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My World
Only a true Cuckold at heart knows the feeling when his wife takes a new lover for the first time. My state of arousal was thru the roof. Coming out of the closet and bearing my true self to my wife of 25 years was humiliating, exciting and profound. This was a culmination of years of bedroom talk that finally came to a climax. This began with My wife loving me telling her sexual stories while we had sex. The stories transitioned to her cheating with other men because she really responded to them. I new deep down she wanted a man with a manly package which I didn't have. I always had a suspicion she has cheated on me but I couldn't prove it. Due to my inability to please her with my 3" dick she cut me off from fucking her early in our marriage. I often used large dildo's and my mouth to bring her to orgasm. She preferred it over fucking me. I was always left to jack off when she was done. I began telling her that I wanted to watch her fucking another man and she loved the idea. But she always stated she couldn't do it after she orgasmed. I began telling her of my curious bi tendencies and this turned her on as well. But deep down she felt that it was all made up to hype her sexual pleasure. So I decided that she was ready and needed a little push. I posted an ad online to find the guy to help me. I was surprised by all the responses and read them carefully. I eventually settled on one guy named Wade. He was a respectful looking guy just a little older than us. He was married and had a nice bod and a 8" cock. He had sent pictures with his response so I decided to show them to the wife. During foreplay I asked her to look at the photos and asked if he was fuckable. She liked them and said he has a nice cock and most definitely. I then told her what I had done and he wants to fuck her. She was shocked but turned into a horny fuck monster almost breaking her dildo. Afterwards when she cooled down she asked if it was true. I said yes. She was quiet. She then said I don't know. This was a yes to me. I set up a time to meet with him in a bar. I then asked if she would go with me to meet him. She was still shocked I had done this and after persuading her more she agreed to go meet him. I knew she was excited because of what she wore when we went to meet him. He lived about an hour from us so I made my wife a stiff drink for the ride down to settle her nerves. He wasn't there when we arrived so we sat and ordered drinks. She excused herself to the restroom and he entered. I recognized him right away. He was taller than expected and better looking.

I introduced myself and he sat in the booth across from me. As we talked my wife returned and I could see she was pleased with what she saw. He also was pleased and began eye fucking her making no effort to hide it. It was strange sitting there watching him look her over like a piece of meat in my presence. I was so hard. She sat beside me straight across from him. There eyes were locked as he began talking with her. I was just a fly on the wall by this point. After small talk I knew she wanted him by the way she flirted with him. She eventually asked to be excused again because the drinks were going through her. When she stood he looked he up and down and turned to watch her ass as she walked away. And she noticed looking back and giving a smile. I the asked him frankly. Well, what do you think? He smiled and said I like. He then asked what was I looking to get from this. I said just to watch him fuck her hard with his big dick. I told him I was really small and unable to satisfy her and she needs it bad. He smiled and said you picked the right guy. So we began talking dates. The wife returned and when she heard the conversation she was pleased and gave him more dates she was off work to hook up. He excused himself to the bathroom. My wife had a skirt on and I put my hand between her legs and began hiking up her skirt to check her pussy. Normally she would never let me do this in public but she was so hot she was ready to fuck him now. When I slipped into her panties she was so wet I couldn't believe it. I then said wow you want him don't you. Without hesitation she looked me in the eyes an said yes. He returned and we exchanged numbers but he said as much as he wanted her now he needs to get home before the wife begans to worry. We walked out together and he gave her a long big hug telling her he can't wait to be inside her. She said she can't either. I couldn't believe how forward she was and she did it without even any consideration of me. Alcohol probably pushed her past her her shyness but what ever it was I was watching a different woman I had never seen. While I was driving home we talked and she said he was awesome and thanked me over and over. She surprised me by saying she was disappointed they couldn't fuck today. She said she needed to be fucked now and I said I'll take care of her wen we get home. She said I can't wait and pulled her wet panties off pushing them in my mouth. She then tilted her seat back and pulled her skirt up and started playing with herself. Boy was it hard to drive. She then grabbed her purse pulling out her favorite dildo. I was surprised she had brought it and when I mentioned it she said she always carries it which I didn't know. She closed her eyes and began slow fucking herself. I asked if she was thinking of him and she grunted a yes. I was blown away. I thought I new my wife and here she was surprising me to no end. The interstate was busy but no one could see her lying back. Her feet were visible but that was it. I was rubbing myself trying not to cum in my pants and keep the car in the lane. There was no place to pull over but in my heightened state My speed had dropped off. Not paying attention to traffic around I didn't notice the 18 wheeler coming up on my passenger side. I didn't say a word when I saw it. As he started to go past us he must of noticed my wife and he hit his brakes slowing down and riding beside us. I couldn't see him but I new he was looking down on my wife as she fucked her self. After a few seconds she opened her eyes when she noticed the truck noise. She was looking up and smiled at him. I asked what was he doing and she said he is motioning her to keep going. She looked at me and I said give him a show. She opened her blouse exposing her titts. And she did. She came quickly pulling her dildo out and putting the tip in her mouth. I then sped up. I took the next exit and immediately pulled to the shoulder of the road. I quickly pulled my pants down and started pounding it. She stuck her dildo in my mouth which made me cum instantly. After we cooled down we got dressed and got back on the highway heading home. She said she needed to lay down after all the alcohol an so did I. But we just talked about Wade and before long I was going down on her. She came and we both fell asleep. This story is long so I'll tell what happened with Wade on another follow up. Jim


cuckold wife

Poster: Jim