his cock.

Rick pulled out suddenly and came all over my ass. He got off the bed to get some towels. We cleaned up then sat around and talked about everything. None of us had any regrets which was a relief for me after the passion wore off and I could think straight.

Rick got up and back into the other bed. I got up to join him he nodded no. Then nodded back towards the other bed. His smile let me know he wasn’t done enjoying his fantasy. With that I went to brush my teeth. I felt two sets of eyes on my ass as I walked away.

I came out of the bathroom and the lights were off again. I climbed back into bed with Martin and cuddled up next to him. I am sure Rick was awake and only breathing hard. But it was very long after I laid down that Martin was fucking me again. We were spooning. The arm I was laying held me tight against his chest while palming my breast.

I was frantically pushing my ass back at him as he drove his fat cock in and out of me. I was close to cumming when he started to rub my clit with his other hand. I felt his cock swell as he came inside of me for the first time. My eyes rolled up in my head as I came. I turned my fave into the pillow to contain my noises.

It seemed distant but I am sure I heard Rick grunt a couple time. The next morning we were all tired but in great spirits. The ride home was even better than the ride out. Feeling Martin in my afternoon me and between my legs combined with the vibration of the ride had me so hot. When we were very close to noir house I rubbed Martins chest from behind then felt between his legs. Happy to feel his hardness.

I didn’t say anything to Rick after we parked in our drive way. I led Martin into the house by the time Rick finished what ever he was doing outside. I was already riding his father’s cock to a very intense orgasm on our couch. Martins pants were around his ankles and his boots still on. He was shirtless and I was naked bouncing on his cock while he feasted in my tits.

Rick walked straight into the kitchen grabbed to beers and sat in the chair nearby. Martin and I moved to the floor where he fucked me until he came. Martin left shortly afterwards.

I was insatiable still I had Rick follow me into the shower where we had very passionate sex. I asked him afterwards if it was everything he had hoped for. He told me it was and much more.

This was over five years ago. Martin remains my lover and we fuck often. Mostly with Rick watching or participating. Sometimes Martin will stop by in the afternoon for a fuck. I have had sex with him in his office at work. But the most fulfilling times have been fucking him in his marital bed when Barbara is out of town.

Her plot failed miserably and now when she make those small snide remarks I I think about those times Martin fucks me with my ass elevates in her pillows. I wonder if she ever smells our sex when she sleeps.


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Poster: Tabatha