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With a Friend
Phillip was a running buddy from the time we were in junior high. We hung out, got in to trouble and in our teen years we often split the cost of a motel room where we would take out then girlfriends for a night of fun. Always individually but many times he caught glimpses of my girlfriend and I caught glimpses of his.

After high school he decided to go the military route and I went to work at a local plant. Kind of kept in touch for a while but over the years drifted apart. Out of the blue a few weeks ago I got a call from my office saying that I had a call from a Phillip and he asked for my cell number but they told him they would pass his contact information to me. I honestly did not tie it to my long lost friend Phillip and even looked up the area code and found it was across the country.

Well I called the number and as soon as he answered I realized who it was. We caught up on each others life for a short while and then he told me he was coming to town to clear out his parents old house to prepare it to be sold and would be here for ten days. We made plans to get together and I even told him I would help with cleaning out the house over the weekend. Well we met up and started the tedious job ahead but it gave us time to really catch up and he started talking about our motel trips and the various girls and talking about whose butt we saw or whose tits. Not sure why it had not come up but he finally asked did I end up marrying any of my girlfriends.

Told him I did marry one of them but we did not last long and I ended up marrying a girl I worked with. I then told him he would get to meet her as he was coming to dinner at the house later. He insisted we let him take us out for me helping him so much. So we agreed on that. Well a little later he found out that the hot water heater no longer was working and he would have to get a room so it would take a little longer. So I gave the wife a call to tell her we were going to dinner with Phillip and explained the situation. She would not hear of that and told me to tell him we had plenty of room and he could stay with us for as long as he was in town.

I think she was pleasantly surprised in Phillip he had been a blonde and still kept the look with very little grey unlike me. He also took very good care of himself and was a solid six foot with no older age spread again like me. So as he showered and her and I was in the bedroom for her to get ready she told me that he was a very handsome guy. We headed out to dinner and had a good time and then got home and decided to sit out on the patio since it was so nice. Of course the conversation got around to our old motel days and she was very interested in the stories and really enjoyed them. She mentioned several times she could not believe that we checked out the bodies on the others girlfriends.

Because I know the way she thinks it did not surprise me at all when she asked why we never swapped girlfriends. Phillip said we never thought about it I don't guess. She did not leave it alone though and said well I know how he has been about that so I cant believe he did not push it referring to me. This quickly caught Phillip's attention and he asked so are you saying that y'all are into the swapping scene. She told Phillip not really the swapping thing but he has shared me a few times. She really had his interest then and she knew it fully well. He said oh wow and then said tell me more about it.

She laughed and asked what he wanted to know. He wanted to know the where ,what and when. So she started telling him. Started with that when I was in my first marriage that I wanted her to do it with my best friend and she would have no part of it. And then when we started dating it was never mentioned but a few months after we got married the best friend was over to go to the apartment pool with us and I wanted her to wear a very revealing bikini. She says she told me there was kids around the pool and she would not wear it out there but when we came back from swimming she would put it on and wear it around the apartment. Phillip said and did you put it on and model it for them and she replied yes I did. He said I am loving this story so please continue.

She laughed and said well it covered me but did not cover a whole lot. She then told him she was a lot smaller up top back then but not small enough that it covered me completely. She then admitted that showing off for me did excite her. We ordered pizza and played some cards and she told Phillip that she had called me back to the bedroom and told me if I wanted her to she would model some of the lingerie that she got as wedding gifts (this was back in the Fredericks days) Phillip asked so did I want her to model it and I told him of course. She admitted that she picked out four outfits and modeled them and that they showed a whole lot but did not show everything. He was really enjoying this story.

Phillip said tell me more. So she goes on and said well we had been swimming so both of them were in shorts sitting on the couch and they both were really really hard. Phillip said oh I bet they were. I then spoke up and said Phillip do you want to hear more of that story or would you rather she model some things for us. Before he could answer she said hey now that was years ago when I had a way different body and plus I don't think I have any sexy lingerie anymore. I told her I know she had the black outfit and the red outfit. She said oh yea I forgot about those. She brought this up and there was no doubt that she wanted to.

She told us to go to the den and she would see what she looked like in the outfits before saying yes. She had been gone about ten minutes when she called to me from the bedroom. I walked in and she was standing there in a above knee length black gown with a shear black robe over it with matching black panties and black bra. She asked did it look okay on her and did I think Phillip would like it. I told her it was super sexy on her and he would love it. I walked back to the den and he asked was everything okay and I told him yes she would be in here in a minute. Sure enough a minute later she walked in and stood there for a minute before taking the robe off and asking did he like it. Phillip told her he loved it and she was extremely sexy in it. She smiled and thanked him and said okay hold on I will be back shortly.

She was gone for a few minutes again and then walked back in with the red outfit on. It was a red silky shorts and top which of course she could not wear a bra with but she did have on some red panties. Her nipples were hard and sticking out. She again asked him did he like and he gave her his raving approval. She stood there again a few minutes and said okay I only have one more outfit I can model for you. Phillip said I cant wait. She smiled and said okay I am warning you ahead of time it is a little more risqué (no doubt she wanted him) Gone a few minutes and came back in with a cream colored ankle length gown with lace at the top which you could see the areola of her tits. Between the gown and the matching panties you could not see a lot down below but it was sexy.

She stood there a few minutes and then said I do have some cute panties and asked did he want to see some of them. Dumb question to ask a guy and he told her of course. She went to bedroom for a few minutes and came back out through the kitchen door and stood behind the counter. I could see she had a lacy camisole on. She made it a point to tell us that she brought several pair and instead of going all the way to the bedroom she would just change them quickly behind the counter. She stepped out and the first pair were the cute type. The next couple of pair were sexy. She put on another pair and told us these do not match this top so she would be right back.

I watched her come back in and she had this top on I knew well it had big arms in it and had a low vee cut. No doubt she wanted Phillip to see her tits. When she stepped out she had a pair of white boy shorts on cut very high on her butt and showing a lot of cheek. She told us okay two more pair (this is when I really hated that she was not a fan of thongs) So took a minute but she stepped out and had on a pair of panties that laced up both sides showing all of her hips. She changed again and looked over at us and said these do not look as good as I thought so give me a few minutes. She came back a few minutes later in all things she could wear she had on one of my t shirts.

She walked over and stood there a minute and said I could find the one that I wanted so I was just wondering will this work and she pulled the shirt up to her belly and she had nothing on underneath. Phillip said oh wow best pair yet. I made a motion for her to turn around and she did and held the shirt up to let Phillip see her naked ass. She then turned back around and asked him did he like her show and he said I loved it. She smiled.


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Poster: Greg K