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I want my wife to have her lover's baby again
I have been quiet for a few days as Helen and her lover David went off with their baby and with David's brother and partner over to Perth for a few days’ holiday. They came back on Thursday and the last few days have been interesting. On Friday, Helen was testing herself – she is very keen to get pregnant to her black lover again – and suddenly announced that she was ‘right.’ David had taken the baby off for a walk in his pram and was nowhere to be seen. Helen told me to go find them as she needed David to make love with her there and then. I jumped into the car and found them about 3kms away in a park. I let David take the car and I pushed the baby home whilst his Daddy went off to ‘service’ my wife, his Mummy. Pushing a black baby around aroused one or two looks and a couple of hushed comments from other people in the street.
When I got home, the two were in bed and the door was closed and I was warned by Val – David’s future sister-in-law that the pair was not to be disturbed. I could only imagine the scene; Helen, freshly fucked, lying on her back with David holding her legs in the air as his sperm founds its way towards her womb to fertilise her eggs and produce another black baby. I was rock-hard but had nowhere to masturbate. Val noticed the bulge and asked me if I minded my wife getting pregnant to her lover. ‘Mind?’ I said. ‘I am so happy for this to happen. I really want David to make her pregnant again.’ The prospect of him fertilising my wife again is just fantastic.
About 10 minutes later, David came out, a towel around his waist, but still very clearly erect. Val said: ‘Your wife is so lucky to be pleasured by that!’ I know what she means as David’s todger is massive and I can see what makes Helen so pleased and satisfied. Helen called me in and there she was, naked and with her legs up against the bed’s headboard, elevated so that her lover’s baby-juice could do its job. Her pussie was red and there was some of David’s semen at the entrance and the rest was buried deep inside her. She is still breast-feeding and her breasts are large and her nipples looked like Chapel hat pegs!
David was at work yesterday (Sunday) when Helen suddenly announced that she was ‘ripe’ again and asked me to drive down to the hospital and bring him home. She telephoned the Head Nurse, Angie and explained that she needed David home straight away as it was the optimum time for them to make love. I went down in the car and walked into the reception area, where David was waiting. A female nurse and a male Doctor were with him and when they saw me, the giggled. The nurse said: ‘Go do your duty, David.’ The other doctor just called out: ‘Give her one for me, mate!’ I felt totally humiliated, knowing that these people were aware that I was collecting this man in order for me to take him home where he would release his sperm into my wife’s pussie and impregnate her.
When we arrived there, she was already in their bed with – I suspect – her pussie wet, willing and ready. After an hour, I took him back to the hospital, leaving my wife satisfied, sore and hopefully in the first stages of another pregnancy. This time I wasn’t allowed to see my wife’s pussie as her lover’s sperm filled her.


cuckold wife

Poster: kenny