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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


What Fun!
First of all, let me tell you about what I wore. I had promised my husband a very special evening out, and I let him pick my clothing. He chose a navy blue mini-dress, kind of fitted, that buttoned all the way up the front, no collar, a vee neck, and underneath, sheer to the waist pantyhose, a pair of thin strapped white sandals, nothing more.

Now, he thought we were going to go to some place, send me in, and, when he came in a little later, he could watch any number of guys look at me, talk about me, and hit on me, then we would go home and fuck. He knew that sometimes I dated a little, and I knew that he liked to think of men chasing me, and he said he would like to watch me fuck, but he said it as though I hadn’t got that far. Actually, I had kind of a steady boy friend, Larry, who was married, too. He was pretty demanding, and had kind of taken charge of me. He had called earlier and told me to be at this particular hotel bar that evening, that he really wanted me. I love being wanted. Anyway, I set it up for my husband to be there, only he didn’t exactly know about Larry.

The hotel was a large fancy place. My husband parked the car, and I got out and went in to the bar. Larry wasn’t there yet. A little while later, my husband came in. I was sitting at the bar talking with a guy, telling him that my boyfriend would be there soon. My husband sat down at a table across the room. In a little while, Larry came in.

He came over to the bar and said hello and asked if we could sit in a booth by the wall. He ordered a drink and carried mine over and we sat down. The other guy just backed off. The bar was pretty dark, Larry didn’t just openly start to kiss me, but he sort of started putting his hands on me. He would rub my thigh, and then take his hand away. After talking a little, I asked about the insistent way he told me to be there. I never got an answer to that, because we both knew why we got together. In that spirit, I broke the news that my husband was nearby, and I had promised a little fun for him. Almost surprisingly, Larry was interested. He had already got a room and wanted to know if the guy at the bar was my husband. I pointed my husband out to him and Larry went over to him by himself at his table and spoke to him. He handed him a key and pointed out the door to the lobby. He came over and we finished out drinks. He told me that my husband would be ready for us in the room.

When we got there, Larry knocked and my husband opened the door. To my surprise, my husband was wearing only a small towel around his waist clutched tightly, barely covering himself. After locking the door, Larry told me to sit on the edge of the bed and told my husband to sit the large chair across the room, and to stay there. I was sitting with my legs crossed almost showing off my legs entirely. Larry stripped down to his shorts and told me to remove my clothes and pose for him while I took them off. He told my husband not to speak, that he would have something for him to do in a little while. I removed the dress very slowly, one button at a time. Larry pulled me into his lap in the other chair and started rubbing my nipples with just his lips, very gently, his hand between my pantyhose covered legs. I looked over at my husband and smiled. Larry could be very gentle in his love making, but very demanding and insistent at the same time, really rude. He told my husband not to touch himself, not until he was told that he could.

Larry whispered that he really wanted me to remove the pantyhose, so I sat back on the bed and did so. He asked my husband if he wanted a treat, and when my husband started to speak, Larry reminded him loudly not to talk, he should just move his head. My husband shook his head yes. Larry took the pantyhose from me and put the crotch to his face. All of the chair activity had them soaked. He then gave them to my husband. When my husband went to put them to his face, Larry snatched them back and told my husband to put them on, without smelling them. Larry made it clear to him that this should be done right then, and my husband complied.

I was told to get on the bed and pose. I liked to do this. I started on my knees, facing the men, with my hands in my hair, above my head. I moved my hands down to my breasts, and then between my legs. I finally turned around, bent over, pressing my breasts to the bed, and started rubbing myself. This was enough for Larry. He took his shorts off, climbed on the bed and filled me up from behind. He stopped after a few strokes and told my husband to bring his towel over, because we were going to have to clean up the bed. He stroked in and out some more and told me to turn over. I did, and he put his face between my legs, licking and sucking. This was my favorite, and I started cumming almost immediately. I came over and over, and he just kept it up, until I had to push him away. He then mounted me and we fucked. He had to stop some, to keep from ending the fun, and then he finally exhausted it all into me, creating the promised mess.

We lay together for probably an hour afterward. Larry got up and told my husband, that, for a reward, he could clean me up, but only for 3 minutes. My husband eagerly did so, with Larry timing him. My husband was sent back to his chair, still wearing my pantyhose.

After a little clean up, Larry and I got dressed and he drove me home. Before leaving, Larry told my husband that he should wait at least an hour before leaving. When we got to the house, I got fucked again. What fun!

Love, Micki


cuckold wife

Poster: micki