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Hotel Cuckold
My name is Caesar and my wife is Camila we are both originally from Central America. We came to America legally both in our early twenties and met working at the same major hotel in Houston.

We dated for over a year before getting married. She was a virgin and I was very sexually inexperienced. Camila was and still is very pretty. She is only 5’2” tall but has a great body and pretty face.

When what I am about to share happened we had been married five years. We didn’t have any children because we wanted to get into a financial place where we could purchase a home first.

I made good money as the on-site maintenance employee and she serviced the rooms. Over time Camila would get hit on by male guest often. I would usually find out from the other women staff members. When I would ask her about it Camila would tell me it was nothing or just men being silly.

At first I was somewhat jealous but over time I began to enjoy the fact other men found her desirable. One thing for sure. The attention did have an affect on Camila. She started to where makeup to work for one. The other was she wanted sex more often.

The day our lives change was like so many others to start with. I was doing some work in a room on a window. There was sitting outside smoking a cigarette. I noticed Camila pushing a bin with some trash out to the dumpster.

When she got to the gate she couldn’t get it to open. The gentlemen got up to help her. He was tall and white late forties or so. He got it open and helped her toss the trash in the dumpster.

Afterwards they should there and talked for a while. He had her laughing but she seemed nervous still. She looked at her watch a couple times before saying goodbye. The guy watched her push the empty bin back inside the hotel.

I was surprised that my heart was racing and I was aroused by that simple interaction. That night I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I woke her up and went down on her. At first she sleepily told me it was late and to stop. Soon she was beefing me not to stop.

We ended up fucking like crazy. She asked me what got into me. I hesitantly told her about seeing her with that guy earlier. She did admit he was shamelessly flirting with her and made her laugh.

She told him she was married but that didn’t seem to mean anything to him. Then she looked at me asking me why that turned me on so much. There was no other way to say it. I told her the thought of other men desiring her was exciting to me.

She turned on her side facing away from me. I silently thought, “Fuck! I messed up.”

There was a very long silence and I thought she was asleep. Then she said, “I did like the attention he was giving me.”

Well I guess I could have pretended to be asleep and let things right there. But instead I replied, “I would be ok if you sis more than just talk with him.”

She turned back to face me. She said this was just fantasy and pillow talk. She couldn’t ever do anything with anyone else. I kissed her softly telling her that would be fine but I would still be ok if she did more.

I had a hard time sleeping and she seemed to be restless as well. The next morning we were almost late for work as she took forever putting on her makeup. I had to admit she looked great.

I hadn’t missed the fact she had put on her “sexy bra and panty set”. Usually reserved for special date nights and such. Her and I would usually pass each other a few times in the hotel day.

This day she seemed very preoccupied each time I saw her. It was early afternoon and I was repairing some ground lighting out front. I heard a car door shut and looked over my shoulder. It was the gentleman from yesterday.

He was a handsome guy slim with just a hint of a belly. He had dark hair with a touch of grey at the temples and was tan. Probably from golfing or tennis. He just seemed the type.

He walked confidently inside whistling some tune. About an hour later the desk clerk stopped me saying Camila wanted me. It took me a while but I found her in the laundry room.

When she saw me she looked nervous. I asked her if everything was ok. She had me close the door then paces back and forth. Finally, I grabbed her by both shoulders and told her to tell me what was wrong.

She stared at me for a long minute then said, “Stewart wants me to come to his room when I get off work. Mind mind wasn’t registering at that moment. I asked her who Stewart was.

He was the guy that helped her with the gate. The same guy that has entered the hotel about an hour earlier. Camila stood there biting her lower lip. Now I was the one pacing.

I stopped and asked her, “What did you tell him?”

She looked down at the floor before replying ,”I told him I would have to convince you that I was going out with my friends after work. Because we ride together.”

Even though that is what I wanted to hear I still wasn’t ready for it. Camila started to apologize but I stopped her. I asked her what his room number was. She must of thought I was going to confront the guy.

She started to tell me to let’s just drop it. It was a stupid idea to begin with. Her jaw dropped when I told her I wanted her to do it. She finally said, “What? You want me to go to his room?”

Again she started to pace. I told her just to try it this one time. I added I thought we would both enjoy the experience. She looked confused so I told her I was sure at least one adjacent room was vacant. I would use my maintenance key to be close.

If no rooms were vacant I would pretend to be doing work in the hallway close by. She didn’t look convinced so I took both of her hands in mine. I said, “Please just do it this one time for me?”

She looked up at me with those big brown eyes of hers. She asked, “Are you sure you really want this?”

I told her yes just as the door opened. Her co-worker laughed telling us love birds to get a room instead of using the laundry room. We both nervously laughed as we exited the room. Before we parted she told me she needed to think about it some more. I kissed her and went back to work.

I kept looking at the clock every minute felt like an hour. Finally, Camila found me and she looked even more nervous than before. She handed me a note spun on her heels and walked off fast.

I opened the note and it had 1701 then the words “I’m not sure anything will happen. But if it does you better not be angry with me.”

I reread the note fifty times in five minutes my heart was blasting out of my chest. It was close to quitting time and I honestly believed she would have a change of heart. I was out in the lobby where I normally waited for her to get off.

She did come out but she went straight to the elevator. Her long black silky hair was down. She steeped inside the elevator and the doors closed. I stood there like an idiot not sure what to do.

Finally, I came to my senses and fast walked to the stairwell. I raced up the stairs as fast I could by the time I reached the 17th floor I was heaving breaths. I was glad he was on the 50th.

I caught my breath then exited the stairwell. I got my bearings then looked for room 1701. I found it and stopped outside the door. I could hear Camila laugh a little and Stewart’s deep voice telling her he was happy she decided come to his room instead of going out with her girl friends.

My heart stopped when I heard them kissing. Her soft moans told me she was relaxing a bit. I went to the room to the right of his and listened at the door. It appeared to be unoccupied so I used my key and opened the door slightly after knocking a couple times.

I breathed a sigh of relief when it was unoccupied. I slipped inside silently hoping nobody would check in while I was there. I heard the shower start in Stewart’s room. I went into the adjoining bathroom. Placing my ear against the wall I heard them talking in the bathroom.

Camila squealed a little saying the water was to cold. Soon the laughs and talking stopped. Replaced by soft moans from her and vocal appreciation from him. She was sucking his cock in the shower.

I imagined her kneeling or squatting as she blew his cock. Her brown skin shiny with water and soap. Her long black hair wet and slicked back. Camila is short as I mentioned earlier. However, she has full firm breast with large dark brown nipples. She has round hips and a equally round ass. Her legs are short but thick in a muscular way. She has a palm sized birth mark in the shape of a heart on her right ass cheek that I love.

The water turned off and they exited the shower. I continued to imagine what the scene was like while they were in the shower. I looked at the one I was standing in it was large with three glass side. I shivered with excitement.

They left the bathroom and I followed suit. Again my ear was to the wall. Just in time to hear her gasp. She told him he ate pussy so good. I was rock hard. I couldn’t believe my innocent bride was next door with another mans face between her legs.

A moment of jealousy ran through me. Then I remembered her note. I shook my head and continued to listen. She let out a long moan. He sighed saying, “You pussy is so tight and feels so good.”

She panted, “Ohhhhh geesh. Please go slow.”

He seemed to do as she asked. But it wasn’t long before she was begging him to fuck her harder and faster. Their bodies began to slap together. Camila was moaning and getting more vocal by the second.

He gave away their position saying, “Umph! You like my balls slapping against your ass?”

Camila responded with a long, “Yesssss! Ahhhhh I’m going to cum!”

I was beating off by this time stopping frequently not wanting to cum to soon. There was a momentary pause then she started to moan again saying, “Yes! Fuck me!”

She was moaning faster than before as Stewart was fucking her fast. He was breathing hard himself. A loud slap resulting in her squealing then telling to fuck her harder.

I thought, “oh fuck he hitting her pussy from the back.”

She came a second time. She asked him for some water. They talked briefly but I couldn’t make out what they said. She let out a long hiss followed by soft whimpers and moans.

It wasn’t long before their bodies were banging against each other again. Stewart was telling her how hot she was and how well she rode cock. Camila was soaking it all up as her moans grew more insistent.

I was impressed with Stewart’s staying power by this point. I was wiping my own cum up with a handful of Kleenex. Camila came for the third time. A little while later only Stewart was vocal and breathing fast before groaning out he was cumming.

As the heat of lust cooled down inside of my I did have second for just a few seconds. I realized it was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced. I listened to them talk for a while. He pleaded with her to stay longer. She told him she would love to but she had to get home.

He was leaving out the next morning. She finally left his room. I waited for the elevator bell to sound then exited the room. I took the stairs again as fast as I could. Camila was waiting for me in the car with a worried expression.

It melted as soon as I told her it was the most amazing experience ever. She asked me if I really enjoyed it. I laughed saying almost as much as she seemed to. I asked her to tell me about his cock. Her eyes got big and she excited told me he was about as long as me but thicker...much thicker.

On the drive home she told me how nervous she was at first. But he was so calming and sure of himself. She went from nervous to wanting him more than anything. We talked about her perspective of what happened and mine and they matched for the most part.

By the time we got home we ended up stripping as soon as we got inside and fucked all over the living room.

This was five years ago and she has had a couple dozen encounters with other hotel guest over that time. Two weeks ago we had our first threesome with a guy we met online. We met him at a different hotel than the one we work in. We have discussed having a threesome with another woman or a foursome with another couple.

But my favorite so far is listening to her fuck other men at the hotel,


cuckold wife


Poster: Caesar