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Pegs newfound sexual side
The next morning.
Poker with Hubby and Friends
wife of 27 years.
When it Started
I was Deployed
My Vietnamese Wife Finally Caved In After Years
The Prelude (Part 3)

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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


our first night of cuckolding
It all started as a joke when I was going out to work on a roster at our sons kindergarden ,my hubby and me had just had sex and I was showering to clean myself up when hubby said if only the other mothers knew what you have just done and I said they all have sex laughing then he said I cant imagine the other mothers doing it to which I replied you probly couldnt see me having sex either if you h..
Poster: Deb | Full Story»

Girlfriend to wife, Part 1
I met my girlfriend in college during the fall of sophomore year. She was dating another guy so I didn't ask her out but we would often sit together at breakfast and lunch as we both had morning classes at the same time. One Saturday noon she was already sitting there when I came in and I sat down across the table from her. She looked at me and smiled ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. After a few mi..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

How my wife turned me from being a hairy bear to a sissy cuckold
So I guess I should start my experience out by saying that I've never been one to be dominated. I've always been a decisive manly man who knows what he wants and always makes the decisions. Having said that, I can say now that I'm much happier with my status in my relationship.

It all started a few years ago when I came home after a night of bowling with friends. Overall a good nigh..
Poster: S. Wool | Full Story»

Wife's First Time With Another
My wife and I have often shared the thought of her being with another man as she never has been with anyone except me for over 30 years. One day I came home from work late, she was dressed very sexy and told me it was time for her to have some fun without me. So we hit the local hotel bar where she went in ahead of me and ordered a drink. Did not take long for two guys to offer to buy her a drin..
Poster: Luvtowatch | Full Story»

She shouldn't have
A week ago my buddy and his friend were in the bar when I got there. They both use my wife. She constantly tells me what they do to her and a lot of times shows me pictures of what they do . She tells me constantly how I can't pleasure her like they can . Anyway I sat down with them after saying hi to a few regulars and like always , they started telling me what a whore my wife is and the things s..
Poster: Cass | Full Story»

her night out at company party
After her first time with the salesman from her work a while later Donna whom is 5’1” and 120 lbs and her supple 36 B breasts we went to one of her company parties and as we sat and drank and talked with friends who shows up but the salesman that she had her first experience with and Ryan was in rare form. She was already feeling the affects of the drinks we had been drinking and to my shock a..
Poster: Randy | Full Story»

Helen's black lover is making her pregnant again.
I had quite a treat this morning when I was asked to take a cup of tea to my wife and her lover and was allowed in their bedroom for a rare glimpse of them. I had heard them making love and had waited until I had heard them come and then knocked and went in. David had his head towards the door and Helen was on top and had just ‘ridden’ her lover’s ‘todger’ and he was still inside her. ..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

Wifes first time with other guy
It all started with her flashing a trucker driving by the house one night on a dare. then once in a while we would have little stories during sex. this became a normal thing for us we liked our little fantasy's. we were married for about 7 years and she had taken a job as a phone marking person at a sales company and it worked out well she would go to work just as I would come home and she would r..
Poster: Randy | Full Story»

An ex-wife's lover: From the past
This is for once, not about my wife Helen who now lives with her black lover, David. It is about my second ex-wife, whom I shall just call RB. She had a lover called Kevin about whom I knew and approved.

Because he was married, they had nowhere to go to have sex, so they would go out and find a quiet little 'Lover's lane' somewhere and have - uncomfortable - nookie in the car. I ..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

How I feel when David fills Helen's Pussy?
A fellow cuck who envies what I have wrote to me this weekend and he asked me the feelings that i experience when David comes inside my wife's unprotected pussy.

Those whose wives have black lovers and those whose wives are carrying their lovers' babies will understand. When Helen brought David home to meet me and to confess that she had been seeing him for months was a great turn ..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

She loves getting stretched
After the last 4 years with Natashe, I recently realized that my Latina Hotwife was training me to be the perfect cuckold. When we have sex, she tells me about all these huge loads of cum she want me to lick clean from her pussy. Since I told her I was excited about her having affaires, she started to talked to about them and she even said she would make some movies for me... Now she is very hungr..
Poster: Montreal Cuckolddress looking for uncut fisters | Full Story»

In chastity, one will do anything
About 1 year after my wife began her affair, I had only had sex with her once. She would not allow me
to have sex with her. I was so horny knowing that she was fucking another guy that I was to the point of masturbating 3-6 times daily, whenever she was not at home with me. She spent about 20-25 days a month away from home.
I discovered chastity while surfing and looking at porn. It..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

Love Helen being pleasured by her lover
I have heard from several fellow cucks in the last couple of days and wonder if any can answer my questions: Why do I love knowing that my wife will only part her legs for her black lover? Why does it turn me on so much that her pussie which was mine now can only be touched and fondled by another man? Why am I so thrilled at knowing that another man’s penis is inside her, pumping her full of h..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

I love the thought of David's semen inside my wife
It has been 2 very interesting and very sexy days since our guests arrived. For those of you who don't know, my wife Helen had an affair with her black lover, David and she fell pregnant to him and she moved him into our house. They had a baby about 3 weeks ago and they want another. David's brother Rod and his white partner, Val are over in Australia with us for 3 weeks from Jamaica and they h..
Poster: kenny | Full Story»

im 55 & have a fantasy about forced bi cuckhold experience im married and scared to death of being busted by my wife we havent had sex in 3 years there is no chance of her agreein to my fantasy
Poster: max | Full Story»

My highschool bully destroyed my family UPDATE
My girlfriend broke up with me 2 days ago. Somehow Steven got her number and started sending her "thank you" messages for the naked pics, he told her id been sending him pics of her for his site. She called me into the room asked me about it and after about 5 minutes of arguing she through me out. Now im forced to live with Steven and my mom again. He wasted no time in making life hell. Iv spent t..
Poster: Matt E | Full Story»

made to wait
Ben gilmoor (I am a cuckold, sissy slut, chased sex slave) date 30/08/2011
Yesterday I had to wear the contraption that had been fitted on Friday until 2 pm as my mistress enjoyed the pain it was causing, I was promised that if I took everything she had in mind for me all day I would be

allowed to make love to her, so all day I done the chores and took several canings , at ..
Poster: Ben Gilmoor | Full Story»

Ginger haired cuckolds?
Sadly, certainly in the UK, men (not so much women) with red (ginger) hair, SPECIALLY if it is THICK red hair, are, if not despised, certainly un-rated (for want of a better word) & disliked--- being bullied at school, at work, discriminated in the market-place etc; I suppose their treatment is not THAT dissimiliar to that often metted out to non-whites.
This leads to the question. If this ..
Poster: Just curious | Full Story»

I live in south mississippi. Im not what youd call a redneck or anything but southern traditions run strong in my family. After some extensive research into my family history my family did in fact own slaves and in 1857 there was a riot and my great great great grandmother who was about 15 or 16 was rapped by a slave. All those involved were beaten and lynched and "order was restored to the estate..
Poster: Roger | Full Story»

My wife acts single
Im 24 fairly in shape and iv got and average 6inch dick. My wife is 5'7 124 with beautiful bcups with small pink nipples, brown hair, green eyes, and pretty nice ass. In everyday life we're a normal couple in love but she has certain urges she cant control. Maybe once or twice a month she likes to seek sexual thrills. She often just walks up to guys in bars and asks if she can see there dicks. Sh..
Poster: Idontwanna Beacuck | Full Story»

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