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overnight guest
Hi. I'm Nick and my wife is Jan. We have been married for 22 years and our sex life is still amazing. but we havent done anything considered "daring" since about 15 years ago we had a series of threesomes involving my brother.
But last weekend my wife and I went out for a drink to a pub quite close to were we live and about halfway through the night we bummped into an old friend from school who I hadent seen for almast 20 years, he came to our wedding so Jan had meet him once or twice, he then got married himself and moved down south somewere. We said we would stay in touch but you know how it go's.Any way I met him at the bar and I was talking to him he had come to town to visit his mother who was ill and he had left his wife at home to look after thier kids then he told me she was his second wife and they had a late family thats why they were not travelling with him as the kids were still young. I invited him to join us at our table and we had a fun night remenising and catching up on old times. Then he looked at his watch and siad he hadent realised it was so late and he hadent even booked into a B+B yet so it looked like being the Travelodge in town, Jan said dont bother with that we have a sofa if you need it.So we all walked back to our hose about 15 min away via the chinese take away. back at our house we sat watching T.V and eating the meal and Jan was pouring the drinks we sat up untill the early hours of the morning drinknig and generally having a laugh.At about 3 o'clock Jan went and brought a spare duvet and pillow and we retired to bed leaving Clive to make his bed up on the sofa. When we got in bed Jan was all over me and she was making more noise than usual we had amazing sex.Then after Jan got out of bed and said she was going to the bathroom and just slipped her dressing gown on I noticed she left the belt hung on the hook behind the door.
To get ot the bathroom you have to walk down a corridor and passed the lounge.were Clive was sleeping.I saw her walk from our bed room into the the enterence to the lounge I saw her stop and look in,She was obviously talking to Clive but I couldet make out what they were saying. she was holding the dressing gown together by folding her arms across her chest. this kept it closed but made her tits look massive ( they are big anyway but her possition made them stand out) after a few moments conversation with him she headed of to the bathroom. I could see from our bedroom door all the way down to the bathroom door after a few moments she came out. but this time she wasent walking with her arms folded across her chest she just let the gown hang open, when she got to the enterence to the lounge she paused and as she stood in the light that was spilling out into the coridor I could see one of her tits was exposed and I couldent see her pussy I could tell she was showing it towards Clive I heard them exchange a few words then she looked towards our bedroom door smiled in my direction and walked into the lounge.I was amused and thought she would be out almost straight away but after a few moments I realised she was staying. I got out of bed and walked down the coridor as quietly as I could until I could just see into the lounge but I could only see one half of the room and one end of the sofa. but there on the chair was my wifes dressing gown and she wasn't in it.I moved across to the other side of the coridor next to the wall I still couldent see the whole of the sofa but I saw a reflection in the drinks cabinet glass.Clive was laid on his back on the sofa and Jan was kneeling on the floor with his cock in her mouth.I felt a small pang of jelousy but it passed as I saw him reach down and start to rub her clit. After she had sucked him for a short while she stood up and straddled over him lowering herself onto his cock and bouncced up and down they dident even try to be quiet I really enjoyed watching her enjoying a strange cock inside her,After a while she climmed off and knelt on the sofa sticking her ass in hte air and now her head was at the end of the sofa I could see. Clive stood behind her ans started to fuck her hard and fast making her gasp loudly. I could see by the expetion on her face and the way her tits were bouncing back and forward she was getting filled deep.Then she looked up directly towards were I was standing and smiled I did'nt know if she could see me or just guessing that I was there, By now I had a ragging hard on and was having a wank,they changed round again then to the third possition and this time I could only see Jans legs in the air and Clivves arse pounding up and down as he fucked her hard, then he leaped up and sat on the arm of the sofa nearest to were I was with his cock sticking in the air I was a bit disharted to see it was quite a bit bigger than mine Jan came round and knelt on th floor and sucked him hard and it seemed to me turning her head so anyone stood out in the coridor could ( and did) get a good view of his cock sliding in and out of her lips. It wasent long before he erupted into her mouth she kept on sucking until he whent soft. I turned and went back to the bedroom and climed in bed still sporting my hard-on. moments later Jan walked into the room she hadent even put the dressing gown back on she looked beutiful as she climed in to bed she asked if I had enjoyed the show. I answered by guiding her hand to my erection.And we had our own fun.
When I finaly woke up in the morning Jan was already up I dressed and went through to the kitchen I looked in the lounge on my way passed and the duvet and the pillow were all nicely piled up neat and tidy. In he kitchen Jan was over by the cooker and Clive was sat at the table drinking coffee.I walked over and gave my wife a kiss, Clive looked a bit sheepish and would'nt look me in the eye. Then he started thanking us for putting him up and saying it was about time he was miking tracks. He was obviously uncomfortable with the fact he had fucked my wife and thought it was behind my back. So I told him not to worry I knew all about it and it was ok.Jan came over and sat at the other side of the table from Clive he seemed to lighten up a bit but he still looked uncomfotable I walked over and stood by Jan and gave her a kiss and said to Clive " look shes beautilful I dont blame you for wanting to have her" then I gave her a kiss,as we were kissing I cupped her tit in my hand and started to fondle her. It hadent been my plan to do anything like this but as I was having a good grope at her tits I lifted her other hand and put it on my crotch. She rubbed my cock through my trousers.I stood back undid my zip and stood infront of her anad as Clive watched from across the table she reached out and sucked me. I waved Clave over to come stand by me and Jan soon had him relesed frmm his pants too.She sucked us both off in the kitchen when we had both cum Clive really did have to leave but we made arangments for the next time he was in town to meet up so we could all go for another night out


cuckold wife


Poster: Nick