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A Fun Wife sharing Moment
An old friend from the old neighborhood was in town for a weekend tending to his mothers affairs, I told him to stay with Terri and I instead of his moms empty house.
He took the offer saying it would be nice seeing us again, he had only met Terri once a few years back prior to our engagement. We had now been married two years.

We had plans to meet some other neighborhood friends for dinner and drinks that Friday night but the plans fell through due to bad weather. Steve had not seen Terri since she had breast augmentation prior to our wedding that he unfortunately could not attend. I was looking forward to his reaction since he thought she was really hot before when she had very small tits. It wasn't a surprise to see him constantly checking them out. I had mentioned to Terri that I wondered if he would notice or just think he didn't remember. Later making drinks she remarked to me privately he definitely remembered since he kept looking at them, I could tell she was enjoying his stares. Since her boob job it was obvious her confidence soared, she always seemed to enjoy guys giving her long looks. I kind of felt she wondered about what it would have been like having bigger tits when she was single.

At some point as the rain poured and the wind howled she went to the bedroom and changed from the outfit she was going wear out that night, she had four or five vodka tonics and that was a lot for her. She came back in wearing a thin top but not see thru and no bra. I was a bit surprised since she never went without a bra in public but it was just Steve. He eyes were glued to her once she returned and once he had enough drinks in him he started asking her about how she looked different from when he met her 3 years earlier. She matter of factly told him she had new tits, That set the wheels in motion as I was getting turned on by her confidence talking to him about her titties and as the conversation went on it began to get suggestive, him saying how gorgeous she and her tits looked and her loving his attention. Then he said he had never seen a boob job in the flesh, he then laughed asking if he could see them. It actually went over much better with Terri than I thought, she didn't immediately tell him no. She was very flattered I think and kind of acted like she would show him but but that wouldn't be right and they were for my eyes only, we just laughed and I said " I don't care if you show him.

Wow, her face flushed and and she was giggling, she was excited and I could tell she wanted to show him. She had always liked him much better than most of my friends and use to talk about fixing her friends up with him, always describing him a really hot and sexy. Somewhere between the next round of shots and drinks she just says out of the blue after the " you have to promise not to tell anyone" " oh I wouldn't tell anyone" shot out of his mouth before she could finish her sentence. At that time I didn't even think about this going where it went.

Her top knit top had an open neck with little buttons running 2/3 of the length in front. Several were already open to between her tits, and she started unbuttoning as he kind of adjusted his position on the sofa to be facing her, she was between he and I on the sofa. She kind of dropped the shoulders down her upper arms and slowly pulled down the front exposing her 34c cups and her now really erect nipples. He just sat gazing for 30 seconds or so and I was a bit surprised she hadn't covered them back up yet. He kept looking up at her face and back down at her tits. I then noticed her face and it had gone from all smiles and giggles to sultry, she was really getting off on this and as I was going to say that's enough he asked to feel them and she answered yes so quickly not even looking at me.

As he reached out and started feeling them I got hard, I mean really hard really quick. I was conflicted about this but the feeling of jealousy never arose. It was fucking hot.

He just kept feeling and getting closer to her and for some reason my hand went down to her thigh, I thought she would push it away, she didn't and as I slid my hand between her legs she parted her thighs and I was running my knuckle up and down her pussy over her shorts. She gave me a look and just softly said " is this okay?" I wasn't sure exactly what she meant but as soon as I said yes she pulled his face to hers and started kissing him passionately. He of course responded and when they broke from the kiss his mouth went straight to her tits and she just held his head leaning her neck back. My hand went straight down the front of her shorts and panties to find her very wet. I then just undid her pants and was just surprised at every move as she lifted her ass up so I could pull them off.

Once they were off the two of them were lip lock again and I was wondering what to do so I went to the floor to get between her legs to go down on her. As I positioned I could see her left hand was gripping his cock through his shorts, he had a huge hard on. As I went down on her she was wrestling at his zipper and button and I watched with a mouthful of her pussy as she pulled it out and said " oh my god your so big." It was huge compared to mine. I had heard others years back say his was big but I just thought it a little longer or something. He was over two inches longer than mine but it was so thick. I had never seen one first hand so thick, I was getting more turned on listening to her keep complimenting it and saying she had never seen one so big.

By then I had dropped my pants to start fucking her, he had put a knee on the couch and raised up so she could suck him. She wasn't a real fan of oral but she was all over his dick sucking what she could and stroking him. I had rubbed my dick on her pussy and realized I wasn't going to last anytime and hesitated for a while just watching her suck him while he looked at me asking if I was sure this was okay. He looked at my cock several times, I'm really average, 5.75 inches but mine is kind of skinny. I'm sure he was thinking how tight she would be.

She came off his dick looking at me asking what's wrong, since I wasn't fucking her I guess. I just stammered a bit and as she was slumped on the couch feet on the floor she took her left leg and threw it over him pulling him between her legs, he immediately went to his knees on the floor and took my spot. I sat back next to her and she started stroking me a little. Seeing her hand around my dick and picturing how moments ago she had both of her hands around his and more cock was sticking out gave me even more perspective, she was looking at mine thinking the same thing I'm sure. I had to get her to stop touching it since watching him run that big head up and down her pussy was about to make me cum.

She turned her attention back to him and watching him tease her pussy with his fat head and hearing her respond was more than I could handle, apparently more than she could as well. As soon as her got about 4 inches in and started working it in and out she had a huge orgasm, she was trying to fight it back but couldn't. I had never seen that orgasm before, and as her began to stroke her a little more aggressively he was telling her how tight and hot her pussy was, the look on her face staring back at him I can't explain. I'm dripping precum and she starts to orgasm again, this one lasting longer than the first and just as intense. Then she starts talking to him, things I've never heard her say during sex. "Oh fuck me Stevie fuck me!" And as he did he started really moaning, then she told him she wanted all of it in her. When he fully penetrated her she was moaning like crazy and just blurts " fuck me hard, fuck me harder" and he says he's cumming and she saying don't stop as she starts cumming again. He unloads deep in her and as he finishes she looks at me and reaches for my dripping little dick. She looks at me say " he's so deep inside Joe, so deep." And she shivers as he pulls out. She slides down onto the floor sucking on him again, licking his cum. She had never tasted my cum. She goes down on her back beckoning me down, I'm staring at her gaping pussy, I'd never seen down into her pussy. She was wide open and full of his cum. I last about 15 seconds before cumming like crazy as she whispered in my ear, " it's okay baby, it's okay." I like watching you watch me to.

He was there until Sunday if you'd like to hear the rest.

This is not fiction.


cuckold wife

Poster: Joe