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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Ok let me tell you a little about us. My wife is 25 slim blonde and stunning, she keeps herself in shape with doing yoga and a little bit of running. Me we I’m slightly over weight with a smaller then average cock.

Some how becs was able to look past this and we fell deeply in love. We decide that after we got married th time was right to start a family and becs cam off the pill.

2 weeks after our wedding we went on our honeymoon to Jamaica. We spent the week there being treated like kings. On our day I didn’t feel great as was a bit grumpy. I told becs you didn’t feel up to going out again so becs decided that she felt comfortable and knew a few people so she said she wanted to go out on her own. I agreed and sat and watched as she showered and shaved and then put on this very sexy with cotton dress that fitted her body perfectly. She went bra less aswell and she had gotten comfortable sunbathing topless on the beach and her dress made her look very tanned.

After about an hour I decided I did want to go out so I throw a shirt on and off I went to find her. There was a small bar on the beach that we had been to a few nights so I decided to start my search there. As I walked in it was far busier then normal so I made my way to the bar to get a drink while I looked. As I walked around the edge of the dance floor I saw one of the guys that worked at the hotel dancing so I thought great I will ask him if he has seen my wife. Rj is about 6 feet black with short hair he worked in the bar by the pool he was a very polite funny guy. As I walked closer I saw him laughing with another guy from the hotel called tray, he worked in the kitchen and was also a little bigger the rj not fatter but more muscle. As I got closer I saw between then was a blonde woman and then she stood up more and I saw it was my wife dancing between them. I froze as I thought about this and decided to retreat and watch. I have always wanted to ask my wife if she would sleep with another man but I had t had the courage to ask.

I made my way to an area over looking the dance floor where I could see becs. She was leaning forwards with her head on dis chest as tray was grinding into her from behind. I stood open mouthed and fixated on my wife I didn’t notice rj had gone. I panicked that he had seen me then I saw him up the bar ordering drinks becs is a light weight and can only have 4 or 5 vodkas before she passes out drunk and I was shocked to see rj ordering her a double while he and tray were only on singles. It was then I released they were trying to get her drunk. So I decided I should stay and make sure she is safe. I followed rj back with my eyes as he rejoined tray and becs where they all knocked back there drinks and went back to dancing. The 2 men shared becs and she would held tight while they grind into her. After a while tray went to the bar for more drinks and repeated the stronger drink for becs tho this time as he rejoined becs and rj they were getting closer facing each other grinding away tho this time rj was kissing becs on the neck and ear. This is her biggest button to push to warm her up. When tray rejoin becs pulled away and tried to drink a little slower this time but the guys soon made her knock it back. She then went off to the ladies and when she came back she looked very red and drunk. The guys suggested going and getting some air to cool down. As they went to leave tray spotted someone he knew and stopped to speak to him leaving rj and my wife heading for the door alone.

As I then quickly tried to get thro the mass of people to follow. By the time I reached the fresh air I wasn’t sure where they went so I picked right as that took us back to the to the hotel. I walked along the parthed area looking for them. I thought I spotted them sat on the sand watching to moon and the sea. I wasn’t able to get to close with out being spotted but it was clearly becs sat with rj. He had his arm around her while they talked about how beautiful this place was. He then leaned in and gave her a little kiss. She didn’t kiss him back but she didn’t stop him the. As he moved in again she kissed him back gently at first but it was getting more intense quickly as she dropped back of his shoulder into the sand. He position himself above her as they kissed. As he grew in confidence he ran his hand up her leg and as it started under her short dress she seemed to snap out of it and said he should stop as she was married. He went back to kissing her neck as she pleaded for him to stop. I was about to walk over and stop him when I released she had stopped saying no and had now aloud his hand under her dress and she was passionately kiss him.

He was a pro in the way he worked her body and I heard soft moans from her telling me she was enjoying this very much. He went to free her boobs the sand had gotten in the zip of her dress so he yanked one of her shoulder straps causing it to break by allowing him access to her boobs. As her orgasm started to to build her moans got louder until she cum and her body went limp. This was what rj was waiting for as while becs cought her breath he moved between her legs and dropped his shorts. As he went back to working on her nipples he was rubbing the biggest cock I had seen over her pussy. He was easy 8 or 9 inches long and fat as a baby’s arm. When he started to feed it into her she froze and went ridged but slowly he worked himself inside her. Once there he started to pick up the pace until he was really pounding her and she was making lots of noise. It was then I noticed movement as someone Zoe’s was walking down the beach towards them. Rj noticed aswell but carried on fucking becs. After about 15 mins he started to show a few signs he was ready to cum. Becs noticed this aswell and said plz pull out. He just smerkered knowing fell well he wasn’t going to do that as he liens down and kisses her and the roars as he cums inside my wife. The stranger that was walking up the beach has stopped and is watching as rj holds himself there for a few minutes before Pulling out and wiping his cock clean on her white dress. He then stands and pulls his shorts up becs just lies there I wast sure if she was thinking about what she had just done or what. The stranger on the beach walks up to rj and I then see in the moon light it is tray. They shack hands as they pass and tray walks up to becs and drops his shorts, and crawls up between my wife’s legs. She doesn’t make a sound until he slams himself inside her in one go. He then fucks her just like his name did although he isn’t as gengtle he is pulling her nipples hard and slipping her boob. He lasts maybe 10 minuets to not stop pounding until he cum inside my wife. He’s also pulls out and wipes himself on her dress before pulling up his sorts and walking away. I take this as my chance to rush in and save her and when I get to her she is full on passes out drunk. I pull her up and she comes to a little and tries to help walk. As we r walking I look her over and her dress in ruined. We get back to the hotel and I take her dress off and throw it asway with her underwear. I can see a huge hicky on her neck and another on her boob, I can also see the start of bruise forming all over her boobs.

When we wake in the morning I was t sure what to say so I waited to see what she said first. She immediately has a go at me for being so rough with her and says she feels like she has been fucked by a black man. I wanted to say u wasnt as it was 2 but all I could say was sorry. As she found her way to the barth room she sees the hickys and the bruises and come back to have another go at me for doing them. I just sat there dumbfounded. Did she really not remember anything about last night? We sat In Silence by the pool, she was wearing a bikini top this time to hide her marks on her boobs and we saw rj working again. He looked over nervously a few times and when becs saw she went over with a smile but not walking to well. I could over hear what they said as he asked her if she had a good night and she said should couldn’t remember anything apart from being in the bar on her own and she has no idea how she got back to the hotel. He looks up to see if she is joking and sees she’s not before laughing and saying she must have had a good time.


cuckold wife


Poster: Bob