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Black Cock

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Her First Black Guy!
When my wife and I married we had both just divorced from our first marriages. She was 32, I 36.

I had discovered swinging some time before, and had tried to get my first wife into it. She did it once,got pregnant, had an abortion, and decided that if I loved her, I wouldn't want her to fuck anyone else.

I couldn't stop thinking about her fucking other guys. We ended..
Poster: Teetaw | Full Story»

Wife at Adult Theater
Talked to my wife...I'm 35, she's 28...regarding fantasies of her being with other men. We haven't been married all that long, so I think her main concern is she'll do it and then it will ruin our marriage. We've been together for several years, and have assured her will do no such thing. Last night was the first time she had read some of the posts and stories on the forum, and she seemed to get v..
Poster: Latka | Full Story»

My Wife Paula
I got my wife pregnant by six black studs .i got them to tie her over the back of a large arm chair and we all including me took turns at her .i must admit they did most of the work and over a three hour period paula my wife was filled to the brim with cum we then tied her legs up widespread to two rings to allow gravity to work and make the semen flood her cervix for about an hour and a half this..
Poster: JimJones | Full Story»

embarrasses me at work
My wife has fucked my cheif rival at my office. He doesn't know that I know, but she told him about my tiny dick. He has a nice big 8 incher that's twice the size of mine. I know by the looks I get in the office that he has told everyone. Not only about fucking my wife, but that I have a tiny dick.
Poster: subhubjon | Full Story»

The Neighbors
Here's a very hot story a cyberfriend shared with me, some time ago, he claimed it to be a true story and I believe him. We've mailed for quite some time, so I know his story pretty detailed. This man, he lived in the UK and was -as myself- fascinated by the cuckold-concept. I had allready explained to him dat my girl was a hotwife, knowing about and on some occasions playing with my cuckold fanta..
Poster: Kles | Full Story»

She Humiliates me ...
... she has recently required me to be dressed at home from time to time, i look ridiculous, which i think is what she particulalry she enjoys... she often tells me to wear stockings when i dress for work... i work nights and so sometimes we are getting ready at the same time, but it's to go to work for me and it's something a lot more enjoyable than work for her...
Poster: JonnyO | Full Story»

My Girlfriend Far Away
My name is Rick and I'm in Tennessee. I'm not sure if I belong here but I think I do.

I have a close and meaningful relationship with a woman named Jenna, and she is in Virginia. At this time, neither of us can move to be with the other. She is very loving and we are very open and honest. Well, one week she just kind of took up a local boyfriend. I was kind of hurt by this, ..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

My 30 yrs as a cuckold
I first discovered my wife had taken a lover about 6 months after our marriage. O.K....so I wasn't the best of lovers but it still came as a surprise that day I went to pick her up from work only to see her back disappearing into the basement of her office followed by her boss.
There was little I could do but wait until she came out so I went back and sat in the car.After about 20 mins they..
Poster: Peter | Full Story»

my cheating gf
I am 19 and my gf is 18. I recently graduated. On the day after my graduation my friend had a huge party. Me and my gf went to the party. Alot of people showed up including my friend whom my gf had told me before she wanted to fuck, but then took it back. Well we proceeded to get drunk. I went in the garage to play cards and came out periodically to see what she was doing. Most of the time i came ..
Poster: tommy | Full Story»

With Hubby Still??
From what I have read on this site, it seems like many women cut their husbands off from sex completely once they start getting their satisfaction elsewhere. I think they are missing out on a simple way to encourage much more cooperative behaviour from their husbands outside the bedroom.

I generally fuck my husband about once a month when his behaviour is acceptable and two to three..
Poster: Megan | Full Story»

My Girlfriend
I fantasise about my gf fucking other guys. I know she had many men before me & she once had 2 guys fuck her one after the other. She is only small & says size doesn't matter, but she told me she once tried a guy with a big cock just to see how it was. Says it wasn't all it was cracked up to be but her eyes light up when she tells me. We have good sex & the biggest turn I get is making her come wi..
Poster: Bewl | Full Story»

Wife on Vacation
This year we had 2 weeks on very laid back island even by Greek standards and nudity on the beach was quite normal. Although my wife does not usually strip completely this year she did and enjoyed the warm sun on her whole body.

As we went to the smae place almost every day we met the same people most days and she was always being watched by one guy who had a drink with us at lunch ..
Poster: Jimmy | Full Story»

I Need To Know
I posted this to another fourm but haven't received a reply yet. This is driving me crazy - I think my wife got fucked, but I don't know! Here is the post:

My wife went to Spain for a week without me. When she got home she was dressed very sexy. We fucked that night and her pussy was very loose and she was wetter than ever - she was extremely in to it and even asked me to slap her a..
Poster: Nowwhat | Full Story»