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A weekend with a view to remember
My wife Stacy, and I have a very special friend. His name is Marc. We got close to him through a sport. We all played it to keep fit. He is not married but he has lived with a few different partners.

After a workout and a game he would often come back to ours and chill out. We have a pool and a spa, our climate lets us use both nearly all year round. After a hard work out is so relaxing to soak in the warm spa and then gently move the muscles again in the cool pool.

As soon as we arrived at our pad we would quickly change in some swim wear and hit the water. Stacy has plenty of swimmers to pick from. So, it could be a one piece or a bikini. Marc and I just wore small briefs. These briefs left nothing to the imagination and it was obvious that Marc had a nice package.

As we got to know Marc better, Stacy started not bothering with the bikini top and simply wore briefs. She has beautiful breasts which look fantastic without any support. Marc knew that when Stacy and I are home alone and in the pools that we never wear anything. So, one day we simply decided that none of us would wear any briefs.

Nothing more happened, except we all took in what each of us had to offer. Marc certainly checked Stacy out as she moved around and in and out of the pool. Her pussy is very neat. The gash and pussy lips fold beautifully together and hide everything inside. Of course this changes when she is very excited from being given a workout. Marc’s cock is slightly bigger than mine, not by much but his balls are quite large. He keeps himself devoid of hair on his cock and balls as I do. I will say here, if men reading this have never done that then my advice is to give it a try. It’s a wonderful feeling and I am sure most woman would like it. Stacy loves to take my hairless balls in her mouth as she plays with my cock.

When Marc had left after a very long relax in the spa and pool, I asked Stacy how she felt after seeing what Marc had. Stacy, always honest said that he had the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. As soon as she said it, she said sorry but it is even more beautiful than yours. I was not offended and I had to admit his equipment looked good, not that I am into men at all.

I asked her if she wanted to try it? She kissed me and said, “Only if it’s ok with you and you want it too, “Like most couples we had talked about fantasies and watched some porn. But until then we had never ventured and had other partners since we had met.

We didn’t wait till the next week when we played sport, I called Marc and invited him over for a drink and told him that Stacy and I wanted to continue where we left off the last time. I said no more except, “see you Tuesday at 6”.

Marc arrived on time. Stacy was wearing a long see through gown which as soon as Marc was inside she undid and shrugged it from her shoulders. She went into his arms and they kissed for ages. Then she broke from his mouth and said,”Let me see that beautiful cock again.” He undid his belt and she helped him out of his clothes. She dropped to his knees and fed on his cock and balls.

I will cut quickly to the summary of what happened. He stopped her after a while and then he returned the favour and ate her pussy till it was dripping. While he did this she took my cock in her hand and nearly had me spilling my cum all over them. I had her stop just in time. He then fucked her. I let them enjoy each other’s body. I never felt any jealously or even felt left out. Their bodies worked well together as they pleasured each other. She must have said six or eight times, “I love your cock, your beautiful dick.”

He was good and held out a long time but he eventually shot his load. She has an ability to milk your cock and she wanted him to cum inside her. When he climbed off her he did it while kissing and thanking her. He told her how wonderful she had been. Then he turned to me and thanked me. Stacy then asked me if I wanted some. I have fucked her many times a second time after we had rested after having sex but this would be the first time after another man. I took her and kissed her. My cock had been hard the whole time and I slipped right inside her. I fucked her good and made her cum a few times which is very normal for us. I liked the feel of her pussy. It was slippery and I could feel his cum being pushed out of her as we fucked but she still felt good. She has a tight pussy and surperb muscle control. I added my cum to her already soaked pussy.

We then got into the spa and had a swim. When we dried off, Marc fucked Stacy again before he left.

Marc became a part of our lives for 2 years. He must have fucked Stacy hundreds of times. He would often come over. Sometimes I was not there. I never worried. He and Stacy would tell me after and sometimes would make arrangements and I would know the details before they got together. He was still in a relationship so he had to arrange it so he wouldn’t be missed.

His relationship broke up after about 18 months. His partner was a workaholic which suited all of us as he could spend plenty time with Stacy. So then, when he was single, Stacy was his only sex outlet. He was respectful of our marriage and time together but must have almost nearly fucked her daily.

Then he took a job which he couldn’t refuse. It was an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. The money was unbelievable and he was also offered into the company. So he moved. We all actually talked about it all. Stacy and I even talked of selling up and starting again so she could be near him. But she decided that it although it had been the best experience sometimes good things come to an end. We all promised to get together when we could and remain friends and have the benefits we were used too.

We visited him at the start until he found a regular girlfriend. So he gets plenty of sex now but he still wants to have Stacy when he can and we feel the same. So, he makes time and reasons to visit when he can. Last November, he organised a long weekend. He would arrive on Thursday so he could do some business then and on the Friday. Then have a weekend with friends. But really he had sorted the business by phone and teleconference so he had no business and spent four days with us.

Stacy and I met him at the airport. Stacy was dressed to kill. She wore a pencil skirt which hugged her delightful body. As we waited, I watched many other men and quite a few ladies check her out. She spends a lot of time on her appearance with fantastic results.

When Marc appeared in the waiting area, Stacy moved quickly towards him and they took each other in their arms and had a long sensuous kiss. I could see their mouths sucking one another’s and knew their tongues were probing deep into each other. When they moved apart Stacy’s bright red lipstick showed all over Marc’s lips, chin and nose. Marc shook hands with me as Stacy grabbed a tissue from her purse and cleaned the lipstick from him. We had plenty of people starring at us as they didn’t know who was with whom. I think we all got a kick out of that.

We headed out of the terminal to start a fun packed weekend. Just as we neared the exit, Stacy went to the ladies. She knew the fun would start in the car and she wanted to be comfortable. When Stay caught us again she had freshened up and applied new lipstick. Stacy and Marc took the backseat of our SUV as I drove. Once in the car their hands were all over each other. We were all laughing and joking in anticipation of what was happening for the next days.

I had only got onto the main road and up to speed when Stacy unbuckled Marc’s belt and pulled down his jeans zipper. I was driving but used the rear vision mirror to watch the action. Once she had access, Stacy lifted Marc’s quickly hardening cock out. It stood as if to meet her. She dropped her mouth over his large head and took about 4 inches of it firmly in her mouth. She closed her lips and made to suck.

Luckily, the traffic had thinned because by now I was watching the mirror more than the road. When she let his cock free from her lips and lifted her head, there was a red lipstick ring round it about an inch or so under the head of his dick. I grabbed my phone, hit the camera and leaned so it was behind the front seats. Stacy turned her head and faced the phone and grinned. Later when I showed them the shot it was perfectly framed. His cock was in the centre of the photo with her beautiful face about 6 inches from it. Marc was lying back with a broad smile right across his face.

I won’t carry on but next she showed him his prize. She was not wearing any panties or a thong which is what she normally wears. She had told me this before we left home. Marc immediately fingered her and then preceded to finger fuck her to a couple of orgasms before we reached our street.

We had a totally sexual weekend. We fucked, played in the pool, fucked again, went out to dinner, took in some dancing, fucked some more. It went on and on. When Marc left Sunday afternoon neither he nor I could get hard or had the slightest bit of cum left in our bodies. Stacy had it all.

Stacy loves the photo I took. She copied it to her phone. Then I got a very large copy made and framed it. It now hangs in our walk-in wardrobe. She can look at it every time she changes her clothes. We have also used it in our bed. I ate her out while she held it and marvelled at his perfect cock. Luckily for me, she still likes mine as well.


cuckold wife


Poster: Caveman