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Caught My Wife
I've been married to my wife for 16 years now and we have 4 kids together. I'm a 39 year old white guy, 6' 2" tall, 215 lbs, pale milky white skin, shaved head, red facial hair with neatly lined thin beard and goatee, blonde arm and leg hairs, light brown chest and belly hair, fiery red neatly trimmed bush and public hairs, always smoothly shaved balls and genitals with a small short and thin circ..
Poster: mysizefive | Full Story»

Our first time with her guy (2 days ago)
My wife and I are both in our mid twenties and we both had only had one partner before we found each other. Until two days ago, she invited a co worker over and I had hinted around that I wanted her to fool around with him.

We were watching a movie and she was in the middle I slid me hand down her pants and her pussy was soaking wet like I haven't seen in years! I ended up getting up..
Poster: Sexy sexy wife | Full Story»

annette I found her agen
The last time I seen my wife.she had keaths cock in her mouth,I love it,I just sat back and watched.so now I told her I watched,she said it never happened.well she can't deny this one.so I just got home and go into my bedroom and I just don't get it,Annette is for pointed to my bed, with Tommys cock in her mouth,and I never seen a cock so big,and that didn't see me yet,so my friend never seen me,h..
Poster: samuel esposito | Full Story»

Cuckolding is a special thing.
I have watched my cute little wife fuck other men for over 50 years and the thrill is always there. I've read somewhere recently that "cuckolding" is now the domain of the intellectual! Imagine that! Cuckolding has achieved some sort of recognition beyond perversion.

As an old "watcher" I have to say it takes a special kind of guy to watch his wife suck or fuck another man's cock..
Poster: watcher | Full Story»

annette horney
My wife Annette i all way wonder what it be like watching some people have sex with her. Well one night after our party,my wife and my friend keath was by the pool.I seen Annette grabbing his cock.she didn't see me watching her,well now she grab his cock hand and pulled him to grunt .Annette trying to bang him on site,well me friend see me watching them.keath tells Annette your husband watch us.I ..
Poster: sam | Full Story»

Set Up My Wife on a Date
I had watched my wife with many other guys, but they had always been guys she picked out to fuck. She said she wanted me to pick out someone for her to fuck and set it all up with him knowing that I picked him to fuck my wife.

I started looking online and soon found a guy who was interested. Telling him that I wanted him to fuck my wife while I only watched seemed to turn both of us..
Poster: B.R. | Full Story»

Cheated on Him - Sort Of
I’d never actually cheated on my husband. I did have sex with one of his friends... but he sort of set that whole thing up. I think he assumed that we just had quick sex. The friend was, I guess, sort of a "dom."

He made me sit on the couch and without any panties and put my legs up and and finger and spread myself in front of him for a really long time- all the time he was telli..
Poster: Jules | Full Story»

Cherry busting time.
I've scanned quite a few stories on this site but I've never seen a story about how a woman lost her cherry - so - for those who enjoy this kind of story -

My wife and fuck a lot - from the very beginning of our marriage she would enhance our sex with her telling me stories about her sexual exploits - some of them before I met her and some of on-going encounters during our marriage...
Poster: watcher | Full Story»

Forst Time I Shared MY Woman
The first time I actually got to share my woman with another man was my 2nd wife. I was 28 and she was 18. She and I were riding around with my best friend one night- a guy she'd always secretly had the hots for- and he and I were getting very suggestive with her.

We parked in the dark and she and I started necking. My friend started feeling her tits, then I backed off and he start..
Poster: Chuck | Full Story»

I Must be a Cuckold!
I suppose I must be a cuckold or something like it but I have never really thought about it.

My wife and I have a great sex life and enjoy each other all the time.

We live in Atlanta, Georgia.

I always wanted to share or let my wife go with another man. She had had a good variety before our marriage but once we met she stayed loyal to me. I asked he..
Poster: Happy C | Full Story»

Just when I had given up
My wife is hot and very sensual. We have never wanted for sexual activity and she has never in our 26 years together told me no, except for when it came to involving others. She always fell back on the loyalty/morality reasoning despite my entreaties that it was not dis-loyal or immoral if we both consented, but her consent was not to be found, not for several years.

We still had gr..
Poster: Jerry G | Full Story»

She Turned Me on to Cuckolding
This all has happened over a few years ago, but there is not a single day that I do not have those times in my mind.

We had been together for 5 years that time. My girlfriend, nowadays my Wife, often told me Her fantasies about dark haired, well built Real Men who She would someday taste & feel.

First those stories did not interest or excite me, but after a while I s..
Poster: Julio and Marisa | Full Story»

Wanna know
My husband is a proud cuckold, wanting ALL the world to know that he's a cuckold, & an ULTIMATE cuckold at that!

Let me explain, I've only just got pregnant by my lover; the conception took place on our marital bed, with hubby sat bedside, watching & going 'one-handed'! He knew I was ovulating, & broody, & VERY much wanting a baby by my lover, who incidentally is superior to my husb..
Poster: Proud cuckoldress | Full Story»