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Back again to our cruise.
Still deployed
Peg , Ernie , And Dijon
My hubby loves to watch
Bull Came Inside My Wife
My early shared wife days
Her First Time
Thinking back to when it started.
From Hockey Mom to Hotwife.
Peg tries more bbc.

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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


If her hair is up shes been fucked !
Reading the post here “I’ll leave the light off for you” and that being the indicator that she was entertaining a guest. Back before the days of easy text messaging if I came home from work the wife’s car was parked in front of the house I was to continue to move along as she was being bedded down and entertaining a guest. My heart would always race when I seen her car in front of the ho..
Poster: Paul | Full Story»

any Jesse Adams' connections?
A porn star of the 70's Jesse Adams; a blond stud if ever there was one!
LOVE watching videos featuring him. Wish today's porn stars looked like him!
Any cuckolds out there, any cuckoldresses out there, where the lover (the stud, bull---call him what you will), was a Jesse Adams lookalike?
Indeed any STUDS out there who look like Jesse Adams? Difficult I know, as he's soooo lo..
Poster: female admirer of Jesse Adams | Full Story»

Fantasy about my wife
I’ve had this fantasy for a long time now. I would like to bring another guy home with me and surprise my wife. I would walk in and sit on the bed and have him sit next to me completely clothed while she changed into something sexy. She would come back in with a little G-string on and a corset and turn on some music. She would begin to dance on me and rub her ass all over my cock. I just ke..
Poster: John | Full Story»

Our first meet
Hi my name is john my gf is called ann. She is 24 and I am 26. Im not an Auther but this is my story. I have been asking ann for over a year to have a 3some with another guy when she agreed to join an online site to look around. She found a guy called Steve he was in his early 50s, she chated to him lots and even went on web cam. We agreed to meet in town one night for a few drinks ..... And then ..
Poster: John | Full Story»

The Perfect Storm !!
The Perfect Storm !!! For those of you that have seen the movie the perfect storm was a monster storm that occurred when many variables came together at once and created the ideal scenario for the monster storm. Wasn’t my plan at the time but a series of events lead to my creating the perfect cuckold scenario!!

Like many couples my wife and I have fantasized and talked about ot..
Poster: Joe | Full Story»

Likes Bad Boy's To
After reading an earlier posting by Joe regarding his girl going for the exact opposite biker bad boy types I got to thinking about some of the guys my G/F had brought home and thought you know he seems to have a point. I started paying a little more attention to her guests. On Labor Day I thought of Joe and his comments when my G/F invited a guy she had been talking to over for a cook out. I w..
Poster: Barry | Full Story»

I'll leave the light off for you !!
When I first met my girl friend she was a clerk in the local pharmacy. I stopped in one day to get something and had the pleasure of having her check me out. One could help but notice the bite marks on her neck. I teased her about them telling her it looked like she had a wonderful time. She was so pretty I had an instant hard on. I would stop in quite often if I seen she was working and many t..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

My Conservative wife was Kissed for 7 minutes by a younger Guy
Im a 45 yrs old husband married since 16 yaers with presently in 2013 a 36 yrs old average lady beautiful pretTY BUT HAVE only the housewife activity.
I had the 2 guys 1 lady 3somes before marriage with other women. A cuckold role in a 3sum is very intense.

After marriage i had to disclose my Cuckold tendencies to my wife. After years of light 3some talk and the CONCEPT o..
Poster: Greg Wilder | Full Story»

One fight changed my life and my wife.
I was an amateur mma fighter and I'd been destroying several nobodies at my local gym. It built my confidence up far more than it should have,and I thought I was unstoppable. I had become a gym jerk. Well long story short a guy bet me that he'd end my winning streak then and there. The bet was that if he won, he could fuck my fiance. If I won he'd pay me $10,000. I agreed to it immediately. I knew..
Poster: Small Nutcup | Full Story»

Wife First Black Cock
This took place about three years ago. The wife and I went out one night and got 'politely mellow'. She was drinking rum and Coke. Anyway we finished our drinking session and decided to call it a night and head home. Our home wasn't too far from where we had been drinking. After we got in the car, the wife looked over to me and said that the rum had made her horny and she wanted cock. I had explai..
Poster: g2000 | Full Story»

My Wife at a Stag
My wife has never been able to say no to any man and this happened a few years ago when she went on a hen night at a holiday camp.

She is not over tall but very sexy looking and uses her body to excite who ever she wants. She has a lust for sex any time any place any man. One thing she has done in the past is always tell me about it afterwards. However on this trip she claimed nothi..
Poster: Stewart | Full Story»

Vacation Special
Vacation Special

By any man’s standard, Nancy is a strikingly attractive brunette. At five foot seven, a creamy, flawless complexion, beautiful smile, brown eyes, a full, 36c cup and shoulder-length brown hair, she is a twenty-eight year old dream.. She is a part-time aerobics instructor and, in her exercise tights, turns many heads because of her luscious figure. To say ..
Poster: johnny cumlater | Full Story»

Looking for a bull
Cut long story short we have done the whole mile she has been a hot wife meet bulls on her own other times was there to watch has one black bull all stopped for five years looking for bull to work with to seduce her and back to being hot wife any offers
Poster: Fred | Full Story»

Big Cock for My Wife
I've had the pleasure of watching my wife with another man a few times and joining in at times. It was with a guy named Dan that we met on an adult dating site. It had been a fantasy of mine and it took a bit to talk my wife into doing it, but when it happened it was great. It was mostly because she picked the right guy I guess, not pushy and had no interest in anything more than just sex. Dan had..
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

i'll cuck you tonight
she called me in the bathroom , to wash her back , then she says "you might as well wash me all over , get me ready for my date tonight " she got out of the tub, had me dry her off rub lotion on her, then pass her. her black thong+ bra , short denim skirt, and sexy top , she left the thongs off , her friends arrived. she greeted them, they sat in the living room she comes back in..
Poster: ardi rizal | Full Story»

Cuckboy & Hotwife "Lori gets more extreme"
It has been a while since I have made a post about our adventures, or more of Lori's adventures.

Lori and her last Bull that she had been with a couple of years just recently parted ways. I felt bad for her because I know of her want and need for a long-term bull.

A little about Lori for those that haven't read the earlier post I have made since Dec. 2009.
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

time to cuck you
wife sent email TIME TO CUCK YOU , inside were pictures of her in her thong and black bra , and of her in a sexy top and short skirt ,then text messages throughout the night 'i'm going now , shake my booty " I immediately got hard she's really going to do this , later 'ive got a date " then 'i'm going to the room to fuck " later I received a call i'm home now , she did a vi..
Poster: arty rizal | Full Story»

G/F attracted to Biker Types
Like many guys I have always been turned on by the thought of watching my G/F get fucked by another guy. We have always been very open with conversation so it was easy for me to discuss with her. We started by having her tell me about other sexual experiences while in bed, and she could tell how much it turned me on and she stated it also turned her on. We are both professionals and with our wo..
Poster: Joe | Full Story»

Allison's Pregnancy
Hello all my name is Allison and I would like to take a minute to tell the story of how I got pregnant to have my family and continued being a cuckolding wife.
My husband and I met in college and soon after graduating both got the jobs we always wanted and saved our money for the wedding. Prior to getting married he never fully satisfied me and I thought no big deal as we need to learn what..
Poster: allison | Full Story»

looking for an email boyfriend!
I'm a 29 year old married woman that is looking for a naughty email relationship. I don't know how far this will go but want to hear what a well hung guy would do to me. I'm a naughty nurse that has been married for seven years. We have never tried anything like this but I've always dreamed about being with a guy with a good size dick. My husband is not big and a girlfriend of mine has told me cou..
Poster: Tara | Full Story»

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