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Trying to tell the Hubby
Ok for all of you who have read my last two posts know about what happened on the night before my wedding and when I got back from our honeymoon. Well all of that has been eating me up inside and I felt like I really needed to tell my hubby. But I didn't want him to freak out and leave me. I was having lunch with my maid of honor trying to figure out how I should tell him. I was drawing a complete blank and finally she suggested that I let him sleep with another girl to even the score. That way when I tell him he can't get upset. I told her that there was no way I could just let him go sleep with another girl. She then suggested a 3 some. I had never even thought about it and really didn't want to share my hubby with another girl. But after all that had happened I'm not sure I had much of a choice. So I told her after a while that if I did do it it would have to be with someone I trust, but that I'm not sure of anyone who'd want to do that with us. She grinned and said that if it will help she'd do it. I wasn't sure about it but she was my best friend and who could I trust me right? So I reluctantly said ok but when. She said how about this weekend. Usually on Saturday nights my hubby has all the guys over for poker and drinking. She figured that by the time he lost the game he'd of had a few beers and we could slip off to another room and do it. It would seem like the spur of the moment kind of thing and he prolly wouldn't think twice about it. I wasn't too sure about it but it was the best idea we could come up with.
So saturday night came around and I was really nervous about the whole thing. My maid of honor told me to relax and got me a drink. All the guys showed up even the best man. He tried talking to me a couple of times but I avoided him like the pleague. My maid of honor kept feeding me drinks and after a while I started to relax. I was having a good time time till she nudged me and pointed at my hubby. He had put all his chips in on a bet, so it was do or die. Which he ended up lossing. He was pretty ticked off cause I think he thought he had that one. He got up and stormed into the kitchen. So I followed him in there and my maid of honor behind me. I came up behind him giving him a hug and asked if there was anything I could do to cheer him up. He told me he doubted it. Thats when my maid of honor came up infront of him and hugged him that way. He was in a sandwhich between us two girls. She said she was sure she could think of something. She took his hand and pulled him with her. He looked back at me and I just smiled shyly and follow after them. She took him into the guest room which was the closest room and pushed him onto the bed. I walked up beside her and she turned and kissed me. I completely wasn't ready for that. She whispered just to go with it so I kissed back. I had never kissed a girl before or even thought about it. When our lips parted I looked over at my hubby and his mouth was wide open in shock. He said that it was extremely hot and that we should do it again. It wasn't really my thing but if it helped then I would do what I had to. So I leaned in and kissed my maid of honor again except this time she slipped her tongue in to meet mine and her hands ran over my body. She pushed the straps to my summer dress off and it fell to the floor leaving me in just my underwear. She told me to go with it so I pulled her shirt up and off of her and slipped her skirt off of her. We must have been a real sight in just our underwear kissing. She unclasped my bra and kissed her way down pulling my thong off of me. I don't know what it was but I was actually really wet. She slipped two fingers in me making me gasp. She looked over at my hubby as she licked one clean. I couldn't believe my eyes, she was a total freak. She then went over to my hubby on the bed and traced my wetness on his lips and kissed him. It was really weird watching another girl kiss my hubby and I'm not sure I liked it. If he was gonna be kissing anyone I wanted it to be me. So I went over and started to kiss him instead. He had never kissed me that passionately before and I kinda got caught up in it. Thats when I realized he was moving a bit and saw her taking his pants off. He was already hard and I'd never seen him that big before. He took a deep breath as she started to suck on his cock. Thats when it really set in that this was going to happen. I looked around for a condom and remembered we were in the guest room. So I got up and told them I"d be right back. I rushed out of the room towards the master bedroom across the house for the condoms. I guess in my rush I forgot all the people still at my house. As I went into the living room and almost ran over the best man but he caught me. Everyone froze as they looked at me completely naked including me. I looked at the best man who was holding me and he was grinning. he said looks like this party just got a little more interesting. I thought oh god I'm so dumb. I felt his package growing hard against me and knew I was in trouble. Thats when he slipped two fingers into my pussy and pulled them out covered with my juices. He showed it to the guys and said looks like someone got all warmed up for us. I thought what is he talking about? What did he mean warmed up for US? How did I get myself into these sistuations?!? Thats when he pressed his lips to mine and started kissing me. He had me wrapped in his big arms and I knew there was nothing I could do to push my way out of them. He back up to the couch still kissing me and sat down pulling me down to my knees infront of him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge cock and I thought this can't be happening again. He pulled my head down and pushed his cock into my mouth. I was on my hands and knees sucking on his cock again and I had never even sucked on my hubby's cock before. Thats when I felt someone touch my butt behind me. I went to pull my head away to see who it was but the best man forced my head back down onto his cock making me gag a little. Then I felt the person behind me slip their cock into my pussy! I couldn't believe this was happening to me. And he wasn't even wearing a condom. He started to work his cock in and out of me and wasn't even being easy about it. I tried to black everything out and all I know is that I felt what must have been every guy there's cock shoot their cum in my pussy. It was when the best man sharted to moan and shot his load in my mouth when I snapped out of it. I looked down at the pool of cum on the floor that and run out of me. If I wasn't pregnant before I don't see how I couldn't be now. Thats when I looked over and saw my hubby standing in the guest room hallway.


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Poster: Steph