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Pegs newfound sexual side
The next morning.
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wife of 27 years.
When it Started
I was Deployed
My Vietnamese Wife Finally Caved In After Years
The Prelude (Part 3)

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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Wife Loves Them Young and Black
My wife Lynne and I have been married for 40 years. It was a traditional marriage, in the bedroom, for 35 years. At age 55 Lynne had an epiphany of sorts. While in Atlantic City, N.J.on Spring break vacation with 2 girlfriends Lynne had her first affair.
Lynne is a very attractive 5'4" 135lbs with beautiful 34c breasts, long legs and a round beautiful butt. Her years of gym workouts have..
Poster: marv | Full Story»

Finally...she's into it...2
as i waited...i watched the car pull up in the driveway and they all got out and came to the front door...i had set up the video camera to catch all the fun and hid in the closet...they came in to the bedroom and turned the light on and sat on the edge of the bed...straight away she started rubbing their cocks throught their pants and they lifted her nightie up over her head and started rubbing an..
Poster: steve | Full Story»

Normal Night out for my Slut Wife! Part 1
Darling are you sure you are ok with me staying with Amanda all weekend and going out?
Of course my sexy babes of course.

Is it ok if you put tan on me? And is it ok if I wear my nice clothes?
Of course darling.

Hey Amanda so long as I txt him when I arrive at a place and txt him when I leave a place he is happy with that, he doesn’t need me to say an..
Poster: bigforarse | Full Story»

finally...she's into it.
i wanted to tell you of a night my wife and i had a few days ago...she's had 2 guys fuck her up till now...1 with me watching and the other with the guy not knowing i was watching..the 1st was a mate of mine who loved her big tits...since this was her 1st, she didn't want a stranger...the 2nd was a guy from and adult contact mag...he came over and i hide in the she was more confident, ..
Poster: steve | Full Story»

Wife who needed more
Me and my wife Linda used to have a very good sex life. But over time things got kind of stale. We’ve been married for ten years and my wife still looks very hot with sensual breasts and a shapely sexy figure. About six months ago she got a new job as an office administrator. With that she started to go out more and more with her friends from work. I didn’t mind at first, but then she wouldn..
Poster: Timmy | Full Story»

More on Cuckoldress intensity
The letter from Dave the Cuck "Cuckoldress intensity" was interesting, as it is a reality that when a cuckoldress loses her inhibitions, she will be a COMPLETE slut for her lover! My case is an example! Sally, a lovely blonde, met up by chance with a former boss of hers, a young high flyer, & whose youthful blond looks & "winner attitude" she found very attractive. Sadly for her, though maybe not ..
Poster: Another poor cuck | Full Story»

Rolling Eyes When The Fuck begins
I just want to relate the second of our first two experiences into the cuckolding lifestyle. I won't relate the ENTIRE experience but a couple of highlights

The second man I invited to stuff his cock into my wife's pussy, has probably never been accused of being a handsome guy but he had some "outstanding" qualities that more than made up for his lack of good looks! In his original ..
Poster: TinyCockWimp | Full Story»

A few months ago a new couple moved in next door to us, right off the bat I was put off by the fact the man , Brian, drove a over sized pick up truck that was all jacked up in the air and loud as hell. His wife Terri had a late model mustang which she drove as if it was a rocket ship. Loud music and equally loud cars became the norm that summer, they threw equally loud partie with people laughing,..
Poster: SillyMan | Full Story»

First Time
I thought I would share my story about my early cuckold experiences. My name is Miguel and I am from Spain.

Me and my girlfriend Catalina, at the time she was 19 and I was 20, had been arguing about a lot of things lately. Mostly about my infidelity with a friend of hers. I promised my girlfriend I would never cheat again, and that I never did again, but at the time I didnt know it...
Poster: Miguel | Full Story»

sat night
We went out to a swing party and wife and i went back to another couples house where i got to watch herget her sweet little pussy fiied by a huge cock his wife and i got to watch him have his way with my with for over a hour before he filled her full of cum
Poster: deckron | Full Story»

1st time!
JUST sucked off my wife's lover for the 1st time! T'was my birthday, & him letting me suck him off in front of my missus was my birthday present from him!
He also gave me a mouthful of his thick hot ejaculate as a bonus b'day present. LOVED it, just LOVED worshipping that 9 inch monster! Missus watched & encouraged me. I was knelt before him on the hard concrete floor, naked!
Half ho..
Poster: cock sucker | Full Story»

"My wife loves going bareback", & why not?
Hi, Deckron, I REALLY hope that your wife is impregnated by one of her lovers1 It would be lovely for you, would it not, for her impregnator to visit her (with you in presence), & when her belly was nice & swollen with his baby, him gently rubbing her belly & slowly french kissing her in front of you---with you tied up & being FORCED to watch them--- & this will happen again & again & again--- her..
Poster: Deckron supporter | Full Story»

my wife loves going bare back
My wife loves to have sex with her boy freinds bare back and tnen comes home to me and makes me use a rubber. she is chatting with a new guy on line and is planning to meet with him while I have to work Fri. night. She wanted me to eat her pussy all week long but refuses to let me fuck her she says she is saving it for the new guy.
she plans on spending the night with him and have me com..
Poster: deckron | Full Story»

my first sloppy seconds
We moved into a house and there was a jock-type high school kid next door.

All summer I caught my wife looking over into their yard, as they had a pool and he was always out there in his speedo.

The shop I work in is all guys, so one day they had a stripper come in cause this other guy was getting married that weekend. I was so horned up.

They let us le..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

Soon after I first met my wife she told me that a younger guy, about 17 yrs younger, had been hitting on her and she thought he was cute and she was flattered by his advances. I told her if she liked the idea it was fine with me and she should go for it. To make a long story short, she did. So, the whole time we were dating, about a year and a half, she was fucking him on the side, she would tell ..
Poster: Hal | Full Story»

A Man you Hate
If a man you really hate ends up fucking your wife, you will be more excited and humiated than ever. At least thats what happened in my case. When I was a kid, a bully named Reed use to beat me up and all the other kids too. After I married my first wife, Carol, I found out she had the "hots" for him. He had dark wavy hair and was kind of a smart ass, I thought but I wanted her fucked by someone e..
Poster: Gil | Full Story»

Wife is going to try prostitution
My dirty little slut wife has been fucking lots of guys over the last few months. We only started trying this thing this year and she has fucked so many guys, many have shot them cum in her pussy. A lot of the time she will let me fuck her afterwards when she is still full of there cum.

Well now she has decided she loves fucking other cocks so much she wants to try being a prostitut..
Poster: G | Full Story»

1st Time OMG!
My wife and I've been married for 18 yrs. She is 52 and I'm 48. Lucy is cute and curvy being on the plump side. She has large breasts and awesome in bed. I had slept with many different women before we were married but she is by far the best woman I’ve ever had sex with. She gives me so much pleasure it’s incredible.

She was a virgin when we were married and her strict cath..
Poster: Surprised Hubby | Full Story»

Our New Situation
My wife Karen and I have established a very satisfactory situation. She is a very pretty woman, and around 10 years younger than me. After exploring the swinging scene a bit (NOT very much fun), we agreed that it would be more fun for both of us if she took a lover - she understood the pleasure I gained from imagining her with other men. Eventually she found a very attractive guy, Keith, through h..
Poster: Thomson | Full Story»

She Wants to Be Spanked
My wife, Laura, wasn't really interested by sex, we just drifted along, the usual, house and 2 kids at school. The last few months has seen a remarkable change in her. She wants sex all the time, her clothes and underwear has changed, which made me think I'm not the only guy....but get this...she always wants to do it doggie style and have me spank her ass as we go. Sometimes this is fun, but some..
Poster: KTron | Full Story»

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