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playx for honey
I heard him coming toward the bedroom and asking, "Are you ready for me?"

"Shut up cock whore, no, . ." she waited for what seemed like 20 minutes and then quipped, "you are such a greedy cum swallowing, cock sucking bitch, I will call you when I am ready. Just wait out there, until I call you."

"Yes Mam."

She moved like a wood sprite, lost all of her clothes and was in to the strap on cock and man's pants in the bottom of her dresser, like santa clause at christmas, it was like magic. "I forgot to tell you that I kept these, when he comes in here I will be needing to hit that ass, as I said it was on my mind. WHen you come in, you are the master, I know, but until then, with his ass, . . I am." With that she was out of the room and dressed like a man with that strap on sticking straight out creating the "tent". Blue eyed, blonde headed cute vixen was reliving her days as a dominatrix, . . I would imagine that she was creamin herself.

"O.K. fuck toy," she bellered, "bring your ass in here and assume the position!"

I could hear something, . . and then sitting in the bathroom I heard another smack. I don't know where she hit him but she said, "You fucking whore, bend over. Put down the drinks on the nightstand, . .. and then bend your fucking ass over the bed." Suddenly, she was in the bathroom, and right on through to the closet. A second later she was moving like a person on a mission back through the bathroom toward the the bedroom with one of my belts in her hand. She looked pissed, and never even acknowledged me. Wow! I have seen her try this bad ass attitude with me, but I would always just tell her to bend over, that I don't play that way, and I would beat her ass, and slap her face until she would beg to suck my cock!

I heard her voice again,"OK you fucking whore, what do you want?"

I could hear his muffled voice respond,"I want you to butt fuck me." Whack,Whack,Whack! just like that she was whipping his ass.

"Keep your hands off of that cock, you mother fucker!"

"Yes Mam."

"First, I am going to put a blind-fold on you, because I am going to have complete control over you, and you know, there is another cock in this house. I want to fuck your mouth and then fuck your ass, and then he is going to fuck you. I don't want you to know who is doing what, and I don't want you to be in control of anything."

"But, . . " his protect was met with a quick response. Whack, whack, whack!

"Stand up and bend over, right now.Pull over your panties, I only want to see balls and cock from back here." Whack, whack, whack. "Do I need to beat your balls until they turn blue?"

"No, Mam."

"Alright, put on the blindfold, it is right there!Bend over the bed and, . before you do pull down those panties, half way, just to under your ass cheeks." I was moving in to the bedroom, knowing he was blindfolded, and since he had already begged for the cock, . . I figured why not check out the show?

She was bending down, and kissing his ass, reachign in between his legs, and loosening his thighs grip on his balls, and cock. She was pulling them from the front tot he back, and getting them right in front of her face, kissing along the base of his cock, she slapped his ass, and said,"Come on cock whore, spread your legs." As though he knew what she was going to say, his legs spread before she got the whole sentence out. I love to see a man obey like that. I thought, wow, she has really got him trained!

She went right back to work, "I also want you to reach back here and spread that fucking ass!" Once again, he obediently reached back and grabbed each ass cheek in each hand, and the man cunt was revealed. With one hand she had the base of his cock and balls, and she reached up and spanked his asshole with the other. She didn't hit this as hard as she had been, more playful. After some intense rimming and then a very nice finger fucking, she stood up and told him to get on his knees.

"Alright, now beg me for the cock.Beg me to suck my cock. Do you want to suck it, . you fucking whore. Do you want to swallow my cum? Do you, do you, you fucking cock-slut?"

Moving to his knees, and simultaneously moving toward her voice he positioned himself right in front of her. "Open you mouth whore." His jaw dropped, and she unzipped her pants and with one stroke, chocked him on her cock. He took it like a pro. Wow. He was made to suck cock?! He was taking to it like a duck to water, he was gobbling her cock up. Bobbing his head up and down, sucking her cock. "Do you want to want to swallow my cum?"

I could hear him answer in between the throat fuck strokes, . . "umm humm." With that she suddenly pulled out and slapped him right accross the face.

"Stand up, pull up your panties, and bend over again." She reached behind him pulled the now pantied covered balls out, . . only balls now hung from the side of the panties. She stepped to the side of him and drew back her hand and with a smack sound she slapped his balls. "DO NOT TOUCH YOUR COCK!I know how you are. When you cum, you forget how much you want cock, then you get embarrassed for being a sissy boy and turn in to an asshole to hide your cock-whoreness! I will tell you when you can cum. I will expect you to cum in my mouth. I do not expect you to touch your cock again, until I tell you to jack it off in to my mouth, . is that clear?" With that, she drew her hand back again, (the pain that she was inflicting would have been too much to imagine let alone watch, but wow, . it was like a trainwreck, I had to)and slap. She slapped his balls with her open hand again. He seeemed to like it, his dick was still very hard, and he moaned like he did. WIth that she looked over at me and winked.

"Yes, Mam." he hungrily said.



cuckold wife

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