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Watching My Wife on the Stairs
I have been married to my wife for about 6 years now. Ever since I can remember I have been interested in exhibitionism and showing off my significant others. With her, it was even worse, you see she has these amazing DDD breast’s that look great in low cut tops. I always urge her to wear something lower, or have just a tiny nip “accidentally” skip out while we have company over. But for the longest time she refused. She never seemed that into it.

Well recently one of my coworkers came over to have a couple drinks and hang out. My wife was wearing a decently low cut shirt, and a great bra that pushed them up and gave a great view. At one point she had unintentionally leaned over in front of him and I caught him looking straight down her top. He could see everything that wasn’t directly covered by her bra, which was a lot being her tits are the size they are. I knew he enjoyed. When she looked up he tried to turn his head quickly, but she knew he had gotten a good look. She seemed to have enjoyed it as well. Fast forward a couple days and I brought it up, telling her it would be even hotter if she sent him a picture of her tits. She was hesitant at first. Eventually she built up the courage and I gave her a few conditions. 1. Every picture she sent him, she also had to send to me. 2. Any messages sent between them had to be either saved or relayed to me so I knew what they said. I was very new to the scene and was very nervous that something would go wrong.
Anyway, she agreed. The first picture she sent him had both her tits popped out of her shirt and she had this sultry, sexy look. She sent a message with the picture something along the lines of “I caught you looking at these the other day, figured this would be a better view.” She sent a few more and eventually he replied and showed a lot of interest. They exchanged pictures for a while and she started really craving his cock. I was loving all the sexual tension she had. She seemed insatiable and we were fucking multiple times a day.
About a week after she sent her first pic, she came to me and said she wanted to bring it further. She was nervous, but she wanted to bring him to the house and play with him. I agreed, and went towards setting it up. I hung out with him for a while at his place, since he lives just down the road. All the while I knew my wife was sending him pics, telling him to come over and play with her big tits and teasing the hell out of him. I pretended I had no idea what was going on. I assume he thought my wife was trying to cheat on me with him, and it turned me on so much that it was our little secret. Eventually we headed over to my place and my wife had been waiting. She dressed up nicely, wearing an easily accessible low cut top that came down midway between her tits. Her bra was already showing a good bit, but I pretended not to notice. I absolutely knew that my coworker had noticed though. He was looking down her top every chance he could get. I decided to give them a bit of space, because you could feel the sexual tension in the air. She wanted to jump his bones, but was so nervous.
I told them I had to run upstairs quick and hook up our new tv, just an excuse to go up and leave them be. (We had set up a small camera in the kitchen, planning to get him angled so I could see him touching her). I hadn’t made it halfway up the stairs before he had filled his hands with her covered tits. By the time I made it up and to the receiving monitor of the camera, she was already sitting on the kitchen counter, tits pulled out fully from her top, his large hands squeezing and groping her, biting her nipples. It was so hot. But I could let it go on for too long, because I was only plugging in the tv. So I watched for a minute or two, then made my way downstairs. I had to make enough noise to give them time to separate and look normal again.
When I came down, even if I did not know what had just happened, I’d have known something was up. My wife had the biggest grin on her face, and was slightly out of breath. Her shirt was a big ruffled and lower than before, her bra more exposed. She had this look of pure hunger in her eyes. I “brushed it off” and thought nothing of it. But I could tell she wanted more. She wanted his hands back on her skin, she wanted to feel his hardness again in her grip. We continued talking and killing time for a while, but I could tell she was getting antsy. She kept staring at his shorts, and biting her lip for him when they thought I wasn’t looking. Eventually I decided to give them another window. I said I needed to use the bathroom and that my stomach was hurting. My wife took this to mean that I would be gone for a good little while, which was just my excuse of course. I made my way back upstairs, just far enough that he thought I was in the bathroom. Then I quietly made my way half way down the stairs, there’s a wall that goes up with our stairs and connects with the ceiling so I had a good vantage point.
As I made it back down the stairs, my wife had moved closer to him and he was touching her breasts again, squeezing them over her shirt. Then she pulled them out and straddled him, shoving her massive tits in his face. He was loving it, pinching, sucking, squeezing them to his hearts content while she was grinding herself into his dick below her. He must have thought I was coming back though because he pushed her off after a minute and she looked so frustrated. She wasn’t done yet and he knew it. When I didn’t come down the stairs he got a little more bold. He grabbed her head and pulled it towards his crotch, while he pulled his cock out at the same time. Without missing a beat, without a second thought my wife began to devour his member like she was using it for survival. She sucked him so passionately and forcefully, I could hear her moaning with her mouthful from across the house! Had I not known by now in a normal situation I’d have DEFINITELY heard her if I was really in the bathroom. She continued with his cock for several minutes but came up for air. He took this opportunity to play with her clit over her shorts, then slowly moving his fingers into her shorts. Once he was done she moved down into her knees in front of him and again began to suck that cock like her life depended on it. She could not get enough of sucking this man.
I guess they once again thought I was coming so she finished up and pulled her shirt up to cover her tits. He tried his best to make his hard on go away. I snuck my way back up the stairs to the bathroom and had to flush the toilet to make it convincing.
When I came downstairs she had this look of self accomplishment on her face. He was trying his best to seem casual. But I knew he was relishing in the fact that he’s just had his face covered in my wife’s tits and she’s had her face full of his cock for the past while. It was the hottest experience I’ve had. And since then I’ve watched her suck his cock from the stairs multiple times. There’s a separate turn on I get from my coworker thinking he’s pulling one over on me in my own house, with my wife on her knees for him. He has never brought it up at work, and tries his best to make it seem like they are just friends when he comes over. If only he knew.


cuckold wife

Poster: Dre