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Canoe Trip
My wife and I had been married about 20 years when a large group of couples went on a canoe trip.
The first night we were in bed and during foreplay she told me that she was turned on by Pat. Pat was married but was on the canoe trip by himself.
I was fingering my wife and I knew she must have been thinking about Pat since she was really turned on.

I asked her if she wanted to fuck him and she started bucking hard against my hand as she whimpered "yes, yes". I was a little surprised but also turned on myself. When she spread her legs for me and I started to fuck her she had her eyes closed so I just kept telling her to fantasize it was Pat fucking her; Pat was going to cum in her! She was really hot but I knew it was just a fantasy and that nothing would come of it.

The next day we all enjoyed the canoe trip. My wife flirted with Pat a little but nothing unusual.
As we neared the end of our trip she told me she was getting "tingly" and couldn't wait to return to the motel. After taking a shower she laid on the bed and asked me to shave her. I love to shave her but I only get to do it about twice a year so I was really excited. I made her pussy nice and smooth and she was getting excited as I finished.

In a little while she started getting dressed so I asked her where she was going. Without any hesitation she said "To Pat's room". I thought she was kidding at first but she wasn't!
I wasn't sure if I should stop her but my cock was hard from hearing her say that. She came over to me and kissed me saying "I'll be back, I'll have a present for you", and with that she left.

It was a long evening until she finally returned at 2 a.m. I could smell the sex when she walked in the room. She smiled at me as she undressed.
There weren't too many clothes to take off since she left her panties and bra at Pat's room.
She didn't say much, she just laid back on the bed and spread her legs. I could see the cum dripping from her. She motioned for me to put my face between her legs. I went between her legs but wasn't sure if I wanted to lick her; that's when she pushed my face into her wet pussy.
There was no doubt what she wanted. After a few seconds I began to enjoy licking her, tasting her cum and Pat's cum. I was soon sticking my tongue deep into her getting as much as I could.

She came again while I cleaned her. I wanted her so bad but when I started to put my cock in her she pushed me away and told me to jerk off for her.
I was too horny to argue, I touched my cock and within a few seconds I was cumming; letting my cum shoot all over her shaved pussy.

She was tired and wanted to go to sleep but I was still excited. I jerked off at least three more times that night as I lay next to her. A couple of times she would wake up and watch me jerk off.

The next day all she said about her night was that she had a good time with Pat. I asked her if she wanted to do it again but she only said "we'll see". To this day I don't think she has fucked him again but who knows?


cuckold wife

Poster: Hurrel