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Cookie at adult book store
She Was Really Ready!
She was ready!
Accepting Black Baby

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Are We Gettin Started?
I'm not sure if this counts as a cuckold story. But, its 100% true, and I'd like some feedback.

After about a year of marriage, my wife and I were fighting. We'd dated for eight years prior, and this wasn't our first fight. I was at work when she texted, "I fucked Jesse (name changed)." Jesse was a mutual friend. I was conpletely infuriated. However, my cock was also so hard, it ac..
Poster: Jonny | Full Story»

Fun without Me
We moved to a major city and located in a suburban town. A military base was two miles from us. Liz was an office nurse for a local doctor. Perhaps that was where she made contact with a soldier from the base. The remainder of the story is what she, much later, disclosed to me.

I assume she had sex with him after which he convinced her to have multiple guys for a party. The "party" ..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Female Led Relationship
For as long as I can remember I have had dreams about living in a female led relationship, getting to serve a woman like the goddess that she is. I've been in this fantastic relationship for many years now, everything has been perfect except that there was no sub/Dom thing going on. I expressed my interest quite a few times but she is a very sweet woman and never wanted to do anything to hurt me a..
Poster: HappyC | Full Story»

The Teachings of Past Experience
Hi Everyone, I've been thinking over things that have happened in my life which have made me want to be a wife watcher. I don't think it's any one experience that changed me and I may have just been born like this but I think this one event is the thing that had the most affect on me.

I got with my first serious girlfriend when she was 18 and I was 22. We dated for about 6 months be..
Poster: The Natural | Full Story»

A first time for everything
Like most men who visit this site I had often wanked myself to a climax thinking about my wife being fucked by another man. I don't need to tell any man in this position that getting his wife to even imagine such activity is very nearly impossible. She simply can't understand why you would want to share her with another and, even worse, why you would want to watch it happening.

I ha..
Poster: Valhalla | Full Story»

how our cuckold marriage started
I met my husband right out of college. He was and is a good man, and I will always love him, but he was naive. He was raised in a very strict religious home and had the idea that I was a virgin. I just let him think that, even though I was very experienced. I kept seeing other guys while we were engaged, and while I certainly didn't flaunt it, I didn't take great pains to hide it. Somehow, he didn..
Poster: wildnbitchyIamtold | Full Story»

Cookie at adult book store
Hi. This happened a few years ago. We had met a guy online and he had asked if we could meet him at a swinger club. Of course I the husband agreed. When we got there he wasn't there so we had a couple ask us to sit with them. We sat with them and I started playing with the woman and when they asked if Cookie was ok with this she let the guy there suck on her tits. She was getting really turned on ..
Poster: Andy | Full Story»

She Was Really Ready!
As I drove home with my wife in the first day as Antwan's slut, I began to think about all the things he had told me he wanted to do with my wife! I think I realized she really was likely going to become what he wanted and that I honestly hoped he got her to do it all! And she really was ready to do it all! His plan was to really start to move her in about a month. But when I saw the hunger for hi..
Poster: David | Full Story»

She was ready!
My wife was very open and very active with three regular lovers on a regular basis. I met Antwan on line while looking for a semi pro photographer to do a photo shoot of her. I had talked with him lots and he was my choice to do the shoot but he had an agenda that was much more than doing just the shoot of her. Antwan desired to Own her! And to exploit her. I admit it turned me on and we talked of..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Accepting Black Baby
While I was deployed my wife had sex with several black men. I told her that I understood her sexual needs in my absence. When she told me she was knocked up and was not sure which black guy did it, I told her not to worry that I would accept the child as my own.

When I returned home I took our little black baby girl in my arms.

My wife wanted to continue having..
Poster: Donald A Droesch | Full Story»

Sharing is Good
I kind of stumbled in to the sharing busyness right away, at the age of 18 when I was going steady with my first "real" GF.
She was a slut, couldn't say no to any man that asked her about fucking her I later found out, and the first to ask her was my best friend. He fucked her when I had passed out drunk at a party (like most best friends do in some or another occasion.)

Poster: Den | Full Story»

To Female Curious
Yes there is a word for a female who wishes to be cuckolded by her man, it is "cuckquean" and I agree women can share similar kinks as men.
Poster: Cuck Jake | Full Story»

Is there such a thing as a “female cuckold”?
I am female, & of course the word ‘cuckold’ refers to a husband whose wife is having it off with another man, either behind his back, or with the husband’s approval & blessing.
But what about a situation where it’s the WIFE who wants her husband to go with another woman, with her in the room, watching & probably pleasuring herself?
For a start is there a word for such a wif..
Poster: Female curious | Full Story»