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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Caught My Wife Getting Screwed!
My first wife was 19yo when we got married a 5-10 125 slender dark blonde with sexy long legs that she loved to show off. She had size 32b tits not big but firm and nice nipples that got hard when she got turned on and since she wasnt very big she went braless everywhere including work.

Our sex life was fantasic at least twice a day and sometimes more only her time of month i..
Poster: 1stexhub | Full Story»

Did you ever .... ?

I spelled my email wrong. Sorry. try joebumcigarski at aol.

I am interested in knowing what men think when they find out their wives are fucking another guy because he has a big cock.

Having her do it with you in on it is one thing but I am curious about any gentleman who discovered his wife had a guy she fucked because she was obsessing about him a..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

L.V. this week.
I am bringing my wife to Las Vegas Wednesday and I expect her to fuck as many men as she can. I am going to get her her own room so she can fuck him in front of me or have some privacy.

NSA. Vanilla. Clean. Polite. Slut for a week.
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

just a comment
tried to answer you mark. but your email address i used got bounced back not delivered
i did enjoy your story but what happened after skip left
Poster: stefani | Full Story»

First College Cuckold
I have been reading these stories and I have recently had my first cuckold experience.

My name is James and I have been dating my girlfriend Jen for about 9 months. We are both college juniors at a California state school. Jen is one of the hottest girls at the college and is a starting Varsity soccer player.

I have always been interested in cuckolding but I didn’..
Poster: James | Full Story»

She likes a little extra
a few years ago I had a serious injury that left me unable to perform sexually. Until that time I had sex with my wife three to four time a week and it was very satisfying for us. Even though she never complained I could sense that she missed our close connection. Since we are pretty close we started a conversation about it. She was somewhat very reluctant to talk about it a first then she jus..
Poster: Jack Guinn | Full Story»

Words With Friends
My wife Sally has a favorite bar, a very small space with live bands, Americana rock and roll, mostly. She usually goes there with her girlfriend, a single woman who introduced Sally to the bar. Her girlfriend seems to know everyone there.

But the other week there was a group playing there my wife wanted to see, but her friend was busy, so she asked if I wanted to stop by. I had ..
Poster: Sally's Husband | Full Story»

Cuckold Son
I think I had better start at the beginning, in the summer of 1994 my wife was killed by a drunken diver while she waited for a Bus. Mark our son then 14 took it hard went off the rails, and then in the spring of 1995 he was sent to a young offender’s institution for 12 month’s. I never saw or heard from him again until he arrived at my door late one night in July 2011 with a young woman.
Poster: Dennis | Full Story»

Bull Couple with a Cuck Couple
Been reading the stories and wanted to post this about me and my husband and the cuck couple we now own.

My name is Heidi and my husband John. We are both in our late 40's and I am white and he is black. We got married last summer. While we were dating we always had pillow talk about how he would like to watch another woman eat my pussy. After some careful consideration I decided to..
Poster: Heidi | Full Story»

Attraction for the stud!
Re Mark (2 May), 'Maybe I'm Homosexual', yes, it's pretty much the same with me. My wife's lover is a young tall blond n blue eyed stud, & sure as hell, it were my wife who asked if I was attracted to him, "The way u look at him", "The way u look at his 9 inch monster", were just 2 comments she'd made, albeit teasing & taunting me. Fortunately Martin did not find this offensive, in fact he told my..
Poster: Like Mark | Full Story»

I apologize if I am hogging the space here. It has been so long since I could even think about this, it is exciting.

OK This happened. Period. No B.S. I like being able to tell it like it was and is. I think I get off more this way.

My crazy friend, Skip were getting plastered in a local bar.

Crazy Skip was my closest friend - and still is.

Hello again,

Here is another anecdote about being cuckolded few years ago.

I had three steady girlfriends at the time. They ere all friends and still keep in touch with each other.

Beth was a head turner.

She was small with dark hair, bright eyes and huge tits. No fat. Dual master's degrees, etc.

She was very, very sexy an..
Poster: JOE | Full Story»

A few years ago my husband and me took a vacation to Las Vegas. My husband has always been a little kinky and when we saw a billboard advertising an East Las Vegas swing club called the Red Rooster he suggested that we go there. The billboard caught his interest because it sounded like a different type of club, and so we decided to try it. An older woman explained the club’s rules and rates and..
Poster: Sandy | Full Story»

Hello again,

I find this very cathartic but I don't know if anyone is reading these posts or not. I wouldn't mind feedback.

I had a very pretty girlfriend for quite a while when I was between marriages. This one has the same name as my current hot wife, Shari.

we were alone one night when I admittedI was very jealous of her around men.


I married my high school girlfriend and stayed married for ten years.

Somewhere along the line, the thought crossed my thoughts that I wanted her to "fuck around".

She was reluctant but intrigued.

When we had a friend stay overnight, I told her to fuck him. She was truly surprised but I went to bed and she fucked him.