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Night before our wedding
I'm not sure if this really applies to your site, but feel like I really need to tell someone. I'm a 23 female and my now husband is a year older then me. We were high school sweethearts and both virgins when we meet. We did some heavy petting but wanted to save ourselves till we got married. There were a few times were we almost went all the way but one of us would come to our senses and stop the other. A week ago we got married and thats when it all happened.
The day before the wedding was crazy. We were going to have it at my parents cabin on the lake. Its really pretty there and I always wanted to have my wedding on the beach. My hubby and I didn't want to see each other the whole weekend prior to the wedding. Which made it a little hard since all the guys were staying in the guest house and all the girls were in the cabin. That night they decided to have a bonfire and relax. But since the hubby and I didn't want to see each other we ended up just going to bed. I don't know if it was all the excitement or the heat of the summer but I was really worked up and extremely horny that night. So I decided to sleep naked. I could hear the murmurs from the fire and knew my hubby was only 100 feet away. I wanted him so bad. Between being horny and a little nervous about the next day I couldn't sleep. I just kept tossing and turning in bed. At the night went on the murmurs from the fire slowly died down as everyone went off to bed. I was laying on my stomach when all of a sudden I heard my door creek open. I froze not knowing who it was. That and I was completely naked in all my glory. It was too dark in the room to see who it was. I felt the edge of the bed press down as someone climbed onto it. I then felt soft kisses on my legs slowly working up them. My first thoughts of fear quickly faded back to how horny I was and that it must be my hubby and has to be as bad off as I am. Looks like he just wanted a little taste of what he was going to be getting all tomorrow night. But I wasn't going to let him have it all just a taste. He slowly kissed up my legs to my inner thighs and I spread my legs just a little to give him a better view that I wasn't wearing anything at all. Just then he traced a finger over my pussy and it sent shivers up my body. No one had ever touched me there before and it felt so good. I closed my eyes and let out a little moan. He kept tracing the finger over my pussy before slowly slipping it in me. I let out a little gasp as he did but he didn't stop. I didn't want to stop him because it felt so good but we also weren't married yet. My body wanted it sooo badly but my mind was trying to tell it no not yet. I felt him spread my legs a little more and lift my hips a little off the bed. Thats when I felt his tongue trace over my pussy and all fight that was in me melted away. He slowly licked and sucked on me and I was in heaven. I felt the pleasure building inside of me and in almost no time I was cumming. I had never had an orgasm before and it was amazing. He stopped licking me as my whole body was shaking. Before I realized it he had the tip of his hard cock pressed against my pussy. This snapped me back to reality. We weren't married yet and he was getting ready to put his cock in me. I went to close my legs if I could but it was too late. He had slipped his cock in and it hurt. I couldn't believe this was happening. After all of this waiting he couldn't wait just one more day. That and he wasn't even wearing a condom. We had talked about it and had agreed I wouldn't get on birth control cause he would wear a condom. There was no point in stopping now. He was already in me and slowly working his cock deeper in. He felt so huge inside of me and it felt like I was splitting in half. A tear ran down my cheer. But he took his time with me and before long it started to feel good. As it started to feel better I started to grind back against his cock as he would work it into me. This must have shown him I was ready and he started to thrust in and out of me faster and harder. I barried my face in the pillow trying to keep myself from screaming/moaning. I came 3 more times my body shaking each time. I heard him start to breath heavily and his cock expand inside of me. Then I felt a warm rush inside of me as he thrusted his cock all the way in. It struck me that he had just filled me with his cum, and I wasn't on birth control! He slipped out of me and I collapsed on the bed. I heard the door creek open and shut as I passed out from exhaustion. I woke in the morning to my maid of honor knocking on the door telling me to get up we had to start getting ready. The whole day seemed like a blur cause all I could think about was what had happened last night. I finally accepted it at the reception that hey, it was techinically on my wedding day and with the man of my dreams. So what mattered if it was a few hours before we planned. That night as my hubby climbed into bed with me we started to get hot and heavy. I asked him if he was ready and he said he thought so. I then got up and grabbed a condom. I couldn't figure out why after the night before. I was sure to be pregnant from it anyways. So what was the point of wearing one now. He climbed between my legs and started to slip it in. As he did it was weird, it didn't feel as big as the night before. It actually felt soft compared to last night. I asked him if something was wrong and he told me he was just nervous. This being our first time and all. I wasn't him last night... I went cold and pretty soon we stopped. He said maybe its just cause we were so tired from the whole day and we would just do it tomorrow. He kissed me and rolled over falling asleep. I couldn't sleep all night because I knew I lost my virginity to some other guy and he had cum in me. Since then we have had sex a couple times. But it hasn't been anything like that night. He never gets as hard, or lasts as long as that guy did. I also haven't been able to cum with my hubby. I don't know if it is cause every time we do it I picture the dark figure of the other guy and what happened that night. I haven't told my hubby what happened and don't think I can.


cuckold wife

Poster: Steph