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Cuckold gone wrong
Ever since my first girlfriend I've had a cuckold fetish. My wife was new to the idea and didn't like the sound of it when I first told her, but after letting her loose on an adult website for a day, she came to me begging for a black cock. 

Apparently seeing those "huge African dicks" got her soooo wet, and I quickly set out to find a suitable fuck buddy for my wife. I had a huge boner while I searched the web, thinking of how she would compare the well hung black men to my four inch white cock. 

After days of searching, and a few unfruitful meatings, I found the perfect guy. I took him back to our house where my wife was waiting and ready. For the true cuckold experience I had him handcuff me to a pole In the closet, and throw away the key. I watched him stick his fingers into her pussy, getting her lubed up, and she let out a beautiful moan. My boner was raging, but there was nothing I could do. 

That's when he took out his cock. It was a true monster, and my wife looked a little scared as he pressed his head against her wet pussy lips. Inserting it in I could almost hear her tearing a little as she screamed out in pain. I was beggining to get a little worried, but I was along for the ride. 

He pushed his meat deeper into her, and I could see her beginning to cry. With a low moan he began to pump in and out of her wet pussy for what seemed like forever. Eventualy he let out a great roar and shot his hot spunk up her vagina. He pulled out and showed me her gaping hole, the hot jizz pouring out onto our bed sheets. I wanted out, but the key to the handcuffs were on the other side of the room and I could do nothing but watch. 

He made her get on her knees and I could see more of his spunk oozing out of her hole. He took out his huge meat and slapped her face with it, leaving a trail of cum and blood on her cheek, before pushing it into her mouth. She gagged as he forced it deeper down her little throat. Before long his back stiffened and she began making choking sounds, he pulled out and she coughed out another of his loads, some of it spraying from her nostrils. 

He had her lay down on her stomach then, and brought her ass up a little. He started to grab her plump ass cheeks and a whole new horror dawned on me: he was going to pop her anal cherry. He grabbed her ass for a long time, then began smacking her ass so hard she began to cry again. He spread her butt cheeks wide and showed me her tight little butt hole, before pushing his head against it.

She let out a terrible scream as he quickly pushed his giant meat into her precious hole. Blood gushed down her thighs as he got into motion. He would pull out before slamming back in, flooding the sheets with her blood. He started to smack her ass, pulling on her cheeks as she screamed in pain. Finally he came, spraying his hot spunk into her intestines.  He pulled out, his meat still hard, and brought her to me, he layed me down and put my wifes gaping asshole above my face. She farted and his hot jizz sprayed across my face.

When all of it was out, he grabbed her wonderful hair, and used it to clean off his meat. He then got his clothes together, gave the key to my destroyed wife, and left. 

For about a month after my wife wouldn't let me touch her, and now even when I do she doesn't seem to feel it. The anal sex messed her up so bad that she needs to wear adult diapers, and she is infertile from the vaginal. 

Needless to say I've not tried a cuckold experience since.  


cuckold wife

Poster: Corky Laputa